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A Somali mother cradles her child while standing in line, in hopes of receiving some food. UMR is sending life-saving emergency care packs to families in South Sudan and Somalia. To send a care pack visit #bettertogether #umrelief #somalia #famine #food #sudan #refugees
United Muslim Relief
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All children deserve to eat. Donate $25 to send bread for a month to a Syrian family. #bettertogether #umrelief #syria #food #children
United Muslim Relief
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United Muslim Relief
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As a result of the last 6 years of conflict in Syria, millions of people are trapped, lacking even the basics needed to survive, like food. You have a chance to save a family by sending $25 to supply bread for a month. To donate visit #umrelief #refugees #bettertogether #savealife #food
United Muslim Relief
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The struggle continues...Girl, five, pulled alive from Damascus rubble in dramatic video - CNN
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Toddler pulled alive from Damascus rubble in dramatic video

The month's UMR and IMANA medical mission trip was a huge success! Our team helped over 2,600 Syrian and Jordanian refugees by providing health check up, dental screenings, physical therapy, psych-screening and child wellness checks. The team went to camps in three main areas in Zarqa, Mafraq, and Amman. We couldn't have done it without supporters like you! #bettertogether #refugees #umrelief
$5 a day can help feed a family for a month. Will you save a life today? #bettertogether #umrelief #refugees #savealife
No food. No water. Nowhere to go. Right now four out of ten people are struggling to survive in Somalia. Donate now to provide life-saving assistance to families by sending a Care Pack today. #umrelief #bettertogether #makingadifference #refugees #help #food
UMR is proud to join hands with @humanappeal. This strategic partnership will hopefully help both organizations broaden our reach to thousand of more beneficiaries around the world. #bettertogether #umrelief #humanappeal #makingadifference
What will her future be like? Every child dreams to belong and to be loved. Help create a world where all children can dream big and soar high no matter where they may be. UMR provide child friendly spaces for refugees. To donate visit #umrelief #bettertogether #dreambig #children #syria
Happy Friday! No matter where you are start your day with a grateful heart. #umrelief #help #refugees #bettertogether
These 3 siblings are taking home fresh bread provided by UMR to their refugee tent for dinner tonight. The muddy road is the least of their concerns... help support children like these by sponsoring a family assistance pack for $150. #bettertogether #refugees #umrelief #help
UMR continues to empower young girls around the world by supplying them with tools they need to receive a great education. To learn more visit umrelief.org. #bettertogether #umrelief #education #refugees #empowerment
We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Chief Operations Officer and a few Communications & Marketing Interns to join our growing UMR Family! Apply today!

1. Chief Operations Officer (Alexandria, VA): [ Idealist.org Link ]

2. Communications & Marketing Interns (Remote- including Atlanta, GA and Alexandria, VA): [ Idealist.org Link ]

Job (Alexandria): Chief Operations Officer

Even with all the chaos we see on the news, UMR continues to help people like Duaa, a 3-year old Syrian Refugee. She never met her father because he was killed in Syria before Duaa was born. Duaa and her mother now live in Ajloon, Jordan. Where she is now safe and warm, especially in her new coat and mittens that she can wear when she plays in the snow with her mom. #umrelief #bettertogether...
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We are looking for enthusiastic new members to join our growing UMR Family! The following are the positions we are currently hiring to fill as soon as possible:

1. Advocacy and Outreach Manager (Alexandria, VA): [ Idealist.org Link ]

2. University Chapters Coordinator (Alexandria, VA): [ Idealist.org Link ]

3. Call Center Representatives (Plano, TX):
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4. Fundraising...
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Job (Alexandria): Advocacy and Outreach Manager

Jumah Mubarak. Start each day with a grateful heart! You're the reason one child is able to smile today. Giving love always results in receiving duas. #bettertogether #umrelief #love #blessed #jumahmubarak
Too many children around the world are lost and traumatized by the many atrocities they have experienced due to war stricken areas. UMR is helping these little ones with child-friendly spaces where counselors are able to support refugee children that need the love they deserve. To learn more visit #bettertogether #refugees #umrelief #innocent #sendlove
An unprecedented 65.3 million people around the world are forced to flee their homes. Many of them are young children. By donating today you can help change the lives of children that may never stand a chance for survival. #umrelief #bettertogether #refugees #
United Muslim Relief aims to accomplish its mission by empowering our community through education. We are a proud sponsor of the Family Support and Services Program. A program that will host weekly sessions in the Virginia area, to inform and empower our community regarding resources available to them and their families.The program's goal is to equip our community with different skills such as...
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