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Australians must strengthen efforts to end racism & xenophobia, said UN expert Mutuma Ruteere. He deplores the many challenges indigenous people and other groups continue to face in all aspects of their lives. Regarding the current debate on Section 18 C) of the Racial Discrimination Act, “I call upon the Government to maintain this section as a mean to protect discriminated groups against...
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Photo: Divided families bid a painful farewell. The continuing plight & pain of families torn apart on the Korean peninsula, some for more than 60 years, should be addressed urgently, especially given the advanced age of many of the victims. New UN Human Rights Office - Seoul report: [ Ow.ly Link ]
We have been listening carefully to you throughout 2016. UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein will answer your questions in a special Facebook Live on #HumanRightsDay - 10 December at 3pm (Geneva). Join this global conversation - a unique opportunity for direct access to the UN Human Rights Chief, right here on [ Facebook.com Link ]
Discover our new campaign for #HumanRightsDay on December 10 & Tell us how you #Standup4HumanRights [ Standup4humanrights.org Link ]
"Many of the warning signals of impending genocide are already there – an existing conflict, resort to polarized ethnic identities, dehumanization, a culture of denial, displacement based on ethnicity and in some places indications of systematic violations and planning – but the important thing is there is still time to prevent it". See the findings of a UN Commission's visit to South Sudan

UN human rights experts says international community has an obligation to prevent ethnic cleansing in South Sudan

Photo: "We want peace". Our UN Human Rights Chief Zeid welcomes the ratification of new Colombia peace deal with the Farc rebel group that aims to end more than 5 decades of conflict. “I urge the Government, all political parties, including the opposition, as well as civil society, to put aside their differences, and start working for the accord’s prompt implementation" [ Ow.ly Link ] v...
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Child slavery in modern world can no longer be tolerated. See what must be done to step up protection for children: [ Ow.ly Link ]

If you are in Geneva tomorrow, join our event with UN experts Nevena Vučković-Šahović & Urmila Bhoola; James Kofi Annan of Challenging Heights ; Ashif Shaikh of Jan Sahas; Mary Read of Tổ chức Lao động Quốc tế - International Labour Organization; Loretta Bondi of...
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*Treat people decently, respectfully, kindly, humanely whatever their origins, or our origins,* said the new UN expert Vitit Muntarbhorn on sexual orientation & gender identity. See the 5 key steps needed to end discrimination & violence against the worldwide LGBT community: [ Ow.ly Link ] United Nations Free & Equal
Burundi must "step back from any actions that risk stoking ethnic conflict & that could even be a precursor to mass atrocities” - [ Ow.ly Link ]
Syria: We are concerned about the well-being of civilians currently caught up in the fighting in Aleppo. Tens of thousands remain trapped in opposition-controlled areas and are living under constant bombardment. Others are at risk while attempting to flee the fighting. Adding to the dangers associated with attempting to flee across an active front-line, we have received reports that opposition...
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Iraq: We continue to receive reports of serious breaches of intl human rights and humanitarian law by ISIL in and around Mosul. ISIL has been installing rocket launchers and placing snipers on the rooftops of civilian houses. Those who refuse to allow their houses to be used in this way are threatened or killed. On 11 November, ISIL reportedly shot and killed 12 civilians in Bakir...
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Myanmar briefing: Since the attacks, on 9 October, on three Border Guard police posts in Maungdaw and Rathidaung in northern Rakhine State, our Office has received reports of serious human rights violations during security operations. We are alarmed by these reports, which include allegations of extrajudicial killings, mass destruction of civilian infrastructure, arbitrary arrests and sexual...
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An estimated 21 million people worldwide are trapped in conditions of contemporary slavery, including some five million children. Slavery is not something that belongs to the past but a cruel reality of our age. [ Ow.ly Link ]
Do you believe in the use of torture? In many countries, we're witnessing a growing & shocking narrative that condones, even incites the use of torture. Torture is portrayed as an effective short-cut and a lesser evil. But torture is the infliction of pain by a coward, on men, women and children who are captive and defenceless. It extracts no useful information, because people in extreme pain...
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#Iran must end the harassment of a woman trying to learn the fate of her brother and his newborn daughter, who disappeared from prison more than 30 years ago, UN experts say. “Rather than investigating the alleged disappearance of Ms. Rahemipour’s relatives, the government of Iran has decided to launch a campaign of harassment and intimidation against her." Ms. Rahemipour is now facing...
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Photo: Women participate in a protest against gender violence. Fundamentalism & populism pose a deepening threat to women who defend human rights. "#Feminism is too often misunderstood, denigrated & discredited, even by some in the human rights community”: [ Ow.ly Link ] #16days
Road safety has become a form of privilege today. It must be a human rights priority. 91% of global road fatalities take place in developing countries, where just 50% of the world's vehicles are registered. Good governance is key to address this crisis. To work toward solutions, our High Commissioner Zeid (left) met today with Jean Todt - United Nations Special Envoy for Road Safety &...
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#Breastfeeding is a #humanrights issue for babies and mothers. More than 820,000 children's lives could be saved every year if all mothers started breastfeeding within an hour of birth, gave only breast milk for the first 6 months, and continue breastfeeding until their children reach the age of 2. States should take urgent action to stop the “misleading, aggressive and inappropriate”...
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States are using UN human rights mechanisms such as the Universal Periodic Review, Special Procedures and Treaty Bodies. Learn about them so that you can better defend human rights. Also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian & Spanish here: [ Ow.ly Link ]

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Engage with human rights mechanisms