It's kind of hard to hang on to angst when the sky looks like that though, right? Photo: @mia.jessie on Instagram
Is your wardrobe as ready for Spring Break as you are? Abercrombie & Fitch can help you with a style refresh.
Better break out your flip-flops. You have one week.
It's National Chip and Dip Day! How do you plan to celebrate?
Tomorrow night is Cask Night at Karl Strauss! A new cask is tapped at 5:00 pm every Thursday, and pints are just $5 until it's empty! Find out what's in this week's cask at [ Link ]
Have you checked out the Director's Lounge at the Universal Cinema yet?
Have you ever noticed the Mona Lisa watching over The Crepe Cafe? Photo: @kimmurd on Instagram
It's National Chocolate Caramel Day! Feel free to treat yourself to one of these the other 364 days of the year though too. We won't judge.
Look what we discovered at Wasabi! The Baked Snow Crab Hand Roll is NOT on the menu, but if you ask nicely, maybe they'll let you in on this delicious secret! Tell them we sent you!
We have lots of green drinks to choose from at CityWalk! Where will you begin your St. Paddy's Day evening festivities?
The countdown to the Grand Opening of Margaritaville on CityWalk begins now!
Check out this #clotheshaul from Francesca's Collections! Stay comfortable and festival chic all season long.
With the 26% greater aspect ratio of IMAX, you're sure to see something there that wasn't there before. Buy your tickets for Beauty and the Beast now at [ Link ].
Need plans for St. Paddy's Day? You're in luck! Come to Howl at the Moon's St. Paddy's Day party this Friday!
[ Link ]

St. Patrick's Day Party | Howl at the Moon
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Don't forget to spring forward tonight for Daylight Savings Time! Instead of losing an hour, think of it as being that much closer to your next movie night!
Come by IT'SUGAR tomorrow to meet Rilakkuma! Shop gifts and get some cute giveaways! The event is from 1 pm to 5 pm.
Get ready to be hungry in 3, 2, 1…
JUST IN! Here's your first look at Voodoo Doughnut!

Voodoo Doughnut spellbinds today at Universal CityWalk in LA