Access to education has improved worldwide – but the quality of education hasn’t kept up with the pace. How do we fix it? Find out in our new Human Development Report:

#HDR2016 | Human Development Report
Over 34,000 people have already signed up to blow the whistle on inequality, once and for all. Take Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Care2 pledge now and help girls all over the world to get the same opportunities as boys:
Only three percent of freshwater is found on the surface of planet earth. Healthy freshwater lakes are important for people’s survival worldwide. Explore three lakes under threat of disappearing.

3 continents, 3 lakes in danger
The new Human Development Index is out now! How does your country rank on human development? Find out here:

#HDR2016 | Human Development Report
What’s happiness to you? To us, happiness is helping people all over the world reach their full potential – no matter where they live or what their gender is. Through the Global Goals, we can make this a reality. This International Day of Happiness, join us and spread the word about the Global Goals so that everyone, everywhere gets a chance at a happy, fulfilled life.

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Think our food is safe from climate change? Think again. And read our friend Stephanie's blog to find out more:

#ZeroHunger | #ClimateAction

Let’s Talk About Food Insecurity , Another Major Consequence of Climate Change
"Art transforms lives. If I did it, anyone can."

Eddy teaches dance to keep young people in Peru out of crime. Check out some of their moves.

At first they think she's the secretary, but then her clients quickly realize she's the boss.

You can help women like Anita rise to the top. Sign our pledge and show your support for women and girls everywhere:
Climate change impacts women more than men. Yet, they're often excluded from discussions on how to adapt to its effects. Honestly Modern looked into why women need a seat at the table:

For Those Who Can’t Speak For Themselves, Use Bold Voices
18 countries currently have laws that require women to seek permission from their husband or male guardian to work.

Even in countries with anti-discrimination laws in place, many employers won't hire women, even if the woman is the most qualified candidate.

Meet our 17 inspiring Global Goals Champions from all around the globe. Despite their different origins, ages, and backgrounds, they're united by one thing – a desire to make our world a better place for everyone. Read their stories and join them on their quest to make a difference!
Worldwide, female athletes have always been the first to stand up for social change and women's equality. Meet Muzghan, a volleyball player who is currently shattering glass ceilings in Afghanistan.

Love the video. Read her full story here:

#WomensMonth #LetGirlsLearn
UNDP Afghanistan
Happy International Women's Day! Today, celebrate with our Goodwill Ambassador and Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to create a fairer world for women and girls. Join our Care2 pledge:
In Mongolia, temperatures have already increased by 3x the global average. Climate change is a worldwide problem we can no longer ignore - people everywhere risk losing their homes, traditions and cultural values forever.

© UNDP in Mongolia
A globalized world comes with great privilege, but also with great responsibility. After his trip to China as a Global Goals Champion, Abinav vowed to become a more conscious consumer.

Read his reflections on clean air, consumerism, and panda poop:


How I changed my mind about pollution
Did you know? Half of our world’s wildlife was lost in the past 40 years. Protecting all life on our precious planet is our shared responsibility.

On #WorldWildlifeDay, learn about our conservation work in Namibia: [ Link ]

Taking action on climate change matters now more than ever. Read The Peahen's interview with our climate expert Cassie Flynn to find out why:

#ParisAgreement | #ClimateAction

Why the Paris Agreement matters
Climate change impacts every country on every continent. How could it affect you? Alden of Ecocult looked into it:

Exactly How Freaked Out Should We Be About 2 Degrees Global Warming? - Ecocult
Nikolaj Costner-Waldau, our Goodwill Ambassador, recently strapped a Google street cam on his back and walked all over Greenland, which is like a second home to him and his family.

His mission? Take viewers to his favorite hiking spots to share the beauty of Greenland and show the drastic changes to its landscape. Through this, he hopes to introduce the world to the communities and rituals...
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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau documents the changing landscape of Greenland