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This weekend we're welcoming One Young World to Bath for a celebration of inspiring future leaders. Find out more and be part of it too - [ Link ]

One Young World Conference comes to Bath | University of Bath
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Interested in our humanities & social sciences courses? Join our undergrad live chat and put questions to our team.

Join our spring 2017 undergraduate live chats
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Spaces still available for tonight's on-campus inaugural lecture 'Big impacts in Rugby Union: tackling safety with science'. Find out more and register to attend - [ Link ]
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An in-house film we produced charting the lives of female farmers in Ghana has just been nominated for a national award. Watch it here and read all about it: [ Link ]

Gender and Fairtrade - The stories of women cocoa farmers in Ghana
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How do you take a picture of a black hole when light can't even escape its gravity?

Scientists are going to try this year, and astrophysicist Prof Carole Mundell explains how they plan to pull it off on Huffington Post UK

Astronomers To Peer Into A Black Hole For The First Time With New Event Horizon Telescope
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Did you know your health could be affected by working in skyscrapers or tall buildings because they move?

We're creating simulators to study the effects of swaying and vibrations on people - which will be able to mimic the temperature, humidity and even the smells of buildings!

[ Link ]
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An 80,000-word PhD would normally take nine hours to present, could you do it in 3 minutes?

One week left for PhD students to register to compete in this years Three Minute Thesis heats!

[ Link ]

[ Link ]
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We had a fantastic day welcoming 1,700 primary school kids to Bath Taps into Science's schools fair today.

Tomorrow it's the Family Science Fair in Royal Victoria Park, Bath from 10am-4pm - come along for experiments, demos, shows and more!
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People with ADHD are well suited to being entrepreneurs, shows research from our School of Management.

People with ADHD can turn symptoms to their advantage as entrepreneurs | University of Bath
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Happy St Patrick's Day from Bath to all our students, staff, alumni and friends ☘
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Where's all the dark matter in early galaxies?

Dr Stijn Wuyts from our astrophysics group writes for The Conversation about a perplexing problem arising after astronomers looked 10 billion years into the past.

Lack of 'dark matter' in early galaxies perplexes astronomers
Photos of the spring bulbs on campus.
Next weekend on campus we're hosting the One Young World Bath Caucus and you can come too. Find out more and register to be part of it [ Link ].

One Young World Bath Caucus
Wearable tech that takes control of your life....for World Consumer Rights Day Dr Tim Hill from our School of Management asks why we're choosing to buy gadgets that makes decisions for us, and even dishes out electric shocks if we fall short.

What does our appetite for wearable tech say about our desire for choice?
Social workers as super-heroes... come and hear TED speaker Professor Anna Scheyett at tonight's 50th Anniversary showcase of our social work courses at Bath, the achievements of our graduates and the future of social care on both sides of the Atlantic [ Link ] / [ Link ]

Social workers as super-heroes | Anna Scheyett | TEDxColumbiaSC

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: Dr. Scheyett describes the ways that social workers serve their communities. Anna ser...

What stops people with anxiety-related conditions from seeking help? We're recruiting volunteers for a new study to improve the support options available to people

Get help for anxiety-related mental health problems
Employees are on the frontline of cyber security thanks to the deluge of phishing scams hitting companies every day. Dr Emma Williams from our School of Management, looks at how companies are responding to the threat.

Phishing scams are becoming ever more sophisticated – and firms are struggling to keep up
Professor Chris Budd (Mathematical Sciences, and Deputy Director of IMI) is celebrating Pi Day by giving a free public lecture on the mathematics of materials at Gresham College today at 1pm. [ Link ]
Our researchers have gained new insights into the Northern Lights, providing the chance to develop better satellite technology that can negate outages caused by this natural phenomenon.

[ Link ]