"Nobody wanted to be my friend. I faced stigma every day’- says Isatu, a former Red Cross volunteer from Sierra Leone.

Isatu is one of the volunteers in safe burial teams who prevented Ebola from turning into a global catastrophe. When the outbreak ended, their communities began discriminating against Isatu and other burial workers.
Together with the International Committee of the Red Cross...
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Nobody wanted to be my friend I faced stigma every day says

Life after Ebola

The ocean spans the globe, connecting all lands and all people. What happens in one part of the ocean can impact the entire system, as well as people everywhere. But who's responsible for the health of our ocean?

Three people from three countries decided to take matters into their own hands to preserve this valuable resource. This is their story:

The ocean spans the globe connecting all lands and all people What


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What if you no longer have a home to go back to? What would you do?

Screening all week for World Refugee Day, see HOME - short film on Vimeo, which was screened at the UN World Refugee Summit: [ Vimeo.com Link ]

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Our new Administrator, Achim Steiner takes office today. We look forward to working together to achieve the #GlobalGoals: ow.ly/UtAq30cI2wa
Our new Administrator Achim Steiner takes office today We look forward to
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A day playing at the beach. The walk to school. The bus ride to work. Safety is important for everyone. See our seven reasons why rule of law matters for peace.
A day playing at the beach The walk to school The bus

Seven reasons why rule of law matters for peace

Hongwei Qi
We're excited to partner with Sparknews for Impact Journalism Day on 24 June!
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These ladies love to feed Instagram-worthy homemade food to visitors. Thanks to a growth in foodie visitors, both Turks and international tourists, these local moms and grandmas are turning their passion into a business.

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Why does rule of law matter for peace and security? In 15-minutes, our experts will join us for a live Q&A!
Why does rule of law matter for peace and security In 15minutes
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Happy World Oceans Day! Our ocean is life. It gives us food to eat, fresh water to drink, and jobs to make a living. Eight reasons why we must protect and preserve this valuable resource:

#SaveOurOcean | #WorldOceansDay
Happy World Oceans Day Our ocean is life It gives us food

United Nations Development Programme - 8 reasons we love the ocean on Exposure

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Our friends at Global Goals for Sustainable Development talked to our newly appointed Ocean Advocate Cody Simpson at the Ocean Conference today. Check it out!

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Welcome to the United Nations family Cody Simpson! Excited to have you join our efforts to save the ocean as our new Ocean Advocate.

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This week, the world is coming together at the Ocean Conference in New York to discuss how to bring our ocean back to health. But how can you, as an individual, make a difference? We have 10 tips for you:

This week the world is coming together at the Ocean Conference in

10 things you can do to save our ocean – We The Peoples – Medium

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What do you love about nature? This World Environment Day, spend some time outdoors and show us your favorite moment with nature.

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What do you love about nature This World Environment Day spend some
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Many of the world's lakes are vanishing due to human activity, overfishing and rising temperature. Lake Tanganyika, Africa's oldest and deepest lake, is facing the same fate.

The lake borders four countries. It is a vital source of trade between them. Meet the people across Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo who are working hard to save this natural wonder.
Many of the worlds lakes are vanishing due to human activity overfishing

Lake Tanganyika

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Somalia is one of four countries facing famine. Drought and years of fighting with Al Shabaab have kept farmers from being able to grow enough to feed 20 million Somalis who are now facing a hunger crisis.

Our colleague Mourad writes in depth about what is causing the looming famine.
Somalia is one of four countries facing famine Drought and years of

We can save lives and restore dignity in Somalia

سید منیر شاه
Aminu Abdullahi Khan
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