60% of the world's population will live in cities by 2030. Worldwide, rural to urban migration is on the rise. All life requires balance.

Through our work in climate adaptation, job skills building, rural infrastructure and peacebuilding, we create options for farmers and job-seekers who want to stay home to be a part of rural growth.
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Meet Kate from FYR Macedonia. She's a mushroom farmer, one of millions of small business owners who got their start through our entrepreneur projects worldwide. She can only see 20% of what people with full vision can see. Kate can see white shapes. So she decided to become a mushroom farmer, a perfect job for Kate.

Today, her mushroom farm produces 4.5 tons of mushrooms a year.

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"Despite my disability I was determined to find a job and look after my little brothers.” After attending a UNDP workshop, Motasem is now earning an income by building prosthetic limbs for those who need it.

UNDP Syria

Resilience despite of the losses in Syria

Around the world, 200 million women have undergone Female Genital Mutilation. If we don't take action, another 30 million girls may be cut in the next decade alone. It's a harmful practice, and we're working hard to put a stop to it.

We don't know about you, but we're feeling like our champion Abinav did an amazing job rewriting Taylor Swift's lyrics. Help him spread the word about the Global Goals!

#Pandas4GlobalGoals | #GlobalGoals
Last September, our Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau helped us kick some goals in New York to spread the word about the Global Goals. He's keeping the ball rolling and will be joining us at the next Global Goals World Cup in Nairobi. Stay tuned for more info!

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Young people can be change makers. Unfortunately, they often don't get the chance to prove it. It's time for young people to speak out - and for everyone to listen.

When it’s too cold outside, many kids skip school to stay home, missing out on days of learning.

Not in Guzgef Village School, Tajikistan. Through a local crowdfunding campaign and additional support from UNDP and partners, more than $16,000 was raised to build a solar heater at the school. So that means comfortable and uninterrupted learning for all 113 children.

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The Maldives may soon fall victim to climate change. Rising sea levels could swallow most of the islands as early as 2050. UNDP Maldives and DJI are using drones to collect data that can prepare locals for disaster.

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Our work during wartime is about sustainability. With UNDP Syria, young people like Mohammad are learning skilled trades. In 2016, we created 28,623 employment opportunities for Syrians inside their country. Folks like Mohammad will apply everything he learns with us to repair essential emergency vehicles, maintain overstretched electrical power grids, and even repair worn out appliances that...
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Thank you all for submitting your amazing videos to the #Pandas4GlobalGoals video contest. This past week, winners traveled from all over the world to China to meet the pandas in person!

Here's their panda roadtrip!
What is the world's largest fish and why is it imperative for #LifeonEarth to save this majestic creature?
UNDP in India explains:
Congratulations to our #Pandas4GlobalGoals contest winners from all over the world who have traveled far and wide to get to China! Follow their amazing week on our Instagram stories!

#Pandas4GlobalGoals winners travel to China to meet the Pambassadors

Congratulations to our #Pandas4GlobalGoals contest winners from all over the world who have traveled far and wide to get to China! Follow their amazing week on our Instagram stories!

#Pandas4GlobalGoals champions arrive in China

Water gives life and takes life. This is a seasonal recurrence for farmers all over the world we are seeing longer drought in the dry season and deadly flash floods in rainy season.

Check out Sri Lanka where modern farmers are still using an ancient hydraulic system to balance this powerful life force.

UNDP Sri Lanka | #LifeonEarth

Climate Adaptation UNDP - Climate-smart Water on Exposure

The winners have been chosen! Meet our 17 inspiring #Pandas4GlobalGoals Champions from all over the world and stay tuned for updates from their journey to China: pandas.undp.org

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Reading is not only fundamental for education. It's also healthy for you!

Reading for fun for just six minutes has been shown to reduce stress by 68 percent. Why not take part in a #ReadingChallenge and make education one of your goals for 2017?

Be sure to share one to three books of your favorite books on your 2017 reading list with us in the comment box!

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2030 isn't that far away! We asked eight young leaders what kind of world they want to see by then. Read their responses here.

My world in 2030

Happy New Year to everyone worldwide!

Are you thinking of a new year's resolution for 2017? Check out ours and share yours with #MyGlobalGoals: ow.ly/jRm3307yTX2