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Making my way down town.
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In every major media write-up on the London Parliament attack, the words 'Islamic' and 'Muslim' have been completely omitted from the reports.
In fact, journalists have given emphasis to the fact that the attacker was 'born in Britain' – as though being born in a specific country magically makes you a member of that specific nationality.
If Tom Cruise was born in China, would he be Chinese?...
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U.K. Parliament Attacker Has Been Shot By Police: House Leader

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Wait for it...
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We encourage everyone to avoid Flinders Street station in Melbourne – The place is currently on 'lock-down' due to 'safety concerns' (whatever that means).

Melbourne's Flinders station in 'lockdown'

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They died for diversity.
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Breaking – A Muslim man in London has run down several people in a car on Westminster bridge and stabbed a police officer in an apparent terrorist attack.
It's hard to find a single report which describes the attacker, his ethnicity, his name or his motive. Massive attempt at cover up already.

Shock after London attack: 'Can’t believe what I just saw'

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A ridiculous government propaganda car spotted in Vic by a truckie. To think that someone gets paid just to drive around in this thing.
(For the record, Islam actually means 'submission' – not peace).
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After Daniel Andrews decided to change the standards by which trees are cut down in Victoria – to appease Greeny feelings – thousands of tree-loggers and other employees from Hayfield ASH timber yard will lose their jobs, all because of the meaningless Left-wing ideology adopted by the Daniel Andrews government of Victoria.
The premier couldn't even address the workers directly, preferring...
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Watch Blair dismantle leftist cucks.
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No, it's not a joke. (Male students can also earn extra credit by staying 'hair free' for 10 weeks).

University offers female students extra credit for not shaving armpits

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Footage of trump refusing to shake merkel's hand.
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Trump shuts down Merkel in recent meeting – "Immigration is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT."

‘Immigration is a privilege, not a right,’ Trump tells Merkel in first meeting

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There is a conscientious effort being made by Muslim leaders to out-breed Europeans or people of European decent – and you're expected not to notice.

‘You are the future of Europe’: Erdogan urges Turks in EU to have at least 5 kids

SPAIN: More than 10,000 assault rifles, grenades and anti-aircraft guns – likely imported by Islamic radicals according to the report – have been seized by Spanish police and an international European police agency.
So while the ethnic European population is being disarmed by Left-Wing anti-gun laws, the Islamic communities are importing tens of thousands of assault rifles and other munitions!

10,000+ arsenal of weapons intended for terrorists seized by Europol (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Turnbull is being pressured to change Australia's 18c laws which make 'offending' people a criminal offence – The laws are expected to be made less vague and more specific, removing subjective words such as 'offend' from the legislation. The move comes after a popular Australian Cartoonist died of a heart attack, linked to stress related problems after being charged under 18C for drawing an...
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PM to fast-track 18C reforms

A Fairfax article complaining about the fact that a Trump-style immigration ban is completely legal and possible in Australia.
Almost half (44%) of Australians agree that an immigration ban from high-risk Islamic countries would be a wise move to protect the homeland.

Australia's discriminatory constitution would allow a Trump-style travel ban

Where was this problem before Daniel Andrews opened up Victoria to the third world? The state Premier needs to take a good hard look at himself.
An elderly farmer in the U.K has been cleared by a jury in less than half an hour for shooting a burglar. Well done mate!

Farmer weeps as he is cleared in 24 minutes for shooting a burglar