In Libya, traditional religious leaders could play a constructive role in mediation, reconciliation, and the democratic transition.

Libya’s Religious Sector and Peacebuilding Efforts
Our conversation with students and youth leaders at the Universidad de Cartagena in Colombia is now live:

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Long excluded from decision-making on war and peace, women increasingly are participating in negotiations to resolve violent conflict at the national, international and local level. Join the U.S. Institute of Peace on Friday, March 31, to discuss recent research, practice and policy on gender and mediation.

For nearly two decades, the United Nations Security Council and other international...
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Powering Mediation with Gender in Mind

Important story: the divisions that fueled the rise of ISIS in Iraq still exist and need to be addressed.

After ISIS: For Iraqis, reconciliation in Mosul will be challenging, and vital
It is the first rule of politics that governments must deliver, and after one year in power, Aung San Suu Kyi's party may need make a course correction to do so, writes Ambassador Derek Mitchell.

Derek Mitchell: Myanmar's government -- time for course correction?
With the world confronting four concurrent famines -- Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, and South Sudan, all of them exacerbated by conflict -- the global humanitarian system is under enormous stress. Our President Nancy Lindborg testifies on the issue this morning before the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Watch live:

Flashing Red: The State of Global Humanitarian Affairs
Leading up to tomorrow's conference of the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, we spoke with Prime Minister Abadi about Iraq's counter-ISIS strategy. "Working together, I think we can be successful," he said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Says Trump Offers Support
In honor of Women's History Month, join the U.S. Institute of Peace and the Atlantic Council on Thursday, March 23 at 1pm ET for a screening of “Women of Maidan,” a documentary that tells the stories of women who served as pillars of Ukraine's 2014 revolution. RSVP at [ Link ].


NOW LIVE: USIP Chairman Stephen Hadley and Madeleine K. Albright testify before the House Armed Services Committee Republicans on America's role in the world.

20170321 America's Role in the World (ID: 105707)

Full Committee Hearing: “America’s Role in the World” Tuesday, March 21, 2017 (10:00 AM – 2118 Rayburn – Open) Witnesses: Mr. Stephen Hadley Former National ...

Read the Washington Post's analysis of Iraqi-US relations following our meeting with Prime Minister Abadi yesterday.

“Abadi offered a message of hope for his nation, arguing that things were looking up and that the country's fledgling democracy was successfully moving forward."

Analysis | Trump inherits the Iraq War. But what will he do?
After meeting with President Trump, Iraq's Prime Minister spoke at USIP, discussing the fight against ISIS, US-Iraq relations, and more.

Iraqi Prime Minister Says Trump Offers Support
Tunisia gained its independence 61 years ago today. The country remains a critical partner of the US in countering terrorism, the foreign minister said at USIP.

Aid Remains Key to a Counter-ISIS Plan, Tunisia Says
Join us in one hour (5pm ET) via live webcast as we welcome Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to USIP for a discussion on Iraq and its future. #AbadiUSIP

Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi on U.S. Ties, War With ISIS
A new editorial in The Christian Science Monitor says that Libya's religious leaders could play a pivotal role in resolving the country's conflicts. Read our new report on the issue: [ Link ]

In conflicts, faith leaders must often stay above
What does society's perception of manhood contribute to gender equality and lasting peace? Provider, guardian, hero – cultural changes have been loosening these narrow roles for men, right? Maybe not as much as we think. New research on attitudes in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico finds most men still feeling pushed to live in the ‘Man Box,’ a rigid construct of cultural ideas...
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Stuck in the 'Man Box': Young Men, Identity & Why It Matters

This Friday at 3pm ET we'll be speaking via webcast with conflict resolution students and young civil society leaders from Universidad de Cartagena. We would like to invite anyone interested in the Colombia peace process to participate in this live webcast event with some of the country's brightest young minds working on peace.

Building Colombia’s New Peace: What Youth Can Do
Join us, Promundo-US, and AXE on March 30 for the last event of #USIPGender's March series for Women's History Month: the report launch of "Stuck in the Man Box," a closer look at gender identity and masculinity.

Join Promundo's launch event, "Stuck in the ‘Man Box’: Young Men, Identity and Why It Matters" – Promundo
After Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi meets with President Donald J. Trump this evening, he'll take your questions at USIP. Share your questions for Prime Minister Abadi in the comments, and make sure to watch our discussion live at 5pm ET tonight: [ Link ].

Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi on U.S. Ties, War with ISIS

Tomorrow evening we host Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi as he visits Washington DC. We hope to discuss how Iraq plans to move forward after the battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS. RSVP to attend:

Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi on U.S. Ties, War With ISIS