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Update on the legal fight for Free speech!

--> No blasphemy law in Australia! <---
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Marine le Pen, you are welcome in Australia anytime, in fact you can replace Julie Bishop if you like.
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If they don't respect our standards, why should we respect theirs?

‘Won’t cover myself up:’ Le Pen refuses headscarf, cancels on Lebanese Grand Mufti

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A group on Imams in Perth has made a public appeal for people to vote for the Greens at the upcoming state election. They have condemned the preference deal between the liberals and One Nation, claiming the liberal party is endorsing racism and hatred by this deal.

WA Muslim leaders urge Green vote in protest of One Nation deal

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This guy is actually insane. Greens MP Richard de Natalie is currently sitting in Australian Parliament planning to make crystal meth a legal-to-use drug. This guy is not a people's representative, he's a freak.

Greens leader backs decriminalisation of ice

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A new globalist propaganda flick 'Dear White people' has sparked the worst reaction from viewers in the history of NetFlix. One million down-votes in 24 hours. The company has reportedly deleted over 100,000 furious comments from the feedback section.

'Racist' Netflix series gets a million dislikes in ONE day

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The date is March 6th at Melbourne Magistrates Court. TO HELP US WITH THE UPCOMING LEGAL BATTLE, SEND US A MESSAGE!
------> Unite and fight for a free Australia <--------
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10,000 people signed a petition overnight, demanding Yassmin - "Islam is a feminist religion" - Abdel Magied be sacked from ABC's gov-funded studios, for spreading misinformation, advocating sharia law instead of Democracy in Australia and expressing extreme bias against Jackie Lambie on the air.

Petition demands ABC sack Yassmin Abdel-Magied for Sharia remarks

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Uhh no thanks, think I'll read a book instead.
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Donald J. Trump destroys CNN at press conference.
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Tony Abbott hit back against Yassim Abdel-Magied's claim that Islam is 'the most female-friendly religion'.

Former PM Tony Abbott blasts Q&A Muslim activist

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A dozen Patriots attended White Night in Melbourne last night to carry out basic citizen's patrols. Unfortunately the gangs didn't appear until very early in the morning (about 2am), by that time our group had dispersed.
We now know for next time that when they come out, they do it very late.
Props to Vic Pol for containing the situation. It seems as though police outnumbered the gangs by far...
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Anti-crime vows to fight Melbourne's Apex gang

When you're trying to brainwash a whole country into believing you're a good guy with a 'peaceful' religion, calling half the people in that country dumb bogans live on TV probably isn't a great idea.

Jig is up, Waleed. You’ve shown your true colours

Jewish people in Germany were once forced to wear star badges to signify themselves as an outsider race - Less than 100 years later, White people are now being pressured to wear badges in universities, in a bid to shame them for their racial heritage.
Ironic that people who object to this insanity are called 'nazis'.

Students wear white pins to remind them of white privilege - The College Fix

Finally some unbiased news for a change. It must hurt when mainstream news describes your party as being spineless

Greens dripping with cowardice