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As part the Community College Administrator Program, 24 Pakistani female government officials are in the United States on a six-week program. They will meet with leaders and senior policy-makers of the Massachusetts Community College System for a comprehensive understanding of the development, organization, and administration of a U.S. community college system.
"Many women in our country are...
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#UGRADStories Muhammad Ismail at Kirkwood Community Collegeommunitycollege has dedicated about 20 hours of his time to tutoring at the Lifelong Learning Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. According to his host advisor, Shannon Ingleby, “Ismail has a real knack for teaching and does a great job at connecting with the adult learners because of his patience”. In a picture with the Outreach Coordinator...
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USEFP is seeking applications from competent applicants for the position of Communications Officer, Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN). Interested candidates can apply before April 2, 2017 at: [ Link ]

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Haya Fatima Iqbal is an independent filmmaker who co-produced an HBO documentary film A Girl in the River, following the life of an honor killing attempt survivor in the heart of Punjab. The film won the 2016 Academy Award in the Short Documentary category. Her work has been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, TV Russia, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Dawn,...
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#FulbrightStories: ‘Smoker’s memories could help them quit’, finds a new study conducted by #Fulbright Alumni, Ali Hussain at Michigan State University(MSU). Ali is currently a PhD candidate in the College of Communication, Arts and Sciences at MSU. He specializes in public health communication specifically about smoking, depression, and mother & child health issues. Ali also explores the use...
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#CCIPStories: As part of the Community College Initiative Program, Adnan Ullah, is studying for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificate at Northampton Community College.

"When I compare United States' emergency services to my country, it's like different," says Adnan. "I will implement these equipment and these procedures back into my country." Read more about his journey here:
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'Really lucky': Pakistani in the Lehigh Valley trains to be an EMT
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#UGRADStories: Amara Ashraf and Ayesha Nawaz, studying at West Liberty University, are interested in learning first-hand about different religions in their host community. After committing about 10 hours of community service at the West Liberty Non-Denomination Church, they attended some church services to better understand the people that they are serving. Over the course of the semester,...
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Want to be prepared well in advance of the application deadline? Make sure you have a complete application package in place. This includes an application form, three reference letters, GRE score report and scanned transcripts with an explanation of the grading scale of the university issuing the degree. Application deadline is May 17, 2017.
The photo is of Dr. Bushra Yasmin from Pakistan, currently a #Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, during a visiting lecture at Texas State University.

Dr. Yasmin spoke with students in the McCoy School Business and at a community event at the San Marcos Public Library about "Religion, Culture, and #Women's Education in Pakistan".

The participants were very receptive and...
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United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan Executive Director Ms. Rita Akhtar along with eight international #Fulbright Commission heads traveled to the Capitol Hill for Fulbright Association's Advocacy Day. Fulbright Association has organized 58 meetings with staff and members of Congress from 29 states, representing 27 Republicans and 31 Democrats. #StandForFulbright
#FulbrightStories: Dr. Gulnaz Anjum exemplifies academic accolades in psychology! She is a Fulbright alumna with a Master’s Degree in Psychology from The New School, New York. Before her Fulbright journey, Dr. Anjum received an MPhil in this particular field from Quaid-i-Azam University. After returning, Dr. Anjum would go on to complete a doctorate in Psychology from Friedrich Schiller...
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Pakistani Fulbright fellows studying in the United States are making headlines. #USEFP Executive Director Ms. Rita Akhtar and three of our fellows were recently featured in a special report made by PTV News

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The Fulbright Program Exchange Programs - U.S. Department of State Georgia Tech U.S. Embassy Pakistan U.S. Consulate General Karachi U.S....
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#UGRADStories: “The American economy leads the world, and I want to learn how it works and how to be a risk taker like the successful business leaders here. In developing countries, there are those who discourage people from doing new things, but that is not the case here,” says Bilal, a Global Undergraduate Exchange student at the University of Houston-Victoria, through semester-long study in...
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UHV NewsWire - UHV welcomes Pakistani exchange student as part of federal program
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As part of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan, Rehan Karim from Habib University in Pakistan joined Keene State College for a semester. During the International Student Orientation, Rehan had the opportunity to discuss “recipe for successful leadership” with University President, Ms. Anne E. Huot. Rehan presented Ms. Huot with the Habib University Golden Pin for...
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