Thank you all for submitting your amazing videos to the #Pandas4GlobalGoals video contest. This past week, winners traveled from all over the world to China to meet the pandas in person!

Here's their panda roadtrip!
What is the world's largest fish and why is it imperative for #LifeonEarth to save this majestic creature?
UNDP in India explains:
Congratulations to our #Pandas4GlobalGoals contest winners from all over the world who have traveled far and wide to get to China! Follow their amazing week on our Instagram stories!

#Pandas4GlobalGoals winners travel to China to meet the Pambassadors
Congratulations to our #Pandas4GlobalGoals contest winners from all over the world who have traveled far and wide to get to China! Follow their amazing week on our Instagram stories!

#Pandas4GlobalGoals champions arrive in China
Water gives life and takes life. This is a seasonal recurrence for farmers all over the world we are seeing longer drought in the dry season and deadly flash floods in rainy season.

Check out Sri Lanka where modern farmers are still using an ancient hydraulic system to balance this powerful life force.

UNDP Sri Lanka | #LifeonEarth

Climate Adaptation UNDP - Climate-smart Water on Exposure
The winners have been chosen! Meet our 17 inspiring #Pandas4GlobalGoals Champions from all over the world and stay tuned for updates from their journey to China:

#Pandas4GlobalGoals | #GlobalGoals
Reading is not only fundamental for education. It's also healthy for you!

Reading for fun for just six minutes has been shown to reduce stress by 68 percent. Why not take part in a #ReadingChallenge and make education one of your goals for 2017?

Be sure to share one to three books of your favorite books on your 2017 reading list with us in the comment box!

Global Goals for Sustainable...
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2030 isn't that far away! We asked eight young leaders what kind of world they want to see by then. Read their responses here.

My world in 2030
Happy New Year to everyone worldwide!

Are you thinking of a new year's resolution for 2017? Check out ours and share yours with #MyGlobalGoals:
After a disaster, people need work to rebuild their communities.

Please help us so we can help communities currently rebuilding in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. A generous donor will match your donation by midnight, 31 December (NY Time). Your generosity will help us to create more short term jobs in our Cash for Work Program in Haiti:


From one of the first women's volleyball teams to score for girls' education and equality in Afghanistan to a kiss to seal peace in Colombia, see some of the best images in our year in photos:

14 moments that defined global development in 2016
What does an explosives removal technician do? Check out UNDP Lao PDR's virtual reality video to see one at work!
Happy holidays! Peace and ❤ to everyone
The year 2016 is on track to become the hottest year ever since The World Meterological Organization began registering annual records in the 1880s.

See first hand what farmers are up against.
“We used to have no vegetables. Growing them was not an option in this climate — the wind and the cold destroyed everything,” Kazem, a farmer who is working for peace in Afghanistan through farming. See the full story here: [ Link ]

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These midwives are local migrants, traveling within the Democratic Republic of Congo to help moms deliver healthy babies.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have been on the move. Migration has contributed much to sciences, arts, health and more in our world. On World Migration Day, tell us who your favorite migrant throughout history is.

© Le PNUD en République démocratique du Congo
Ilona was the good girl and Eugeny was the bad boy in high school. Fate brought them together years later. Eugeny became very sick the year he decided to propose to Ilona. Doctors told him that he had HIV and he would only have three years to live. Afraid of transmitting it to the woman he loves, he tried to leave Ilona.

It has been two decades and they're still happily married and healthy....
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"I want to tell you about my people, the Haitian people, and why we have hope for our country. I joined UNDP after the 2010 earthquake. Seeing such extensive destruction and damage, I knew I wanted to help rebuild my country. It was, undoubtedly, one of the most important decisions of my life. I’ve seen real, tangible progress. That’s why Hurricane Matthew was so heartbreaking – it swept that...
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"I'm here to learn so I can serve my country and my village," says Abida, a nursing student in Jalalabad, a city in Afghanistan.

To save lives, Abida is risking her own life. In her hometown, girls who leave home to study can be killed. She comes from Nuristan, a remote part of Afghanistan that is dangerous due to its mountainous terrain and insurgents like the Taliban.

UNDP Afghanistan...
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This morning we rang the Nasdaq bell in Times Square, NYC. Watch this Facebook Live interview to see what we're all about.