Airmen across the force are mourning the loss of Staff Sgt. Alexandria Morrow. We are saddened by this news and offer our condolences to those affected by this tragedy.

Fallen Airman remembered by comrades
#AirForce #WeekInPhotos is here!
#Airborne operations have played a role in major conflicts including World War II, Vietnam and Iraq. The 412th Civil Affairs Battalion recently jumped over the flight-line at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio in honor of a local WWII hero. #Airpower
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On a #TBT what’s better than an episode of “Yesterday’s Air Force”?

In this episode we take a look back at the first women in history to fly U.S. military aircraft. #womenshistorymonth
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We take pride in knowing how resilient our #Airmen can be.

Rebounding from a college experience that didn’t go as planned, this Airman’s career tipped off at Maxwell Air Force Base where he played basketball for the #AirForce and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).
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Col. (Ret) Joseph Kittinger fell from closer to #Space than any person before him for 4 minutes and 36 seconds while reaching a speed of 614 miles per hour. His record-breaking jump from 102,800 feet above the Earth’s surface in August of 1960 is another early example of one of our #Airmen breaking barriers.

If you didn’t catch our previous video, go check out how Col. (Ret) Alvin Drew flew...
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Col. (Ret) Alvin Drew pursued his dreams to become an Astronaut. This story follows his journey from D.C. to the US Air Force Academy (Official) to becoming an officer in our #AirForce where he was selected to fly on two space shuttle missions.

Drew isn’t the only #Airmen who has was breaking barriers in space, tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST, we have the story of Col. (Ret) Jospeh Kittinger and...
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C-130J Super Hercules pilot, Capt. Matt Coffey of the 37th Airlift Squadron Ramstein Air Base, Germany, has all the info on REAL THAW 17. REAL THAW is a Portuguese-led, joint and combined forces exercise in Beja, Portugal. Participants include military forces from the United States, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, and the Netherlands.
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Check out these great photos from Cope North 2017. This exercise brought three Indo-Asia-Pacific allies together for a combined training.
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Coming in for a landing! Have you ever seen a CV-22 Osprey this close before?
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#Airmen at Tyndall Air Force Base had the unique opportunity to load NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Super Guppy #aircraft. Have you ever seen The Guppy in action?
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The WGS-9 Launch is scheduled to happen in a half hour. Go check it out! Air Force Space Command
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It's that time again! #AirForce #WeekInPhotos
The men & women at Air Education and Training Command have a big responsibility to shape, train & mold the #Airmen of the world’s greatest #AirForce.
ATTENTION Airmen: Watch a video on trust and character from Gen. David L. Goldfein & CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright

As #Airmen, we must live the core values every day, on and off duty. And, we must always conduct ourselves in a manner that honors our solemn obligation to our nation and to each other.
Our #Airmen trained with U.S. Army #Soliders during Mass Tac Week at Pope Army Airfield, N.C. #JointWarfighters
Elinor Otto was one of the original Rosie the Riveters during World War II. She worked on airplanes until the age of 95.

An Original Rosie | Airman Online
Our deepest sympathies go out to those mourning the loss of three Airmen in an incident at Cannon AFB. The Air Force is a family, and the loss of any Airman is felt throughout the force.

ABC 7 Amarillo
“It’s the little things that we’ve developed as a crew since we’ve been here,” Pope said. “Those are my favorite. Everyone will be really tired and it will be dead quiet and all of a sudden someone will come out with an inside joke, or a song, or a fake accent and then everyone will be laughing and talking again.”

Learn more about this C-130J Hercules aircrew here: [ Link ]

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