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Think Haiti is old news? Think again.

#HurricaneMatthew rumbled through Haiti in October. The media has moved on, but recovery continues. We're still there, helping Haitians rebuild their lives – and we see a lot of hope. Meet some of the people who've inspired us along the way.
Victoria works for women's equality in Somalia, which is one of the top 10 most deadly countries in the world to be a woman.

According to UNICEF, 98% of women aged 15 to 49 in Somalia have undergone female genital mutilation:

How I work to end violence against women in Somalia

Sawmte didn't learn to speak until he was nine. The nearest school for kids with special needs was in the big city, days away by bus.

So the whole village got together to build a school so that Saawmte and other children with special needs in their remote mountain region could all go to school.

#InternationalDayofDisability | #IDPD | UNDP in India

undp india - Volunteering to Build Ability on Exposure

Young people have an important role to play in shaping the future of our world. In the Arab region, youth make up more than one-third of the entire population.

Their voices must be heard, loud and clear. Here’s how we help: bit.ly/2gWqa7E

#YouthAHDR | #GlobalGoals
It’s Giving Tuesday! Which philanthropist are you? Take this quiz to find out: bit.ly/2g9zH6X
When Dina was 20, her classmates drugged her at a wedding party and gang raped her. Her mother rented an apartment far from town to hide Dina because she couldn’t bear the shame that her daughter had brought to the family.

Decades later, Dina refuses to remain silent. She's now a TV producer working hard to end the "blame the victim" culture that stigmatizes survivors of rape.

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"I’m not afraid to tell" | UNDP

Every minute, humans chop down 48 football fields worth of forests. That has serious consequences for people, animals and our planet's climate. Selva Beat talks deforestation and climate change:

#COP22 | #ParisAgreement

A Busy Gal Primer to Deforestation & Climate Change

A girl born today will have to wait until she's 70 years old to receive equal pay. See how we're helping to speed things up: bit.ly/2gcYt7
Many young women entering the workforce today have the same level of education as men. Yet they don't have the same opportunities. Helen Clark discusses why we need more women in business: bit.ly/2gcYt7D
Our oceans face many threats - from overfishing and pollution, to acidification. What does climate change mean for our oceans? Nick from Out of Wilderness looked into it:

#COP22 | #ParisAgreement

Boiling Point: What Climate Change Means for Oceans in a Warming World

Gender and climate change – what’s the connection? In many countries, women work in sectors closely connected to climate change such as farming, forestry, and health. Despite being most-affected by the impacts of climate change, women are also creating change. When given a chance, they can transform their whole communities. Their voices must be heard, loud and clear.

#COP22 | #GenderEquality
“I don’t waste a single day without learning.” Abida is training to be a nurse in a country where most women haven’t finished primary school. See how we're helping to train a new generation of female healthcare workers in Afghanistan: bit.ly/2go5TI0
Cities occupy only 3% of our planet, but produce over 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Do you live in an urban area and want to make a difference? Sustaining.Life has some suggestions for you:

#COP22 | #ParisAgreement

How You Can Combat Climate Change in New York City

Poverty and climate change are closely linked. The world's poor contribute to only 1% of carbon emissions but face 99% of climate change impacts.

Blogger Abigail from Freestate looked into the connection between the two issues.

#COP22 | #ParisAgreement

We Will Never Solve the Poverty Problem If We Don't Solve the Climate Change Problem

Our eating habits have a huge impact on our planet's climate.

Producing 1kg of beef can result in 27kg of carbon emissions. By 2030, annual meat production will likely reach 376 million tonnes.

Blogger Model4greenliving is concerned about this trend – and explains why Meatless Monday alone can't prevent climate change.

#COP22 | #MeatlessMonday


"A long time ago, everything was green. When war began, we all left. When we came back, the land wasn't the same anymore. Nothing grew," says Mohammad, a community leader in a remote farming village in Afghanistan.

Farm land makes up only 12% of Afghanistan. Farmers are building peace the best way they can, working the land to feed a nation. UNDP Afghanistan is helping them with...
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Grandma Abellard has survived hundreds of storms throughout her 66 years of life. Each time, she picks herself up, but Hurricane Matthew hit hard. We're working to help her and other survivors rebuild after the storm in Haiti.

UNDP Haiti
Want to do your bit to fight climate change, but not sure how?

As governments from around the world gather at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Morocco, THE NOTE PASSER outlines 40 ways YOU can make a difference:

#COP22 | #ParisAgreement


One month after Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti, we take a look at some key moments that shaped our initial response, and long-term recovery plans.
"The water ravaged everything. It destroyed everything where I live. But it's an opportunity now for me to help people here."

One month after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, we're celebrating the contribution of local volunteers like Alexandre who are working around-the-clock to help their communities rebuild.

You can help too: undp.org/helpHaiti