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Our Programmes Manager Hamish Lindsay was in Honiara this morning when the quake struck. He told Stuff.co.nz that some villages along the coast near the epicentre are "very remote", and it will take time to assess the full extent of the damage.

Huge earthquake hits off Solomons

UNICEF New Zealand
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The youth justice age has been increased to 18! We're over the moon about that! Young people shouldn't be tried in the adult criminal justice system, and the government has finally recognised this.

But there are plenty of other laws that leave children unprotected - like marriage laws and labour laws. This is a great start, but it's still just a start.
UNICEF New Zealand
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The brutal damage of physical and psychological abuse on children is shown as animated tattoos in a new short film.

Beckham's tattoos 'come to life' to highlight child abuse's long-lasting marks

UNICEF New Zealand
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A very special episode of our radio show this month, recorded live at Wellington's historic Paramount Cinema. Join us as we explore the impact of child poverty in New Zealand from every angle.

For Every Child: Episode 13 — Sleeping Rough

UNICEF New Zealand
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As the conflict drags on, children in Syria continue to pay the highest price. "This is a country of 22 million people, half of whom are children. There is a growing resignation in 2016 that home no longer exists for them." We need to reach vulnerable children in Syria this winter ➜ bit.ly/syria-winter

Thousands of Syrians flee Aleppo, to uncertain futures.

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Violence against children is wrong. It's on all of us to end it #foreverychild. Please share if you agree.

UNICEF New Zealand
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"When I was small, I couldn't walk at all. The doctors thought that I wouldn't walk ever, so when I started walking, everyone was shocked."

'I proved doctors wrong'

Tupou was hit by a speeding car when she was two and was never supposed to walk again. She proved the doctors wrong and swam at the Paralympic Games in Rio for Paralympics New Zealand. #DisabilityPrideWeek
"The doctor told us that she had Down's Syndrome at 12 weeks gestation. Initially the diagnosis was that she wouldn't survive, and we were given the option to terminate the pregnancy. We chose to let the baby decide for itself."

Stella literally means star - and she really is one

Eight-year-old Stella is "a little spark". The doctors had offered her parents a termination because the foetus wasn't likely to survive. They chose to let the baby decide and a star was born. #DisabilityPrideWeek
"In some ways, I've become a better person, not a bitter person. The experience of raising Mitchell has taught me so much."

Mum of boy with severe autism: 'Raising him has taught me so much about myself'

Every child in NZ deserves to reach their full potential, but that isn't happening right now. We must protect our kids, and challenge government to do more for children living in poverty ➜ [ Unicef.org.nz Link ]
This safe haven for children living every day with the threat of death and destruction is actually just a series of caves scratched into the earth.

The underground wonderland where Syrian children get to play

Mitchell is a nine-year-old boy from Wellington who was born with nonverbal autism. He doesn't talk but he loves to communicate and has taught his family a whole new language. #DisabilityPrideWeek
A simple chocolate bar means a lot when you're a child growing up in a world of terrorists.

Under the thumb of Isis, a chocolate bar means a lot

"Ultimately we have to sort this out. The alternative is leaving our children a planet and legacy that erodes quality of life and their future."

We're ruining New Zealand for our children

Can you guess how much child poverty costs us in New Zealand? It’s $6-8 billion. Every year. We need to talk about child poverty in our own backyard. Click on the link to find out more about what you can do ➜ [ Unicef.org.nz Link ]
A postcard from Aleppo, the city where just going to school is a heroic act.
Even attending school in Aleppo can be deadly for children. Basma was once a teacher in the city and says her home will never be the same, with children the ones suffering the most.

'We don't know what tomorrow will bring'

That moment when a shell explodes during your interview. Help us help kids like Judy - bit.ly/syria-winter