Plenty of places round Cambridge for a day away! CU-TV shows us one of them.
It's the final day of the Cambridge Science Festival - today, there are lots of hands-on events, talks and exhibitions in and around the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, featuring stem cell robots, clever worms, and the new Biomakespace. A full listing of today's (mostly free!) events is at the link:

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Which do you think is correct?!
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It's the final weekend of the Cambridge Science Festival! There are more than 120 (mostly free!) talks, hands-on events and exhibitions on today and tomorrow, including the anti-gravity box at the Cavendish Laboratory!

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This curious object is a 4,200 year old Sumerian clay tablet. It is the oldest example of writing at Cambridge University Library. What ancient wisdom does this historic tablet contain? Is it philosophy, theology, a work of great literature? No! The answer may surprise you...
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Music in Cambridge is not just about the chapel choirs!
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Women played a vital but sometimes under-recognised role in World War II. Cherish Watton, a student at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, is determined that their efforts will be remembered. Read the latest installment in our 'This Cambridge Life' series at the link.

The student championing the Land Girls and Lumber Jills – This Cambridge Life
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We've been brewing up some good news:

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More than a century of theory about the evolutionary history of #dinosaurs has been turned on its head.

New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree
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The winner of our banner contest is this beautiful picture of St John's College by Sir Cam!
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While the risk is small, understanding the impact of infections on the development of babies in the womb could improve our understanding of autism.

Infections during pregnancy may interfere with key genes associated with autism and prenatal brain development
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Before St John's College, the site was home to the Hospital of St John's. New research discovers the history of those who died there..

Face of ‘ordinary poor’ man from medieval Cambridge graveyard revealed
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Scientists: what needs to change to solve the reproducibility crisis?

Opinion: The science ‘reproducibility crisis’ – and what can be done about it
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Our students are getting laced up to show their support for diversity in sports.
Now that spring is here, we need a new banner! Use the corresponding emoji to vote for the one you like best!
This week's Curious Object is our oldest and comes from Predynastic Egypt!
Tomorrow is the biggest day of the Cambridge Science Festival, with hundreds of mostly free events for the whole family - we hope to see you there! Find out more at [ Link ]
Why did you just eat that cookie? It's Hisham Ziaddeen's desire to figure out the reasons behind our eating behaviour.

The psychiatrist who does stand up
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