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Barrow, Alaska – Amaia (11) is one of the Iñupiat people living in the area around America’s northernmost point in the Arctic Circle. The terrain here is rapidly changing because of Global Warming. Life for Amaia and her family and friends has become difficult more difficult as ice melts earlier and faster every year. Melting glaciers and sea ice led to the mass migration of walruses and sea...
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“In a changing climate, we must change the way we work to reach those who are most vulnerable. One of the most effective ways we can do that is safeguarding their access to safe water,” says Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF
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A girl giggles while drinking water in Adone village, Laos. Adone is an exceptionally clean village as most of the families have safe drinking water. We want more villages to have access to safe water though currently 663 million people don’t have access to clean water. We must change our ways for the future generations. ©UNICEF/UNI182808/Noorani
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Excellent coverage of the developing food crisis in Somalia by Channel 4 News Be advised, this report contains upsetting images.
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Happy International Day of Happiness! We hope your day has been filled with laughter and joy!
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re all in our finest green attire to celebrate the day's festivities! Brothers and best mates Baboui (8) and Bokoi Saleh (10) love going to school and being together. We hope you’re spending the day with your best mates and loved ones. © UNICEF/UN015886/Bahaji
Meet 10-year-old Ansam, born blind, she sings with a choir of other displaced Syrian children spreading the a message of hope for their country. The music video was filmed for the anniversary of 6 years of war in Syria. With help from UNICEF, she now attends a psycho-social support programme where she learned how to play oud and guitar. #ChildrenUnderAttack #UNICEF
From the 'Heartbeat, Song for Syria' music video children run through the rubble in Damascus, Syria for filming of the song — in Damascus, Syria.
"Someone listen, someone hear, we want our childhood back"
Today we're marking six years of war in Syria. 2016 was the most deadly year for children since the conflict began. The children of Syria need our help more now than ever.
Ansam (10) who was born blind performs 'Heartbeat, song of Syria', accompanied by a choir of displaced children from Syria. The message of the song is one of hope....
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In remote parts of South Sudan people seek protection in isolated swamps, though it’s incredibly difficult for aid workers to reach this area.
Using a canoe to cross one of these swamps a father helps children reach a UNICEF food distribution. We are facing the "largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the United Nations," according to UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien. More than...
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"My favourite sports are gymnastics and football," says Saja (13), who lost her leg during the Syrian war. On achieving her dream of becoming a gymnastics coach she says, "nothing will stand in my way." Saja embodies true strength, resilience, and courage.
This week we're marking six years of war in Syria. At least 652 children died in 2016, the worst year yet since conflict began in 2011....
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A child rides his bike while carrying manuals distributed by UNICEF volunteers in the area following an information session on identifying and reporting unexploded objects.
“The remnants are everywhere. Children see them as toys because after six years of war, they bear no memories of toys other than items related to fighting,” said Manar, a team leader on the risk education campaign. “That’s...
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"The situation was horrific. There was no food. Women and children starving, people were surviving on water lilies" - UNICEF's Benjamin Lokoya is from South Sudan, but says the conditions he saw recently in famine-struck areas of his country were 'disturbing', the worst he has ever seen. UNICEF is on the ground, offering hope. Benjamin travelled on one of the first humanitarian Rapid Response...
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The 2017 Aer Lingus Change for Good Ambassadors at Muhororo Early Learning and Development Centre Unicef Rwanda this week. UNICEF Ireland is celebrating 20 years of working with Aer Lingus. The airline's cabin crew support UNICEF by giving passengers on board their flights the opportunity to donate leftover foreign currency. This week, some of the team are in Rwanda to see the programmes their...
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Today and everyday we celebrate and honour the everyday heroes. Consuelo Flores, has returned to parenthood once again becoming the primary caregiver of her four-year-old great-granddaughter Allizon where she is doing everything she can to provide an enriching and loving environment for her to grow up in. #UNICEF #Internationalwomensday #Greatgrandmother #love
Ly Thi Kim Ngoc (5) teaches her friends the Khmer alphabet in their UNICEF-supported bilingual school, where they learn in both their native tongue Khmer and in Vietnamese.
Happy International Women's Day! Girls share books and a bench after class in their school in 1983, Pakistan.
The faces of Mosul's most vulnerable citizens. 100,000 children had already fled the city before today's recapturing of western Mosul by Iraqi forces. We expect thousands more to leave as 800,000 people remain in the western part of the city. UNICEF has supplies ready for 60,000 people in its logistical hub south of Mosul city. #mosul #foreverychild #unicef #portrait
After the nightmare children like Nisreen have been surviving in Iraq, school is an important tool to give them hope for a better future. These are Iraq’s future teachers, lawyers, farmers and scientists.

Can you help a child like Nisreen get back to school? [ Bit.ly Link ]
We are very fortunate to be celebrating 20 years of working with Aer Lingus. The airline's cabin crew support us by offering their passengers the opportunity to donate leftover currency to UNICEF. Here's a picture of some of the team at the beginning of their visit to Rwanda this week, where they will view the programmes their work has funded.