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God must have felt the same creating us as potters feel when they mould wet earthenware and create remarkable shapes! Tantalize your senses by checking out these awe-inspiring potteries crafted by the students of Foundation Course of Unitedworld Institute of Design. #UID
Artists can easily capture the ephemeral beauty and the ineffable expressions of a person on the blank canvas by creating lifelike sketches. Check out these naturalistic human figures sketched by the students of Foundation Course of Unitedworld Institute of Design. #UID
Aesthetic harmony is achieved when creative brilliance meets exceptional precision. Check out these exquisitely crafted #glass products created by the blooming buds (students) of Lifestyle & Accessory #design department of Unitedworld Institute of Design. #UID #LSA
This specially designed moving sculpture is made up of 1,216 bronze rain droplets that transform elegantly into multiple shapes. Spanning an area of 75 square meters (810 sq. ft.) and a height of 7.3 meters (24 ft.), it has been built as the world's largest kinetic sculpture. #Creative #Design #UID
Check out these brilliant and thought-provoking sketches that are the epitome of excellence, dexterity and soulfulness of the students from Lifestyle & Accessory department of Unitedworld Institute of Design. #UID #LSA
Get high on the lustrous #design of these luxurious shoes delicately crafted by the proficient students of Unitedworld Institute of Design (Lifestyle & Accessory department). #UID #LSA
Watch how famous artist Jon Almeda masterfully creating these delicate and tiny clay products. The procedure of making these tiny masterpieces is complex yet satisfactory to the eyes. These small vases and pots will take more space in your heart than your room.
A good #design is a sign of witty craftsmanship that evokes a youthful exuberance within the soul. Check out these stunning ceramics and handicrafts created by some of the most versatile students from the Lifestyle & Accessory department of Unitedworld Institute of Design and get awe-stricken! #UID #LSA
Check out how intelligently this designer turns an ordinary scarf into a cool looking stylish neck piece! #DIY #DesignIdeas #UID

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#Design is a language, best spoken by creative minds. Check out these beautifully crafted stylish fine jewelleries designed for the modern fashionistas and created by some of the most creative artisans (read students) of Unitedworld School of Design (Lifestyle & Accessory department). #UID #LSA
A design exercise was conducted for the students of Interior Design department to create A PIECE OF FURNITURE which has a MINIMUM of THREE functions. The focus was to achieve maximum functions by using the hardware survey undertaken by the students. Material exploration was according to their design. Eg: wood, aluminium, metal etc.
Netherland launched a #design competition called "A Home Away From Home" this year in which the participants were asked to design spacious yet compact housing for Syrian refugees and disaster victims. See how scarcity of space spurred innovation. #DoMoreWithLess

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The #Lamborghini Ganador Concept is the creation of an industrial #design student Mohammed Hossein Amini Yekta from Milan. Yekta’s work was supposedly inspired by the Bertone's 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero Concept. #ProductDesign
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A uniquely designed cutting board folds into a colander especially for those who hate washing additional dishes! #ProductDesign
What are the ABCs of design? More specifically, what are the elements that every visual #design has in common? Check out! #UID

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This tutorial shows a beautiful #design idea that helps to craft an amazing lamp using paper plates. This awesome handmade lamp will perfectly decorate the modern interior and create a cozy, tranquil atmosphere with the soft light!
The new futuristic concept patented by #Apple shows a flexible #OLED display which can be clipped to users clothes. Do you think Apple #iPhone8 is going to incorporate this unique #design?
Watch Sahil, a student of Unitedworld Institute of Design Ahmedabad, speaks about how the #ProductDesign course at #UID not only focuses on the technological aspects but also on the aesthetic values of a product.
The creative minds of Unitedworld Institute of Design endeavour to bring something unique to the design world.Take a look at some of the most well designed products created by our students of #ProductDesign #StudentPortfolio #UID