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There’s a reason people don’t begrudge J.K. Rowling her fortune the way they would some CEOs, professor Steven Kaplan tells the New York Times. [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]
Holiday shoppers: Spending on activities, not possessions, inspires more gratitude, according to Booth study
[ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]
Trump’s lawsuits might shape how he views US law, Booth professor says
[ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]
An engineer designed these sports bras, inspired by Chicago architecture
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What kind of gifts can Clinton supporters expect this holiday season? A Booth professor’s research has an answer. [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]

Will the election prove to be a drag on - or boon to - consumer spending?

The View from London: Booth alumni have found a welcoming home in The City [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Chicago Approach isn’t a slogan. It’s actually a philosophy that’s at the heart of the modern business school. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Will President-elect Trump go after Silicon Valley or block the AT&T-Time Warner merger? A look at antitrust policy under the next administration. [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]
Anansi, a company incubating with help from Booth's Polsky Center, wants to lay the groundwork for future Internet of Things start-ups: [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]
Great discussion on effects of US intervention in the housing market during the financial crisis. [ Bit.ly Link ]
On a mission to help entrepreneurial veterans get space, resources, and positive community support. bit.ly/2gyZn0K
Chicago Booth welcomed more than 900 attendees to the annual Booth Women Connect Conference last month.

Businesswomen gained insights on leadership, entrepreneurship, and career reinvention, while networking with others from a wide variety of industries at the sold-out event.
What is the future of the euro? At noon today, we expect a fascinating conversation hosted by Chicago Booth's Stigler Center.

Watch the livestream: [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]

Columbia University Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Princeton University's Markus Brunnermeier will discuss their opposing viewpoints in an event moderated by Booth professor Luigi Zingales.
If you’re a college student thinking of getting an MBA someday, here’s how to get a head start. [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]

Prepare for B-School From Day 1 of College

Booth grad’s $10M gift supports and expands the Careers in Business program at UChicago [ Oak.ctx.ly Link ]
Alumni: Take a new class with professor Anil Kashyap on the role of central banks.

This class will cover four post-financial crisis cases that Professor Kashyap has written about, involving the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and the Federal Reserve. Register now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Gaps in education, high student debt, and uncertain labor markets are driving the relationship between economic inequality and social mobility. Chicago Booth's renowned experts break down how these factors will impact economic growth at Economic Outlook. [ Bit.ly Link ] #BoothEO
China’s banking rule was intended to slow the country’s credit market. Guess what happened next. [ Bit.ly Link ]
The new Community Directory can help you boost your connections and your career. Check it out today. [ Bit.ly Link ]
How can America grow faster, stay safer, and work better? 15 top thinkers offer ideas President-elect Trump can use. [ Bit.ly Link ]