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تصريح مشترك حول #سوريا
UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency اليونيسف بالعربية - UNICEF in Arabic World Food Programme World Health Organization (WHO)
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Joint Statement on #Syria - UNICEF UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency World Health Organization (WHO) World Food Programme

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Joint Statement on Syria

“We moved so many times that I no longer had any friends,” said Manar. “I used to stay home all day,” she added, recalling the struggle she faced trying to convince her father to let her re-enrol in school, with no success.

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Determination in the face of conflict: Manar’s story

156,000 Iraqis have been displaced from #Mosul since Oct.17 - including 85,800 children.
يستمتع الأطفال في هذه المساحات الصديقة التي تدعمها اليونيسف في أبين. يقول هؤلاء الأطفال أنهم يشعرون بالأمان فيها. كما يتلقى الأطفال توعية حول مخاطر الألغام والكوليرا والزواج المبكر وأهمية غسل اليدين والنظافة.
Children enjoy their time at this child friendly space in Abyan. They say they feel safe walking to this space and feel safe inside it. Children, in addition to the fun they had,...
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MEDIA ALERT: Government of Finland and UN convene Conference to save lives, strengthen protection
and build resilience in response to the #SyriaCrisis

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United Nations UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency UNDP
Our work in 2016 spanned all regions, across all sectors of international development and disaster relief. Read on to see what has been accomplished for children living in five of the world’s most complex and dangerous crises, including in #Iraq.

2016 in review: UNICEF’s impact in five of the most dangerous crises

“When my father tells us it’s our turn to receive water, we prepare everything we can fill at home – bottles, jerry cans, pots and pans,” said Bashir, a 12 year-old boy living in Al- Midan neighborhood of #Damascus.

“When the water comes, it’s just like a party for us!” he added.
#Syria #ChildrenofSyria

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Children suffer as taps run dry in Syria’s capital

An estimated 5.5 million people, including 2 million children, have been cut off from running water for over three weeks in Damascus and surrounding areas, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases especially among children.

On December 22, fighting in Wadi Barada where much of the city’s water supply originates, damaged the water infrastructure.

Since then, 120 wells in and around...
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الطفولة.. شجرة نقاء وارِفة الظِلال، وأغصان عفويّة تحمِل ثِمارالقبول والمُتعة.
طفل يسدي النصح في الحياة لأخيه المولود الجديد. #أكل_لعب_حب
"What worries me the most is to have these children roaming around with no proper schooling, with no proper protection, losing their future.

Imagine if these were your children. What do you want your children to be? You want them to be going to school, you want them to be children again, you want them to be protected, you want them to be loved, you want them to be growing up as very peaceful...
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Despite tough living conditions, kids who escaped Mosul are happy to be free

MADAD in a minute: Helping to protect the #ChildrenofSyria
UNICEF Ambassador Liam Neeson on how UNICEF & the #MadadFund are helping to protect #childrenofSyria
"These kids, after a while, started to play with the cubes. They put down their weapons and within a few minutes went from being aggressive military soldiers to children playing."

Our 5 questions for the regional chief of supply, Paul Molinaro, are worth reading and sharing!

#children #middleeast #northafrica UNICEF

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We met 9 year-old Boushra while she was waiting next to a clothesline near her new home, a former warehouse now housing over 5,000 people displaced from eastern part of #Aleppo.

“I am waiting for my clothes to dry,” says Boushra, who has been in Jibreen for two months after her home in eastern Aleppo was completely destroyed.

“When we fled our home, we couldn’t bring anything with us.”...
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Regional chief of supplies and logistics, Paul Molinaro, tells us about the supplies being delivered by UNICEF in the region.

Also, here are five questions we asked Paul: [ Uni.cf Link ]
On 7 January 2017 UNICEF took part in an inter-agency humanitarian convoy to Moadamiyeh in Rural Damascus where an estimated 35,000 people live. UNICEF delivered winter clothes, blankets, medicine, nutrition supplements and education materials for 4,000 children. The United Nations categorizes Moadamiyeh as a besieged area.

UNICEF staff who participated in the last humanitarian mission to...
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"After the LEGO exercise, all the students showed personality and lost their introversion. I think this is an amazing program which helps students to feel confidence."

Mr Mahdy, an Arabic language teacher in Najaf, saw children gain confidence as a result of learning through play with LEGO.

With a generous donation from the LEGO Foundation, UNICEF has distributed 4,800 boxes of LEGO play...
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قامت منظمة اليونيسف خلال الشهر الماضي بدعم إجراء حملة تلقيحات طارئة لحماية الأطفال من الإصابة بمرض شلل الأطفال والحصبة والحصبة الألمانية، وذلك من خلال تغطية أكثر من ٦٥٩ الف طفل باللقاحات في المناطق التي يمكن الوصول إليها في كل من محافظات نينوى، والأنبار، وكركوك، وصلاح الدين، وفي المخيمات الجديدة للنازحين في أربيل
ودهوك.و كذلك تلقيح اكثر من ٥١٠ الف طفل ضد الحصبة و الحصبة الالمانية
كم هي مؤلمة تلك الصرخات التي تخرج من طفل ينادي... لعل سامع يسمعه
و لكن لا حياة لمن تنادي... فالجميع نائم. أقرأ المزيد:

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حلب تنزف يا عرب — أصوات الشباب

UNICEF started the distribution of e-vouchers to the most vulnerable families in Qamishli, in northeastern Syria, to buy winter clothes for their children.

Families receive vouchers similar to ATM cards, and use them at a network of 31 stores in Syria to buy a full set of children’s clothes for winter. A set includes a jacket, a woolen sweater, a thermal outfit, warm winter trousers, woolen...
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