Glen Mills from ABC4 Utah - Good4Utah looks forward to the day when those with communications degrees can do their own taxes. I told him about the time I asked a scholar who has earned a PhD studying the U.S. Tax Code if he would ever consider doing his own taxes, and he said he would not do it. In addition to tax reform, we discussed the latest developments with healthcare reform efforts and...
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Gary Clark
Roy Webb
Bill Taylor
I haven't seen Hamilton yet, but I think if I asked the students of Union High School in Roosevelt to get on stage and perform the entire thing, they could have done it on the spot. Although I didn't get a full performance, we did have a good discussion about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and how our government works. They also asked some great questions about term limits, social...
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Brandon Dupuis
Ray Novak
Scott Hester-Johnson
Judge Gorsuch is one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees in our nation’s history. It was a privilege to argue in front of him when he was on the 10th circuit and it was an honor to vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court. I am confident he will be a great successor to Justice Scalia.
Judge Gorsuch is one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees in
Adam Seymour Kunz
Linda Stout Nelson
Ryan Hall
Anytime we send our young men and women into harm's way, I think the president owes it to the American people to come to Congress and present a plan. The Constitution says in order to declare war, you have to go to Congress. We want to hear what the president's plan is and have the ability to debate it.
Robert Bush
Matt Hall
Diane Zapka Christensen
The Joint Economic Committee held a hearing on the economic challenges that many communities in our country are facing. While taxes and regulation can certainly hurt prospects for growth, sometimes the economic problems in our cities and towns are symptoms of deeper problems in the lives of our families and communities. I asked the witnesses about the connections between the local economic...
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Dustin Kopta
Rodney Wolfe
Mildred Smith
There were 17 days devoted to the American Health Care Act prior to the time that it was pulled. Since it was pulled from the floor of the House, discussions have been ongoing. Republicans in the House and Senate have been meeting regularly to come to terms that are acceptable to both chambers and acceptable to the White House. I think we can get there.
Dave Houser
Lauralle Woolaver van Karsen
Charles Goodwin
I'm fully supportive of Chairman Pai’s desire to refocus the FCC towards economics, cost-benefit analysis, and the use of data when making decisions that impact the future of technology and telecommunications. For too long, the Commission has failed to consider these important pieces of information. Unfortunately, this has led to ill-informed decision-making and a lack of long-term vision for...
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Mike Coronella
Erin Groscost
Miriah Sorenson Elliott
According the precedent set by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, there is nothing left to nuke in the executive calendar, which is the schedule for Senate business dealing with nominations made by the president to the executive and judicial branches.
Mary Jane Unander Stewart
Esper Hickman
Ken Knabb
I wonder how a judge that many are decrying as so wildly out of the mainstream that he can't become confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States could have seen 2,700 cases in his time on the 10th District Court and have ruled in unanimity with his colleagues 97% of the time. In 99% of the cases he was in the majority. That is not the background of a judge who is not in the mainstream.
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Doug Hafner
Sharon Conyers
Beth Lingenfelter
There's an old saying in the court room: When the law is against you, you pound the facts. When the facts are against you, you pound the law. If the law and the facts are against you, you pound the table. We heard a fair amount of pounding today. The fact is Judge Gorsuch is qualified. This is a judge who has one objective and one objective alone, which is to achieve correct outcomes under the...
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George Perry Jr.
William Lowe
Beth Hodges
"Clearly, when President Trump says that he has the authority to raise tariffs on China, renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA, or retaliate against foreign governments that violate our trade agreements, he’s standing on solid legal ground.

"In fact, there are so many possible statutory authorities from which the president can choose — some of which stretch back 100 years — it’s not even clear...
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Clearly when President Trump says that he has the authority to raise

Re-opening the Trade Debate
Donald Fink
John Guggenheim
Ron Harris
Although it is still uncertain by what process in the Senate Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed to the Supreme Court, I am confident he will be confirmed. My confidence is informed by the fact that Senate Democrats nuked the executive calendar in November of 2013. As they did that, they purported to carve out this exception for Supreme Court nominees, but all of the rationale they used at the...
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Jake Pruett
Mary Beth
Dennis Edmonds
The most solemn and serious act that the United States government can undertake is the decision to send Americans to war, and with that form alliances that could lead to war. Expanding the list of European countries that our men and women in uniform are obligated to defend in NATO is not in the national security interests of the United States at this time and does nothing to address the...
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Mike Coronella
Nick Bernard
Paul Kirincic
“Six of our nation's ten wealthiest counties are now suburbs of Washington, D.C. This notwithstanding the fact that it’s not a banking hub, not an area that manufactures anything, it’s not a technological innovation hub, not the home of any vast store of natural resources. No, the money is here because the power is here. Concentrated in the hands of just a few elites. So in that respect, it...
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Lionel Jefferson Griffith
Lanny Ellison
Jayne Cabeen Kravis
“Let’s do what we said we were going to do and repeal #Obamacare." #FullRepeal
Jim Sandy Staight
Mike Coronella
Grant MacLean
A rich man’s playground should never come at the expense of a working man’s home:
A rich man’s playground should never come at the expense of a working man’s home:

New ad campaign takes aim at rescinding Bears Ears National Monument |
Ashley Michelle
Julie Joyce
Jaimee Christensen
Cheryl Schlosser
Mary Jane Unander Stewart
Iris Trowbridge Nicholas
Even though he likes disco music more than he should, my brother, Thomas Lee, has some pretty good ideas on how we can bring greater rigor and transparency to textualism. If you're watching Judge Gorsuch's hearings and enjoying them as much as I am, it is because you are watching one of the country's preeminent textualists explain his approach to interpreting law. If you are a law geek, or if...
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Judging Ordinary Meaning by Thomas R. Lee, Stephen C. Mouritsen :: SSRN
Jason Graham
Nick Bernard
Rachel Borup
Mike Coronella
Cindy Sargent
Tom King
The attacks against Judge Gorsuch are unfounded. I think they will be disproven by the hearings this week, and they will be disproven by his excellent record of jurisprudence.
Kelly Johnson
Jeanene Ogburn
Debbie Carlson