Concluding a mission to Colombia, a multi-disciplinary team of United Nations environment experts have highlighted that the country has a unique opportunity to promote sustainable and resilient livelihoods in which the nature serves as the foundation for long-lasting peace.

Environmental recovery key to post-conflict development in Colombia – UN agency
“The deliberate destruction of heritage […] has become a tactic of war to tear societies over the long term, in a strategy of cultural cleansing,” said UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova following the unanimous adoption of a resolution on protection of cultural heritage such as religious sites and historic artefacts.

Building peace needs culture too, a message of historic Security Council resolution – head of UN agency
Ivan Simonovic, the United Nations Special Adviser on Responsibility to Protect explains how global response to mass atrocities can be improved. [ Link ]
“We must never forget this dark chapter of human history,” UN chief Guterres told a General Assembly meeting to commemorate the abolition of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade, ahead of the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

UN spotlights slave descendants’ legacy of achievements, overcoming ‘dark chapter of human history’
Stressing the importance of remembering slavery and slave trade in human history, the legacy of which “resounds down the ages,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted the contributions that people of African descent have made and are continuing to make to their communities and to the world.

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Slavery is "a story that has shaped almost every culture of the world" says Lonnie G. Bunch III, Director of the National Museum of African American History & Culture, Simthsonian Institution prior to the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
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United Nations peacekeeping is becoming more agile and capable, the outgoing chief today said, even as the cost for each peacekeeper fell 16 per cent in recent years, dropping the entire budget of the blue helmets worldwide to around $7.2 billion.

Outgoing UN peacekeeping chief praises reduced cost of operations, as agility increases
"The increase of atrocity crimes is simply unacceptable, we should do more to protect the most vulnerable against horrific crimes, namely: genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity."

Read more in the UN News interview with Ivan Šimonovic, the UN Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect

INTERVIEW: Amid increased suffering, responsibility to protect all the more necessary – UN Special Adviser
An estimated 400,000 Iraqi civilians are trapped in Mosul's Old City as fighting intensifies and people continue to flee, the United Nations refugee agency representative today warned.

Hundreds of thousands trapped in Mosul with 'worst yet to come' – UN agency
TB strikes some of the world’s poorest people hardest,” said World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan. "WHO is determined to overcome the stigma, discrimination, and other barriers that prevent so many of these people from obtaining the services they so badly need,” she said.

Marking World Tuberculosis Day, UN seeks to address stigma, protect patient rights
The conflict in Yemen is raging, the United Nations human rights chief today warned, urging those fighting to work towards a ceasefire and to allow humanitarian aid to get through to millions of people in need.

Two years on, Yemen conflict targets children, food trucks and even fishermen's boats - UN
Citing reports that Wednesday's attack on a school in Ar-Raqqa which is sheltering internally displaced families has killed 53 civilians including 12 children, UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappelaere said the international community once again failed the children of Syria. “We have been failing them for more than 2,200 days already,” he added.

Child rights must be at the centre of Syria peace talks – UNICEF
More than 116 million children are set to be immunized against polio next week in one of the largest of its kind synchronized vaccination campaigns across west and central Africa, United Nations agencies today announced.

UN agencies, partners to launch polio vaccination campaign across Africa
“As humanitarians, we can no longer turn our back on the communities affected by the current migration crisis in Libya,” the Director General of the International Organization for Migration said upon his arraival in Tripoli. [ Link ]

UN News - ‘We can no longer turn our backs’ on communities affected by migration crisis in Libya – UN agency chief
"We must act, urgently, and decisively, now" in the fight against climate change, UN chief António Guterres told a General Assembly high-level event today.

In his speech, the Secretary-General outlined the threats posed by climate change to peace, security, and the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mr. Guterres also highlighted the need to invest in green...
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UN General Assembly President, Peter Thomson, has reiterated the urgency to combat climate change, warning: "the welfare of our grandchildren" is at stake.

Mr. Thomson also emphasised the need to mobilise support from all walks of the society, in order to forge the implementation of climate action along with the Sustainable Development Agenda.

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“If there is to be any hope of [South Sudan's leaders] changing their current calculations, greater pressure is needed. This means first and foremost that the region and the Security Council must speak with one voice,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

Security Council and region must ‘speak with one voice;’ end suffering in South Sudan – UN chief
New leadership in Somalia provides hope despite great security and humanitarian challenges says Michael Keating, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, who spoke to UN News shortly after briefing the United Nations Security Council.
Describing the situation in Yemen as one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises – ‘and one that is entirely man-made’ – the United Nations human rights deputy chief today urged the national commission of inquiry to fulfill its mandate of investigating all alleged violations of international and Yemeni laws.

International, independent probe of alleged violations in Yemen needed – UN deputy rights chief