"Not your typical scary movie" See why our friends at Mashable Australia are excited about #GetOut.
Not your typical scary movie See why our friends at Mashable Australia

5 spoiler-free reasons Australians should be excited for ‘Get Out’ (Paid Content By Get Out Australia)

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Just because you’re invited, doesn’t mean you’re welcome. Advance Screenings for #GetOut are on sale now: ttp://po.st/R2rm23
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Alright Dwayne The Rock Johnson. You get style points for that one. See #F8 in cinemas now: po.st/F8Showtimes
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Paul Hickling
She has a plan for you... #TheMummy po.st/YfRHja
Jeynelle Frawley
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Let there be FIRE! Witness the explosive #F8 in cinemas now! Get tickets: po.st/F8Showtimes
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Are you ready to meet the family? #GetOut is coming to cinemas May 4: [ Po.st Link ]
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From Academy Award Winner Sofia Coppola, comes the seductive drama THE BEGUILED. Watch the new trailer now, with Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning.
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Don't be afraid. Be prepared. #GetOut arrives in TWO WEEKS.
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We made history. #F8 has broken global records! See it in cinemas now: po.st/F8Showtimes
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Safely hidden for 2000 years. Until now. #TheMummy will be uncovered this June. [ Po.st Link ]
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These cars do not belong in museums. #F8 in cinemas tomorrow! Tickets: po.st/F8Showtimes
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Public holiday pitches! #PitchPerfect3.
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Turn around and run for your life. See #GetOut in a cinema near you this May. Check out the trailer: [ Po.st Link ]
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An ancient power has returned. #TheMummy comes to Aussie cinemas June 8. [ Po.st Link ]
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They finally got themselves a tank. #F8 is in cinemas NOW! Tickets: po.st/F8Showtimes
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It’s time to find out the truth. See The Fate of the Furious in cinemas now! #F8 po.st/F8Showtimes
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In a city full of spies, trust no-one. Charlize Theron is unstoppable in the new trailer for #AtomicBlonde - in cinemas August 3.
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Catch up on all the action from the #F8Premiere in Sydney! #F8 lands in cinemas TOMORROW! Tickets: po.st/F8Showtimes
Catch up on all the action from the F8Premiere in Sydney F8
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She's Dame Fast! #F8 hits TOMORROW! Tickets: po.st/F8Showtimes
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