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My brother, Tom, and Justice Scalia share a lot in common, so I am not surprised by the findings of this study. However, it doesn't look like the study made any effort to measure a potential Scalia replacement's obsession with disco. On a scale of 1-10, Tom's love for disco is an 11. I don't know whether this should help or or hurt his chances, but the public deserves to know this.

Which of Trump's Supreme Court picks are most 'Scalia-like'?

I am honored to be part of the #googlejusticesummit today with Cory Booker. I was asked if I see a path forward for criminal justice reform in the upcoming administration and Congress. Reform of our criminal justice system should still be possible in some shape or form, because we have a moral necessity to reform this system. I will continue to work to get the reforms I have been working on...
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On Thursday, December 1st I’ll join a bipartisan group of senators and governors at the Google Summit on Justice Reform to discuss successful justice reforms passed in the states and the need for reforms at the federal level. Watch the live stream here at 10am EST:

Google Summit on Justice Reform

While congressional Republicans tend to identify as conservatives, President-elect Donald Trump is a populist. Many observers, including some Republicans, see this as an un-squareable circle. Does this need to be the case? What role do you think conservatism will/should play in the Trump administration?

Conservatives Should Embrace Principled Populism

Congratulations to James and Cassie. I'm thankful for my growing family. And I feel so fortunate to live in this blessed nation and serve the people of Utah. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.
A social safety net that discourages work, discourages marriage, and undermines the family isn't a safety net. It's a poverty trap.

Conservative Lawmakers Say Welfare System Is ‘Anti-Family’

I am looking forward to a strong conservative policy agenda coming from the House with Representative Mark Walker as head of RSC. If you haven't followed him yet on Facebook, you should. He has been a valuable ally in the Article I Project.

Walker beats Harris for Republican Study Committee chair

I discussed Federalist 62 with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen today. Dodd Frank gave the Federal Reserve regulatory powers that were too broad. Congress needs to act to write laws that protect due process and create legal certainty for those with a stake in the success of our financial industry.
There is a lot to digest after this election, but I am encouraged that I keep seeing statements like this in left-leaning publications:

"Some libertarian-minded Republicans may continue their crusade to curtail the executive’s powers, even under Trump, and for more pragmatic reasons so will many Democrats. Congress would be wise to regain its proper place as the first branch of government, at...
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A Few Thoughts on the Unthinkable - The New Yorker

I collected these photos and stories two years ago to create a display for my office to honor Utah's veterans. There are a lot of new followers on my page that might not have seen this, so if you are looking for an uplifting way to spend a few minutes reflecting on the sacrifices made by great men and women who have served our country, I invite you to browse through this collection. I am...
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Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this case. The more visibility the case has the more likely it is that people will feel compelled to act. By people, I would include people in North Korea. Sometimes they’ve released foreign nationals they’ve been holding captive - sometimes for years - after stories have come out, when they realize the spotlight is on them.

Did North Korea Kidnap American David Sneddon?

Senator Lee responds to reports that President Obama is considering military strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.
Illegal bailouts: One more way that you are paying for #Obamacare.

Stopping Another Obamacare Bailout

Excellent work by Congressman Stewart! Now the Senate needs to pass the companion bill in the Senate, S. Con. Res. 30.

Rep. Stewart’s Resolution Directing Investigation into Missing BYU Student Passes the House

“The more distant you are as a Navajo and tribal member the more likely you are to support the monument because you view it as an abstraction or concept or theory of tribal sovereignty,” Byron Clarke, a member of a local Navajo chapter, told the Deseret News. “The closer you get to the monument, the more likely you are to view it as land that can and should be used properly.”

Utah’s Native Tribes Want Jobs, Not Federal Paternalism

This week I questioned Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and General Joseph Dunford about why American troops are being threatened and insulted by our supposed friends in Syria, and whether the United States is inadvertently assisting Al-Qaeda in Yemen by supporting the Saudi war against their enemies. The guiding principle for American national security should be protecting the freedoms and...
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Shannon Bream's explanation of the Rule 41 change, which would grant the DOJ new powers to hack Americans' computers and phones, is excellent.
This week I participated in a hearing to examine the unprecedented consolidation in the seed and agrochemical industry involving five of the so-called “Big Six” companies (Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, DuPont, and Syngenta). Each of these deals raises complicated antitrust questions. Taken together, these deals propose to fundamentally reshape the agricultural industry. The purpose of the hearing was...
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“We, the Congressional Delegation of the Great State of Utah, stand in solidarity with local Native Americans, the people of San Juan County and elected officials at the local, county and state levels of Utah government in opposition to the unilateral designation of the proposed Bears Ears national monument. The protection of our nation’s historic, cultural and natural resources is among the...
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I urge my colleagues today to support Senator Rand Paul's resolution of disapproval of the Saudi arms sales.

The first and most fundamental responsibility of the United States government is not to satisfy the requests of our allies. It is to protect the lives and liberties of the American people.

The Saudi government clearly believes that intervening in the civil war in Yemen – and...
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