"Because today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one party to another - but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. And giving it back to you, the American People." #Inauguration2017
Senator Rand Paul and I wrote this letter to President-Elect Trump in hopes that he will seek to rebalance the relationship between Congress and the Presidency on issues of national security and foreign policy.

While members of Congress have disagreements on many domestic and foreign policies, we all agree that the most fundamental duty of the federal government is to protect the safety,...
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Sens. Lee, Paul Call on Pres.-Elect Trump to Increase Congressional Involvement in National Security, Foreign Affairs

Today I asked Interior Secretary nominee, Congressman Ryan Zinke, if he would come to Utah and hear from those who will be affected by President Obama's decision to designate 1.35 million acres as the Bears Ears National Monument. He committed to come and hear from the people of Utah - and San Juan County in particular - so that he can have the first-hand knowledge he needs to advise President...
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Last night I joined 50 other senators to pass a bill that will begin the process to repeal #Obamacare. For years I have been hearing from Utahns, like those featured in this speech, who have been hurt by this law. Now relief is on the way.

After we repeal Obamacare we still will have much work to do by unbundling health care from health insurance so that doctors, nurses, patients, and...
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I had a productive conversation with Commerce Secretary-nominee Wilbur Ross touching many different topics, ranging from infrastructure and trade to the Census Bureau. I look forward to his confirmation hearing and, if he is confirmed, working with Mr. Ross to slash the mountain of federal red tape and inefficiencies that inhibit private innovation and wage growth.

I also had a great talk...
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Senator Jeff Sessions is undeniably qualified to be the Attorney General. While I may disagree with Sen. Sessions on some policy issues, that does not change his qualifications for this position. As I observe and participate in Sen. Sessions’ confirmation hearing today I will be looking for signs that he will be an impartial advocate of the law. Based on my professional and personal...
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From the letter I signed with Senator Ben Sasse: "Our founders believed that government power is limited and exists to protect the rights of the people. By contrast, the CFPB’s structure is based on the idea that government is unlimited and rights are dependent on the special dispensation of the experts who know better than the American people. President Trump has the power to protect the...
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Ben Sasse and Mike Lee to Trump: Fire Cordray

The people of San Juan County understand that the #BearsEars National Monument will be devastating to their community. They’ve seen their worst nightmares become reality in other Utah counties as a result of a presidential national-monument designation. That’s why on December 29, the day after President Obama announced the Bears Ears monument, a crowd of several hundred Utahns assembled to...
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Voters shouldn't buy politicians' argument that their states would lose money, power and influence without representatives who have seniority and authority. Without term limits we're attaching a very high price tag to our most fundamental of rights - our right to vote.

Lee says term limits would fix Washington

I can't not share an article that pitches the REINS Act, the Separation of Powers Restoration Act, and the need for Congress to play a bigger role in authorizing military force. Let's get to work and make this happen.

The 115th Congress Should Get to Work Restraining the Powers of the Presidency

The American people have given Republicans an historic opportunity to repeal #Obamacare. They have delivered majorities to both chambers of Congress and elected a Republican President who has promised to make this a priority from day one.

Read the letter I signed with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio supporting the Senate's effort to pass a bill repealing Obamacare within the first...
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Sens. Lee, Rubio, and Cruz Send Letter Supporting Obamacare Repeal Resolution

I had the pleasure of meeting with General James Mattis this morning to discuss his nomination as Secretary of Defense. His stellar record as a Marine speaks for itself but I was particularly impressed with his intellect and strong commitment to safeguarding our nation’s vital interests and supporting service-members and their families.
Great analysis and insight from Todd Gaziano, executive director of the Pacific Legal Foundation's center in Washington, D.C. and John Yoo, visiting scholar to the American Enterprise Institute:

"Mr. Obama has repeatedly abused his authority under the Antiquities Act to declare vast new national monuments, including on the high seas. This week’s monument designations have been strongly...
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Trump Can Reverse Obama’s Last-Minute Land Grab

Senator Lisa Murkowski chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. I couldn't agree with her more:

"This summer, our committee held a field hearing in Utah to examine this issue, and well over 1,000 local farmers, ranchers, and tribal members showed up to voice their opposition to the creation of the #BearsEars National Monument. As has been the case with his repeatedly harmful...
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Murkowski Reacts to Monument Designations in Two Western States | U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

While thousands of miles away from Utah, President Obama created the Bears Ears National Monument today. In trying to explain what he was doing, he used a picture of what appears to be Arches National Park. If he doesn't know the difference between Bears Ears and Arches, what business does he have designating a 1.4 million acre monument in our state?
I hope President Obama will listen to the Native Americans of San Juan County that do not want a Bears Ears National Monument. Please listen to this clip of Commissioner Rebecca M. Benally explaining why her people do not want this monument.
Utah's elected officials stand together to demonstrate a strong, unified front in opposition to a potential declaration of the Bears Ears National Monument
Utah's elected officials stand together to demonstrate a strong, unified front in opposition to a potential declaration of the Bears Ears National Monument