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A new treadmill "unweighs" patients to give them a lift in their recovery.
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Potent, plentiful and unpredictable, fentanyl has created an overdose crisis for drug users. Here's what you need to know about the drug.

5 things you need to know about fentanyl right now
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We are now accepting applications for the UAlberta Senate. The deadline is March 1. Apply now!

Senate Application - University of Alberta
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As an Oxford hockey player, prosecutor of Nazis, and president of the NHL, Clarence Campbell lived a life less ordinary.

The Hall of Famer – UAlberta 2017
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Happy Reading Week, UAlberta. Take time this week to check-in with your mental health. Remember, help is always here for you.

Mental Health Check-in
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Historian Daniel Sims provides a reality check on Canada's 150th birthday.

How old is Canada anyway? – UAlberta 2017
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Canada's ice core collection has found a new home at UAlberta.
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Undergrads! The deadline to apply for admission to a new program for Fall Term is March 1. Apply online at

How To Apply - Undergraduate Admissions
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Canada's iconic maple leaf flag was designed by UAlberta alumnus George Stanley.

Celebrating National Flag Day
Show your love to friends both near and far with our shareable greetings! [ Link ]
In all its shades from dark to milk and semi-sweet, chocolate may be our favourite sweetheart.

Why we fall for chocolate on Valentine's Day
A new study shows that easing your romantic partner’s stress can boost their mental health later.

Want to help your partner deal with depression? Try a little tenderness
President Trump's travel ban would impede the flow of ideas and face-to-face contact crucial to academic research.

Trump travel ban grounds more than travel to the U.S.
The descendant of black settlers, alumna Violet King forged her own path as Canada’s first black female lawyer.

The legal pioneer #Canada150
First year and final year students, keep an eye on your inbox. If you complete the survey, you'll be entered in a draw for 1 of 2 iPads and 1 of 25 iTunes cards.
Sangita Sharma leads multiple research projects aiming to improve quality of life in Canada’s Indigenous communities.

Why act now? #Canada150
Danielle Martin, one of Canada’s leading activist family physicians, on ways you can secure better health care.

Why you need to find a doctor, stat... - University of Alberta
Not all kids with autism are gifted in math—and understanding why is vital to helping them thrive later in life.

Study sheds new light on autism and math
Registration is now open for the free, non-credit Indigenous Canada MOOC! Learn more and register today:

Indigenous Canada - University of Alberta
Fitting technology into family life can be challenging, but there are some things parents can do to help their kids thrive in the digital world.

5 tips for raising happy, healthy digital-age kids - University of Alberta