There are 94 days until graduation! MIDN 1/C Stephen Phillips shares one of the most important ideas he has learned to believe in while here at USNA. #4YearsByTheSevern. #CountdownToGraduation
There are 95 days until graduation! MIDN 1/C Zach Barthelmes shares his favorite memory from #4YearsByTheSevern. #CountdownToGraduation
There are 96 days until graduation, and one of MIDN 1/C Trenton Tibbets' favorite memories comes from Plebe year. #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
There are 97 days until graduation, and MIDN 1/C Dean Williams shares what he is most excited about after commissioning. #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
Army-Navy basketball doubleheader starts NOW. #GoNavy #BeatArmy!
The Brigade Boxing Semifinals are TONIGHT. Only one more week to the final championships. We're hyped. How 'bout you? #BrigadeBoxing17 National Collegiate Boxing Association - NCBA [ Link ]

2017 Brigade Boxing PROMO

There are 98 days until graduation. MIDN 1/C James Camaliche shares his favorite USNA memory. #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
8 days until Brigade Boxing Finals! MIDN 1/C Evan Stargel (185-lb division) didn't exactly like boxing when he first started doing it during Plebe Summer: "That made me want to persevere and get better. I started boxing to help me further develop my warrior mindset. While there's no getting around how it feels when you get punched in the face, I can definitely say I'm a more resilient person...
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There are 99 days until graduation, and MIDN 1/C Alec Richardson and Aiden Lang have a few words. #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
Last night was "100s Night," when the firsties dress up as plebes and allow their company mates to harangue them (good naturedly, of course) like it's 2013 in celebration of only 100 days left until graduation. #countdowntograduation #usna17
Today marks 100 days until the Class of 2017 graduates and receives their commissions as Navy ensigns and Marine Corps second lieutenants! We'll be counting the days with a series of videos from the mids themselves, starting with Brigade Commander Isabel Krause. (You can read more about Isabel on the Trident blog at [ Link ] #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
The Midshipman Action Group visited the Atria Assisted Living Community in Annapolis this week to attend their annual Valentine's Dance. #community #Annapolis #ValentinesDay
10 days to Brigade Boxing Finals! #BrigadeBoxing17 #collegiateboxing #ncba National Collegiate Boxing Association - NCBA
Brigade Boxing Finals are in less than two weeks! "I hope to inspire others to battle anything with perseverance, determination, and heart," says MIDN 3/C John Makiling, competing in the 165-lb division. Read more on the Trident blog: [ Link ] #BrigadeBoxing17 #collegiateboxing #ncba National Collegiate Boxing Association - NCBA
It was PRT weekend for the mids! The physical readiness test occurs twice per year for all military personnel, to assess their adherence to physical fitness standards. #moralmentalphysical
A big thank you from USNA Superintendent VADM Ted Carter to our sponsor families. "We are incredibly lucky to have a community which is so invested in the success of our midshipmen that you open up your homes and your lives to support the brigade. You are undoubtedly an integral part of the Naval Academy's mission, and we cannot thank you enough." #SponsorAppreciationWeek #community #Annapolis...
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Vice Adm. Ted Carter: Mids' sponsor families make Annapolis a great place to call home