Giraffes are silently going extinct due to trophy hunting.
Lisa Hill
Alex Burnham
Lina Barattin
The UN Environment #CleanSeas campaign is trying to ensure our oceans have more fish than plastic come 2050.
The UN Environment CleanSeas campaign is trying to ensure our oceans have

UN News - FEATURE: UN’s mission to keep plastics out of oceans and marine life
Born in China

Conservation organizations are working to protect giant pandas. Get up close to a giant panda in Disneynature's Born in China - now playing in theatres!
Recycling cigarette butts

37% of all cigarettes end up as roadway litter. Cigarettes butts can be collected and recycles into park benches and sunglasses. Let’s hope this is the direction of the future.
Nicolo Cattaruzza
Blog post: UNDP expert, Jennifer Baumwoll, Project Coordinator, Canada-UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Facility clears up a few common misconceptions on gender and risk leading up to the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction taking place in May and the World Reconstruction Conference in June.
Blog post UNDP expert Jennifer Baumwoll Project Coordinator CanadaUNDP Climate C

Clarifying misconceptions on gender and risk
See what Bill Nye, the Science Guy thinks about climate change and what you can do to help fight it at an individual level. #ClimateChangeIsReal
Jeffery G Holley
Gavin Kalaher
Carole Fearon
The Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Cristiana Pașca Palmer​, is currently in Mexico attending her first Bureau meeting following the very successful UN Biodiversity Conference. She will be working in close collaboration with Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico.
The Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity Cristiana Pașca Palmer
Recycle old soap

Recycling old soap and sharing with those in need can help save lives. Eco-friendly and good for humanity.
Wabisabi Kutabare
Warren Field
Brittany Ramsey
The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues started today at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC!
The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues started today at the United

UNPFII Sixteenth Session 24 April to 5 May 2017 | United Nations For Indigenous Peoples
Spider web ‘blanket’

Spiders believed to be fleeing a flooding have covered a field with a ‘blanket’ of webs to help them escape!
Chris Boyne
Vee Loucks
Laetitia Ganglmair
Are zero carbon emission flying cars the reality of the future?
Fletcher McGuire
Mike Smith
Happy International Mother Earth Day!
Happy International Mother Earth Day
Liz Charter
Mahmoud Nawar
Wearable device tracking air quality

Are you a city dweller wondering about the quality of the air you breathe? Plume Labs has created an air quality tracker on the go. It measures air quality and provides alerts when pollutant concentrations are high.
Mr. Trash wheel helping to save the oceans

A solar and water powered wheel removes trash from rivers before it gets into the ocean. The trash is incinerated and used to provide electricity to Maryland homes. It has already powered 6,000 homes.
Maddie Kenn
Harry Glands
Erika Greene
Worrisome news for Europe’s salamander species

New research is making scientists more pessimistic about the future of Europe's fire salamander, who is falling victim to a deadly fungus. A 2-year study has revealed that these amphibians can't develop immunity to the fungus, as was hoped.
Worrisome news for Europe’s salamander species

A deadly salamander disease just got a lot scarier
Cow manure transformed into a dress

The transformed fabric is completely sanitary and does not smell. See how it is done!
Paropkari Bharatiya
Clare Johnsom
Zara Maqsood
WWF Report - Illegal wildlife trafficking

Natural World Heritage sites across the globe support large populations of rare plant and animal species and function as the last refuge for critically endangered species. Despite their recognised value and protected status, a new WWF report found that illegal poaching, logging and fishing occur in nearly 30 per cent of natural and mixed World...
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WWF Report Illegal wildlife trafficking Natural World Heritage sites across the globe

Illegal wildlife trafficking occurs in nearly 30 per cent of world’s most protected areas
Bruce Jefferies
Amila Darshana
Turning plastic into roads

Made from 100% recycled materials, these prefabricated road sections could one day be an eco-friendly alternative to current traditional roads.
Marcel van Dorst
Mary Reiley
Nola Jacinta Maria
"Hacking" The Environment

Professor David Keith, of Harvard University, has been developing a project that could halt rising global temperatures: releasing a chemical compound in the stratosphere that would disperse sunlight for up to 2 years, thus lowering global temperatures.

Is it morally, scientifically, economically and politically acceptable to "hack" the environment because the...
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Hacking The Environment Professor David Keith of Harvard University has been developing

Is It O.K. to Tinker With the Environment to Fight Climate Change?
Sridhar Lellapalli
Jonathan Björklund
Hailey True
Human ingenuity

The fields in Nepal are up on the mountains and the rivers flow down from the Himalayas. Therefore, farmers have to carry the water up to their fields which can take up to 6 hrs a day. Human ingenuity at its best, the Barsha pump was created to help solve this problem.