#Iraq: Many reports of civilians killed by ISIL shelling or improvised explosive devices in parts of #Mosul recaptured by the govt. We are deeply concerned about the safety and humanitarian conditions of people who remain in ISIL-occupied western Mosul city, which it is estimated could be as many as 750,000. In the face of flagrant violations of the law by ISIL, govt forces and their allies...
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"In Europe and across the globe, the world of fear and loathing can be countered by the world of choice and opportunity, a world where technology and human rights have brought unprecedented progress and prosperity. A world where thoughtful political and civil society leaders strive to close gender pay gaps and tackle income inequalities, to ensure decent and valuable work and study...
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#SaudiArabia: For UN expert Philip Alston, the current economic transformation should "lift existing restrictions on women’s economic and other independence. The driving ban should be lifted, and women should no longer need authorization from male guardians to work or travel.” The country's plans to transform its economy could be a catalyst for realizing the human rights of women & the poor....
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Do you support whistleblowers? “I call on Governments worldwide to put an end to multiple campaigns of defamation, mobbing and even prosecution of whistleblowers like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, the Luxleakers Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet and the tax corruption leaker Rafi Rotem.... Whistleblowers are human rights defenders whose contribution to democracy and the rule of law cannot...
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“It is time to recognize the contribution of whistleblowers” – UN expert welcomes commutation of Manning’s sentence

Torture is a severe violation of human rights that can never be justified. With the help of civil society organizations, victims can regain their dignity and rebuild their lives. Apply for this Fund: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Call for Applications: Modern-day Slavery is a global affront to humanity. With the help of civil society organizations, victims can regain their dignity and rebuild their lives. [ Ow.ly Link ]
See our briefing today on the death penalty in Iran & Bahrain:

- We call on the Iranian authorities not to carry out the apparently imminent execution of Sajad Sanjari, who was a juvenile when he was sentenced to death for fatally stabbing a man in 2012

- We are appalled at the execution by firing squad of three men in Bahrain on Sunday. There are serious doubts whether the accused were...
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Briefing on Iran and Bahrain

Photo: Civilians in South Sudan waiting with their belongings after fleeing the violence in their country. There remains widespread impunity, following grave human rights violations committed in July 2016. Concrete steps to halt this downward spiral must be urgently taken, beginning with justice and accountability. See our new report: [ Ow.ly Link ] v United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)
We call on business leaders to #standup4humanrights and prevent rights violations in countries where they operate. “Companies need to take a clear, unequivocal stance that they will not tolerate links to human rights abuses anywhere in their operations and supply chains," said UN human rights chief Zeid.

Davos: Zeid calls on business leaders to stand up for human rights

Photo: Salman Haider is one of 4 social media & human rights campaigners who went missing in recent days. Mainstream media outlets had accused them of promoting blasphemy, a criminal offense in Pakistan. UN expert David Kaye calls on authorities to locate, protect & return them home [ Ow.ly Link ]
Photo: Members of an armed separatist group listen to a presentation given by UN human rights staff. The meeting is part of a critical strategy to engage extremist groups in human rights dialogue. Full story: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Private sector actors need to assure the world they will #StandUp4HumanRights. Corporations need to respond that they make not only dollars, but sense. UN Human Rights Chief Zeid urges action at World Economic Forum / #Davos

How – and why – the private sector needs to stand up for human rights

In Puerto Rico, a homeless man offers an inflatable ball to a truck driver. UN expert Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky warns that ratcheting up austerity measures will threaten residents’ human rights and worsen the US territory’s “intolerable” poverty levels. Full story in English [ Ow.ly Link ] & in Spanish [ Ow.ly Link ]
Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience. UN expert Asma Jahangir today raised alarm over the critical health situation of several prisoners of conscience on prolonged hunger strike in #Iran.
In recent weeks, at least 8 prisoners of conscience have been on life threatening hunger strike in Iran to contest the legality of their detention. Full story: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Call for Applications: Learn more about this fund to prevent #Torture - a crime so repugnant, it can never be justified [ Ohchr.org Link ]
“As a religious minority in Iraq, Yazidis are not accepted and not protected. What is happening to my community is a human rights crisis”. Full story: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Happy New Year 2017! Make *Standing Up for Human Rights* your New Year's resolution! Check out & share ideas here: #StandUp4HumanRights
UN experts condemn a string of clampdowns on human rights organizations in #Ecuador. The Govt issued an order for the closure of the NGO Acción Ecológica, which supports indigenous & environmental rights (such as the pictured Shuar people's efforts to halt mining on what they claim to be their territory). The experts urge authorities to reverse the decision and reform the legislation it is...
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