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Our favourite mother and son duo are back on the 11th April! #HappyMothersDay #BatesMotel
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The inspiration for #CharacterUncovered star Sue to start Techmums comes from a very special woman, called Steve.
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Today is Philip Winchester's birthday, but we think he's given us the best gift in the form of no-nonsense prosecutor Peter Stone... #ChicagoJusticeUK
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Who else is ready to watch all the #ChicagoJusticeUK drama unfold? βš–
Anna Valdez is ready to do whatever it takes to get the right result... #ChicagoJusticeUK
Fancy the chance to see #ChicagoJusticeUK before anyone else & attend the London version of Molly's with the cast?! Quick then... sign up here for your free ticket *now* ... [ Eventbrite.com Link ]

Chicago Justice launch event at Molly's

You might recognise him from PD, but Antonio Dawson is joining the fight for Justice... #ChicagoJusticeUK
Introducing Megan Smith, who went above and beyond to help #CharacterUncovered star Sue save Bletchley Park.
Intuitive and passionate, Laura Nagel won't stop until she finds the truth... #ChicagoJusticeUK
Meet Mark Jefferies, a man of the law whose respect needs to be earned... #ChicagoJusticeUK
Is tonight at 10pm the drama-filled 400th episode of #SVU directed by Mariska Hargitay? Hell yes.


They're ready to ask the difficult questions... but will they get the answers they want? #ChicagoJusticeUK βš–
We're just as excited as Sylvester Stallone about the launch of #ChicagoJusticeUK this month! #throwbackthursday
Helen Sharman inspired #CharacterUncovered star Sue that if one woman could make it to the stars, we are capable of anything. #internationalwomensday
We cannot wait to see the team serve up some deep dish slices of truth in #ChicagoJusticeUK βš–
Hey Rihanna, we can't wait for you to check in... #BatesMotel returns 11th April.
The fact that #MajorCrimes is back at 9pm is the only #MondayMotivation we need… we need to know if Andy is okay!


From a life on benefits to an OBE. #CharacterUncovered
Ichabod is making is debut on @SyfyUK tonight at 9pm and we're losing our heads we're so excited about it... #SleepyHollow