We're loving all the fundraising being done by our supporters at the moment. Every dollar raised really does make a huge difference to children in need, all over the world.

Please let us know if you have anything planned.

Here's a great one from Unicef at Westlake. Get in quick!

Unicef Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast

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UNICEF New Zealand
03/22/2017 at 23:38. Facebook
Collecting water in the jungles of Vanuatu is tough and time-consuming. For women and children, it's a vital part of their day. Every day. For life.

With your help we're changing that, and for one woman it was a change 81 years in the making...

The long walk to water: How hard can it be to carry 20 litres through steep, remote bush?

UNICEF New Zealand
03/22/2017 at 06:30. Facebook
Today is #WorldWaterDay. Throughout the world more than 663 million people live without a safe water supply close to home.

Imagine carrying heavy, twenty-litre containers up and down steep, slippery ravines for kilometres at a time, several times a day.

This is life for many women and children in Vanuatu's most remote communities.

Can't imagine what that's like? How about seeing it for...
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UNICEF New Zealand
03/21/2017 at 00:10. Facebook
The Beeple Honey Collective is a bunch of Dads teaching kids how to be beekeepers. They put hives into people's backyards, then share the honey with the community.

It's keeping people (and bees) happy, healthy, and well fed.
UNICEF New Zealand
03/20/2017 at 00:42. Facebook
These Lower Hutt schoolkids have turned an old football field into a vegetable garden for their community, and then use the vegies to feed kids at their school.

Share if you'd like this in your neighbourhood!

The Common Unity Project Aotearoa Lower Hutt City, New Zealand
UNICEF New Zealand
03/19/2017 at 23:08. Facebook
How do you ensure precious medical supplies get to remote communities quickly and safely?

Well, in the Pacific, drones could be the answer!

UNICEF Pacific

New Pacific drone trial will give vulnerable kids the vaccinations 'they deserve'

UNICEF New Zealand
03/17/2017 at 04:30. Facebook
Meet the man getting #Pacific communities moving.

A better, healthier future for #NewZealand's kids - one step at a time!
Meet the man making the Pacific community fitter.

After years working as a top instructor, Latu decided to bring his skills home.

And now, anyone can join his classes - for just a gold coin.

Meet the man getting Pacific communities moving

Six years ago today the conflict in #Syria began, and hundreds of thousands of deaths later, there's no end in sight. For millions of children, conflict is all they've ever known.

UNICEF is there, providing clean water, medical attention, and safe spaces for education. But with six million children in urgent need, there's much more to be done.

Your generosity is needed more than ever ➜...
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Today marks the sixth anniversary of the worst and most complex conflict of our time.

The Syrian civil war is still raging, and there are still millions of children in and outside of #Syria who urgently need your help.

Donate -> unicef.org.nz/syria6years

Unicef: Six years of hell in Syria, and no end in sight

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help fight the famine in South Sudan.

If you're wondering about how much of a difference your donation can make, here's a piece from our South Sudanese colleagues about how we're helping those children and families in need.

You can still donate -> unicef.org.nz/famine

Fighting famine in South Sudan - Unicef rapid response in east Africa - Unicef UK

"South Sudan famine a man-made catastrophe."

This is not nature taking its course - this is a preventable disaster we can stop -> unicef.org.nz/famine

Newshub UNICEF

UNICEF: South Sudan famine a man-made catastrophe

"It’s not nature taking its course, this is very much a man-made situation as a result of conflict."

For years, Jonathan Veitch ran UNICEF's operations in #SouthSudan. He explains why the need is so great, what must be done, and how #UNICEF is helping.

DONATE -> unicef.org.nz/famine
"Human Devastation Syndrome."

Children in #Syria are being exposed to such horrific conditions, that doctors are creating new terms to describe how badly they are being affected

Watch this clip with Hilary Barry on TVNZ 1's Breakfast

WATCH: [ Tvnz.co.nz Link ]



Here's the latest in our series of growing up in NZ. Today - NZ's favourite newsman!

The Great Kiwi Childhood: Mike McRoberts

The Great Kiwi Childhood: Mike McRoberts

The Great Kiwi Childhood: Mary Fisher - Paralympic Swimmer.

The Great Kiwi Childhood: Mary Fisher

This #ChildrensDay, we're hearing from a few well-known New Zealanders about their memories of growing up, because every child deserves a great childhood.

Up first - Taika Waititi​ David Farrier and Teuila Blakely​, with more to follow over the next few days.

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their stories #foreverychild.

Taika: [ Stuff.co.nz Link ]

David: [ Stuff.co.nz Link...
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The Great Kiwi Childhood: Taika Waititi

It's Children's Day! A chance for us all to tell New Zealand's children how special they are.

We'd love to hear how you are celebrating the children in your life, wherever you may be.

A great childhood, #ForEveryChild