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Excellent news!
Even though 2 billion USD is still missing from Washington's commitment, this transfer will significantly strengthen the Paris Agreement, an important move as the international deal on climate change entered into force just 3 months ago and might be challenged by the incoming Trump administration.
VIA The Guardian

Barack Obama transfers $500m to Green Climate Fund in attempt to protect Paris deal

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year, and has decided to give free passes to its 50 natural protected sites, as well as 11 World Heritage Sites!

Get Your Free Explore Pass here if you are planning a trip to Canada this year!

[ Pc.gc.ca Link ]

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The World Economic Forum is currently underway in Davos, Switzerland from the 17th to the 20th of January 2017.

Today, major corporations have signed on to an initiative to better reuse and recycle plastic packaging - to reap economic benefits, and in hopes of stemming an environmental crisis.

For More information on the #WEF2017 : [ Weforum.org Link ]

Big businesses vow to tackle plastics problem | DW Environment | DW.COM | 17.01.2017

Indian police have seized more than 6,000 freshwater turtles from poachers who planned to smuggle them out of the country. News Story: [ Bbc.com Link ]

The video features a Green Sea Turtle, Filmed on the Gili Islands by Jace Green at Creative Scuba Images, Indonesia.
Video by PADI
Catalina Santamaria, Forests Programme Officer for the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, linking gender to biodiversity at the UNBiodiversity Conference in Cancun Mexico! #COP13

Video via Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Eels are amazing creatures!
In addition to being graceful underwater, they can shock you or a prey underwater by using their amazing ability to produce brief electric currents
VIA: Explorist
Sad news for the adorable Livingstone’s fruit bat, also know as the world's most endangered bat: as less than 1200 individuals remain on two small islands in the Comoros, expanding deforestation and loss of habitat seriously threaten it's survival on the long term.
Some projects are underway to assure the species future but it's still quite grim.
VIA: Mongabay.com

World’s most endangered bat could soon be extinct due to rapid forest loss

In a study published in the journal Current Biology, a research team found younger females are more likely to successfully reproduce than their older counterparts. Scientists say this trend has influenced mothers to turn away from reproduction and focus on raising their younger family members instead.

Two whales gave divers in Tonga a close-up performance of song and acrobatics
Video Via Sky News
A fascinating insight into the White Rhino's "poop-culture" references
VIA: National Geographic

Rhinos Use Poop Piles Like a Social Network

Next year, Google will hit its target to use 100% renewable energy.
Read more: [ Wef.ch Link ]

Via World Economic Forum
The week-end is just around the corner. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as these two adorable dormices!
Also, these 9 facts about them should help you win over your week-end date.
VIA: Mother Nature Network

9 things you didn't know about dormice

Wonder what the Paris Agreement had as concrete outcomes? Our friends at UNFCCC explain how the World Bank is turning the goals of the #ParisAgreement into climate action by helping countries develop clean energy solutions and end energy poverty.

Video Via UNFCCC
The argument that fish are crucial to the survival of coral reefs has been around for a while.
However, would you have guessed that fish........urine was also key?
According to scientists, fish pee provides numerous nutriments essential to the coral, such as phosphorus!
VIA: Explorist
Animals never cease to amaze us by displaying formidable aerodynamics, remarkable agility, or physics-defying kinetic skills.
See how some of these special characteristics inspire engineers...to design robots!
Via Futurism
Ever wonder where that plastic bottle,garbage bag or cosmetic micro-beads end up? 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the world oceans every single year. The consumption of disposable plastic has reached critical levels, and the need to transition is pressing.

Video via National Geographic
"For over a decade, The Global Risks Report has focused attention on the evolution of global risks and the deep interconnections between them. The Report has also highlighted the potential of persistent, long-term trends such as inequality and deepening social and political polarization to exacerbate risks associated with, for example, the weakness of the economic recovery and the speed of...
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Everybody loves a good symbiosis story! The boxer crab picks up anemones to better feed and defend itself, and the anemones also benefit from the arrangement. And what a distinctive look!
Via National Geographic
Ecovillages are reshaping the way society conserve and live alongside biodiversity.

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The Commission for Environmental Cooperation, alongside UN Environment North America have launched a video contest on #FoodWaste solutions. The video contest ends Jan. 15 2017, so make sure to submit your videos soon!

Information about the contest can be found at :
Here`s a little Monday delight: this rescued baby kangaroo will melt your heart!
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