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Today's #BristolFace is Keri McNamara, a PhD student in the School of Earth Sciences and a member of the Cabot Institute’s Press Gang.

Tell us about your research.

I’m doing a PhD on volcanoes in Ethiopia. These volcanoes haven’t been studied much, even though people live on and around them. I’m looking at volcanic ash deposits left by previous volcanic eruptions to work out how often they...
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We hope all our recent graduates had a brilliant time celebrating on Wednesday and Thursday. Here is a selection of shots from #bristolgrad. Be sure to keep in touch via University of Bristol alumni and friends
University of Bristol
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It's been a wonderful week here as we've celebrated the graduation of over 1,500 students. Among those crossing the stage at #bristolgrad was Little Britain star and former Bristol student Matt Lucas.

Little Britain star Matt Lucas awarded honorary degree
University of Bristol
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Yesterday Don Cameron, the founder of Cameron Balloons - the world's largest hot air balloon manufacturer – was recognised with an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree at #bristolgrad

Today we are pleased to announce that Cameron Balloons are in the process of building our brand new hot air balloon! We’ll be showing pictures of our current balloon and sharing some insights into the world of...
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We think Matt Lucas may have been the first person to high-five a Chancellor while receiving an honorary degree...
Today's graduates were treated to some inspirational words from four-time Ironman world champion Chrissie Wellington, widely regarded as the greatest female endurance athlete on the planet. We recognised her phenomenal achievements with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at #bristolgrad
"Our city is the best place to be a student — or any kind of human, really — in, and we know it." Thanks to #bristolgrad Tom Gellatly for penning his top reasons for Bristol simply being a fantastic city to study in. Tom will be taking over our Instagram account on Friday to share his graduation experience.

13 reasons Bristol is the best city to be a student in | The University Paper
Did you know love was once considered an infectious malady that could be caught through the eyes?

If you're celebrating tonight with a microwave meal-for-one, take solace from the work of English Literature academic, Lesel Dawson, who describes the darker side of love in Renaissance England:

"Hearts were less often exchanged than ripped out and Cupid was often depicted as careless and...
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Happy Valentine's day! University of Bristol alumni and friends asked if you found love while studying here and we had some fantastic stories come in. From literally tying the knot to stolen handbags, here's what you told us...

Finding love at Bristol
We're busily preparing for graduation later this week, when we celebrate the achievements of 1,500 students who have worked incredibly hard to achieve their degree. Do you have any advice for those crossing the stage in the Wills Memorial Building on Wednesday and Thursday? #bristolgrad
Over 300,000 people in Peru were sterilised without consent more than 18 years ago. Our research into what happened and the women's campaign for justice has inspired a Guardian documentary. Follow the Quipu Project / Proyecto Quipu and watch the full doc here: [ Link ]
Well done to staff member Jon Jerrome for having this glorious shot of Hotwells featured on BBC England's Big Picture. Did you know Bristol was recently named as one of the most colourful cities in the world by The Guardian?
Thanks to postgraduate student Sichan He, also known as Jessie, for this incredible photo of the Wills Memorial Building, where over 1,500 students will be graduating in a week's time. Follow #bristolgrad across social media for updates.
Following the Chinese New Year celebrations that happened across Bristol last weekend, today’s #BristolFace is Orlando Koh. Orlando is a 2nd Year Computer Science student from Brunei and the leader of the Chinese Lion Dance Troupe. He was born in the year of the Ox.

What is your role within the Chinese Lion Dance troupe?

I’m the leader of the troupe, as well as the main drummer. The drummer...
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We're extremely proud to be named in the top 30 most international universities in the world by the Times Higher Education, thanks to our high number of international students & staff, research collaborations with colleagues overseas and our global reputation

The World’s Most International Universities 2017
From having the best student nightlife, to being one of the best cities to study are 17 reasons why Bristol is pretty awesome:

17 reasons to love Bristol
Happy year of the rooster! Join our celebrations at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery next weekend:
World-renowned installation artist Luke Jerram is today’s #BristolFace. His works include the giant Park and Slide on Bristol’s Park Street, and for the next eight months he will be artist in residence with the Bristol Vision Institute, working to understand the complexity and impact of brain related vision problems.

What is it about this collaboration that inspired you to get...
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The sunset over Bristol tonight is stunning. This gem was taken by Prof Andy Nix, our Dean of Engineering
Today's #BristolFace is Jen MacCormack, Team Lead at the Balloon Bar. The SU bar serves locally-sourced food, coffee and drinks, as well as running a weekly programme of events during term-time.

You’re originally from Australia – what kind of differences have you noticed between there and here?

I’m from a small country town, and I find it interesting to hear so many accents and so many...
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