"For the sake of American consumers and innovators—not for entrenched business interests—I hope to work with partners in the House, Senate, and FCC to promote competition in the technology sector, including among Internet Service Providers. If that means underperforming companies have to work a little harder for their customers, all the better. Because the end result of lively competition is...
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Robert Hathaway
Jaimee Christensen
Kris Olsen
A little more than a year ago, I launched the Article I Project today, I want to update you on our progress.
Tamara Hawkes
Madelyn Sant
Dave Taub
I would like to thank my 25 Senate colleagues who signed this letter of support for the president's national monument review.

We urge the president to keep all remedies on the table as he considers how to correct past abuses of the Antiquities Act and work with Congress to ensure a more measured approach is taken and required in the future.

Senator Sign Letter Commending President Trump for National Monument Review

Mike Coronella
Diana Steward
Steve Scearce
I'm live, talking to my constituents online, on the phone, and on social media. Join the conversation and watch the live stream here: [ Vekeo.com Link ]
United States Senator Mike Lee
Judith Laird
Joy Gonzalez
More good stuff on the Social Capital Project I am launching this week:

"Last year’s elections showed, he said, how dissatisfied many Americans are with our national life. He suggests that the decline of associational life has contributed to that dissatisfaction. 'This is an effort to have a bigger picture of what’s happening to our culture, our economy, and where we go from here.' Another...
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More good stuff on the Social Capital Project I am launching this week:

The Social Fabric Frays. The Patches Aren't Obvious.

Tyler Riggs
Emilie Lewis
Jake Pruett
I am holding a live town hall meeting on Wednesday, May 17 at 5:00 p.m. MT. You can participate by phone or online. Text SenMikeLee to 828282 or Click here to sign up to be part of this event: [ Vekeo.com Link ]
I am holding a live town hall meeting on Wednesday May 17
Roy Webb
Peter Vars
James Rohling
Here's an interesting perspective regarding #BearsEars. You can add your voice to the National Monument review here: [ Regulations.gov Link ]
Heres an interesting perspective regarding BearsEars You can add your voice to

Multiple use in Bears Ears will provide better wilderness experience than restrictive monument

Steve Scearce
Mike Coronella
John Oderda
"While much is going well in America on a comparative and historical basis, these middle layers of society are suffering.

"For example, between 1960 and 2015, the proportion of children under 18 living with only one or neither parent increased dramatically, from 12% to 31%. And in 2015, over a third of parents—and half of fathers—said they spent too little time with their children.

"In the...
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While much is going well in America on a comparative and historical

What We Do Together

Cynthia Proctor
Matilda Mae
Peter Vars
It's an honor to welcome Utah Honor Flight WWII veterans to Washington DC. My staff enjoyed meeting with the many heroes who came to visit the WWII Memorial.
Cyd Harrison Bonner
Doreen Bianchi Kulikowski
Peter Vars
Instead of a special prosecutor, President Donald J. Trump should nominate Merrick Garland to replace James Comey.
Chris Hendricks
Bill McIntyre
Nonie Weiser Pherson
It was an honor to meet with Secretary Ryan Zinke about public lands issues earlier this week. I have also heard so many great things about the rest of Sec. Zinke’s trip through southern Utah. I’ve heard from many Utahns, all the commissioners from San Juan, Kane and Garfield counties, and also the Stewards of San Juan. Sec. Zinke has heard these Utahns explain how Obama’s monument is hurting...
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Roy Webb
Melanie Stone
Lisa Rao
"No regulator is ever going to be perfect. But if they are going to be gatekeepers for a sector of the economy as important as higher education they must be transparent and accountable to the American people. Unfortunately our nation’s regional accreditors are neither. They do not share how they make their accrediting decisions with anyone and their board members do not face accountability at...
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No regulator is ever going to be perfect But if they are

Mike Lee: Bringing higher education regulation into the 21st Century

Scott Hester-Johnson
Edwin Ivanauskas
Craig Buschmann
Many thanks to Secretary Ryan Zinke for meeting with the people of San Juan County. I'm grateful that he took the time to meet with me and other elected officials during his visit, but these are the people he needed to hear from the most. Of all the treasured resources, beautiful canyons, and vistas one can find in this corner of Utah, the most valuable resource in San Juan County is its...
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Many thanks to Secretary Ryan Zinke for meeting with the people of
Keshia LYellow
Jennifer Hunt Conway
Greg Acton
The hardworking Utahns in Utah's agricultural industry support President Trump's decision to review national monuments.
The hardworking Utahns in Utahs agricultural industry support President Trumps decision to

Utah national monuments ‘adversely impact’ ranching, multiple use, economic development

Dan Walker
Tracy Balch
Tracy Medley
Eugene Perry
Mike L Frandsen
Jeremy Noring
Dennis Read Hanks
Peter Vars
Flini Flower
Did you know the Aneth Chapter of the Navajo Nation has passed a resolution asking President Trump to rescind #BearsEars National Monument? [ Wordpress.com Link ]
Did you know the Aneth Chapter of the Navajo Nation has passed
Mallory Nielson Bilbao
Chris Taylor
Jimmy Johna Lehew
Despite what is often conveyed in the mainstream media, many Native Americans in Utah oppose the Bears Ears National Monument.

"Native Americans are fully aware of our living history and ties to the lands we’ve managed for eons. Our culture will not be hijacked and will not be made to believe that a national monument is the only way we can ever preserve our cultural heritage. As a fellow...
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Despite what is often conveyed in the mainstream media many Native Americans

Op-ed: A realistic view of Bears Ears National Monument

James Milligan
Tony Sisler
Amy Brunvand
I would like to welcome Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to the great state of Utah. As he is the one making the ultimate decisions on how 2/3s of the land in our state is managed, I am grateful he is here to hear from Utahns. I hope as a result of his visit that we can find ways to better align the priorities of Utahns with the priorities of the federal government.
I would like to welcome Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to the great
Ed Blackham
Barbara Lopez-Lucio
Robert Luzzi
Commissioner Mark Whitney from Beaver County is a strong advocate for rural westerners. I appreciated his testimony before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. I questioned him on the shortcomings of the PILT program, and he confirmed what those of us in the West already know: PILT is hardly a viable solution for providing western communities with excessive federal lands with...
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Linda Winter
Mike Bender
Melissa Walker