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President of University College Dublin, Professor Andrew Deeks expresses our deep sadness on the passing of UCD Emeritus Prof Ronan Fanning
Brilliant. Sam Blanckensee and Colin Keogh recognised by Forbes #ForbesU30Europe

Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe features two UCD students

Theya Healthcare's great work continues as they begin supplying NHS Choices in the UK

UCD spin-in to provide specialist post-surgery female underwear to NHS

The sky at night

Dr. Antonio Martin-Carrillo from UCD School of Physics explains: As Earth rotates around its own axis, the stars seem to rise on the East and set on the West. Earth's rotation axis is almost allignes with Polaris, also known as the North Star as it points to the north. Thus, if we look at Polaris, stars would seem to rotate around it.

To catch the movement of the stars one...
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???? It's commonly believed that all bats use sonar to navigate. New research shows why some evolved without it

All bats once had the ability to echolocate

In defence of (certain) carbs. Foods rich in "resistant starch" may improve health and keep you full

This Kind of Food Is Both Filling and Insanely Good for You

Over 10k people have died in the conflict. The majority of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance. There are reports of looming famine as the conflict destroys food production in the country.

How did #Yemen get here – and what are the prospects for turning things around?

Yemen a calamity at the end of the Arabian peninsula

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: New digital edition of James Joyce's great UCD novel has just been released [ Bit.ly Link ]
Happy Christmas
Enjoy the Christmas break everybody, it's a well deserved one
When it comes to filling out your CAO form, choose a university that takes you to the next level. Explore your options at:
☀????#WinterSolstice sun over The Egg
The lottery of birth awards citizens of Western liberal democracies prosperous life prospects virtually unknown to would-be migrants in poorer parts of the world.

Do we all have a right to cross borders

#1 study buddy
Nearly there. Keep going #ucdexams
A pretty moment on a rainy day ????☔
Spinning black hole swallowing star explains superluminous event 4 billion light-years from Earth.
The star was “spaghettified” and shocks in the colliding debris as well as heat generated in accretion led to a burst of light.
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A towering figure of Irish letters, and one of the great statesmen of Irish writing at home and abroad, John Montague was a graduate of University College Dublin (BA 1949, MA 1953).

John Montague - 28 Feb 1929 - 10 Dec 2016