There are 61 days left to graduation! MIDN 1/C Roberto Swersky is looking forward to returning to the Marine Corps, this time as a commissioned officer.
Midshipman 1st Class Thomas Giornelli attended the International Cadets Conference March 2-6 at the National Defense Academy (NDA) of Japan. Read more:

Mid Attends International Cadets Conference
With 62 days to go in the #CountdownToGraduation, MIDN 4/C Gabriella Shyne is excited both to see her brother (MIDN 1/C Nico Shyne) graduate and also end her Plebe Year with the traditional Herndon climb.
The Women's Glee Club is performing their spring concert tonight in the Main Chapel at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available online or at the door. [ Link ]
As part of the 3rd Annual Joint Service Academy Cyber Summit - hosted this year in Annapolis - the superintendents of the U.S. Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and Military Academy discuss "Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors."
63 days to graduation! MIDN 1/C Ryan Harris shares who he'll remember most from his #4YearsByTheSevern. #CountdownToGraduation
64 days to go until graduation! Roommates are the best. #amirite #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
With the first practice parade of the semester yesterday, it's seeming more and more like spring around here.
Congratulations to our Sailors of the Quarter for 1st Quarter 2017! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

- Sailor of the Quarter: ETV1 Gerald Joyce (Waterfront Readiness)
- Junior Sailor of the Quarter: FT2 Bryan Cooper (Eng & Weps)
- Blue Jacket of the Quarter: SN Kinaysha Magagin (Waterfront Readiness)
65 days left until graduation for the Class of 2017. MIDN 1/C Colby Ko shares a fond memory from Dive School. #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
A new educational partnership agreement between the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) and the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) will facilitate educational, research and problem-based learning opportunities for students. Read more ...

Educational partnership | UDaily
Midshipmen from the Midshipman Action Group spent Spring Break working with kids at a Boys and Girls Club in a rural area of Washington State, where USNA grad ADM Troy McClelland (USNA '90) also volunteers. (Photos by MIDN 2/C Mac Glassford)
There are 66 days until graduation. When you're the lightweight crew captain, what's your favorite memory from your #4YearsByTheSevern? #CountdownToGraduation
67 days until the Class of 2017 graduates! MIDN 1/C Anlon McGuigan will be sharing that special moment. #CountdownToGraduation #4YearsByTheSevern
MIDN 1/C Shaq Keels writes about his involvement with the It's On Us campaign to end sexual assault. [ Link ]

Issue 5 | First Quarter | 2017
With only 68 days left to graduation, MIDN 1/C Jarred Reid-Dixon shares his favorite memory from his #4YearsByTheSevern. #CountdownToGraduation
Members of the USNA SCUBA Club look like they're having a good time in Key Largo. #SpringBreak
69 days left in the #CountdownToGraduation, and someone is actually going to miss Plebe Summer ... well, not his OWN Plebe Summer. #4YearsByTheSevern
The women's hockey team is taking on their first national championship this week in Columbus, Ohio. They won their first game and will play the #1 team in their pool tonight to determine if they move on to the divisional semifinals tomorrow. Knock 'em dead, ladies!