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#UPeace and #CostaRica are the No. 1 option for students looking to #Studyabroad

5 Atypical Study Abroad Destinations
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#UPeace offers a Master's Degree in #Environment, #Development and #Peace; another in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development and a Dual MA in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development: [ Link ]

Master´s in Environment and Development | University for Peace

Professor Brian Dowd-Uribe, Head of Department of Environment and Development, presents the four Masters Degree offered by the department: - Environment, Dev...

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#UPeace's Summer Peace Institute offers summer courses on current world issues related to peacebuilding and human security. ADMISSIONS NOW OPEN!! [ Link ]

Summer Peace Institute
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"At least three times so far this winter, the Arctic has witnessed the Polar equivalent of a heatwave."

Global heat continues, sea ice hits new record lows
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Today is International Mother Language Day! What languages do you speak?
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This is a fantastic guide for everyone to read and apply to their daily life: [ Link ]

The lazy person's guide to saving the world - United Nations Sustainable Development
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#HumansofUPEACE: Andre Grandpierre is a student of the International Law and Human Rights Masters program at #UPeace. Originally from Canada, he graduated in 2016 from Carleton University in Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights studies with Honors. He is keenly vocal on issues such as: Labour rights, the Rights of Indigenous peoples, Environmental Rights, and Anti-corruption.
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UPaz en Expo Calidad Sinaes

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UPaz en Expo Calidad Sinaes

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Invitados todos a visitar el stand de la #UPaz en Expo Calidad SINAES los días jueves 25 y viernes 26 de mayo de 2017 en el Centro Kolbi de Parque Viva, La Guacima
Our friend and #Upeace alumni Tóti-Aristóteles Pinheiro Libanio sent us this old photo from 1988. In his words: "turma de Maestria em Comunicacíon Para La Paz 1987/1988. Em la foto Rector de la UPAZ (universidad Para La Paz)Tápio Váris e vice Francisco Barahona, lo ex presidente de Costa Rica Rodrigo Carazo e el atual (1987) vice presidente de Costa Rica. Alunos do Brasil (Aristóteles...
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Stories from the UPeace Alumni (This is a sponsored post on PCDN) The impact of the University for Peace (UPEACE) can be measured by the work of our alumni. UPEACE alumni are leading advocates for peace and justice in the fields of human rights, gender, environment, development and international coo...

Do good and do it well! Why you need a Master’s Degree from The University for Peace
#UPeacers spent the weekend getting to know some of the 3,000 migrants currently housed in two camps on #CostaRica's northern border. Thanks to F proyecto CR for providing a warm welcome to all these #humans.
#Upeace wishes you all peace, love and understanding, everyday of your lives...
This course provides a basic introduction to the concept of “Security Sector Reform” (SSR) which is widely recognized as a vital component of building sustainable peace in societies in post-conflict contexts. For more info: [ Link ]
#UPeace is offering a brand new Diploma in Sustainable Development and Human Rights, which can be taken entirely online. More info here: [ Link ]
The objective of this Course is to analyse the mechanisms and trends of transitional justice in the UN post-conflict peacebuilding processes, and to clarify some of their possible impacts on the international legal order. More information here: [ Link ]
When you study @Upeace, you can experience all of this...