Since December, more than five million people living in #Damascus have been cut off from running water, including two million children. It's just the latest challenge facing children in #Syria.

With your help we've been trucking in fresh water and helping repair damaged infrastructure. We're making sure there's water #ForEveryChild.

See what UNICEF is doing to help those in need.
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Only seven years old, Bana Alabed tweeted as #Aleppo crumbled around her. A shocked world watched with her. Now safe in Turkey, she told UNICEF how she's doing — and how many Harry Potter books she's read.
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You could own your very own custom artwork and tiny hipster toy, plus his new album!

All proceeds go to UNICEF New Zealand, so you know it's for a good cause

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Passenger's one-of-a-kind drawing & toy
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This is no wonderland. Brutal winter conditions in Europe are making life even harder for refugees who've had to flee their homes with next to nothing.

These photos, from Greece and Serbia, show the conditions that refugees are having to cope with. They are often living in temporary shelters, with inadequate clothing, and limited access to warmth, medical attention, and education.

You can...
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To you, it’s a blanket. To a child, it’s so much more. #EarlyMomentsMatter⠀
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A beautiful story of survival.

When we first met four-year-old Nyajime she weighed just 9kg, and was facing death.

Now, thanks to the generosity of our donors, and the efforts of our teams on the ground, she is healthy and happy.

Read more:

Nyajime Guet, 4, has survived the odds as South Sudan's humanitarian crisis unfolds
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A huge thank you to the artists who performed at the Songs for Syria event in Nelson over the weekend. They helped raise more than $1000 for the cause - all of which we are incredibly grateful for. Thanks to Trudi Wilson, Bryce Wastney Liam Poole Music and Humankindness & Steve Mitchell who all gave their time for free at The Playhouse Cafe and Theatre Restaurant Legends.

People were also...
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This is fantastic - we hope everyone gets along to make a bid! Thank you so much, Passenger and Warner Music NZ!
In the first 1,000 days of life, babies and young children need nutrition, stimulation, protection and love for brain development and the best start in life.

That's why #EarlyMomentsMatter To you, it’s an orange. To a child, it’s so much more. #EatPlayLove
"When the water comes, it's just like a party for us!"

Around two million children have been cut off from running water in Damascus for weeks now.

Many children are being forced to wake up before dawn to queue for hours at local distribution points before the water runs dry. Precious time that should be spent doing homework, resting or playing with friends.

You can read about what we're...
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'Without water we will die'
A baby's brain can form 1000 new connections every second. That's why #EarlyMomentsMatter

When you join in a child’s game you help their brains develop with confidence!

"The rains are coming. The accommodation has no protection. The water's going to go through the tents." Jo and Gareth Morgan recently visited Lebanon and saw the basic shelters for families and children who have fled Syria. What does Gareth think? "We've all got to chip in to support these displaced people." Will you help children survive the harsh winter? ➜
The biggest issue for children now is climate change and we believe more must be done to fix it, reports 1 NEWS. For seventy years, we've been standing up #foreverychild and we're not going to stop.
UPDATE: For the last few weeks Syrians living in #Damascus have been cut off from running water, after water networks were damaged by fighting.

In situations like this there is a major risk of waterborne diseases among children. With your help we're trying to prevent that.

We're providing generators, fuel and equipment to pump enough water for 3.5 million people every single day. UNICEF has...
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Here's a look at the enormous difference your generous donations can make to kids in need, all over the world.

For over 70 years, when the world’s most vulnerable have faced conflict, disease or exclusion, UNICEF has been there.

Children must have access to basic services, be safe, be nurtured — and have the support of loving caregivers. Meet some of these caregivers, and learn about how...
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For every child, hope – Photography and social change
More than three million Iraqis have been displaced by violence since 2014. How good must it be to finally return home?

“We allow families from the camp to make bread using our oven. We want to help in any way we can. We know what it’s like to be displaced. We’ve had that same feeling.”

“When I returned to my home, I thought it looked like paradise” – Stories from UNICEF in Iraq
Here’s a special message of hope for 2017 from the #ChildrenofSyria:

“I Will Return” is performed by 10 year-old Ansam, who was born blind, and forced to flee her home by fighting. With help from @UNICEF, Ansam attends a psychosocial support programme where she learned to play the oud and guitar.

Thank you to everyone who's helped us, help kids like Ansam.
Today, there is no place worse in the world to be a child than in Syria.

These children have already been through so much. And now they face freezing temperatures, with no way of keeping warm. Cold and frightened, without shelter and blankets these children will struggle to survive.

Just $27 could help buy three thermal blankets to keep them warm ➜ [ Link ]
The most powerful #MannequinChallenge yet…