Chicago Booth student, Nithin Kuchibhotla, emphasizes the importance of diversity through his experience at Booth. [ Link ]

A Campus of Colors: The Value of Global Diversity
Come see guest speakers from Microsoft, Chicago-based startups, and venture capital firms discussing emerging trends in Machine Learning. This summit will be a great opportunity to hear from and network with leaders in this rapidly changing field.
Register today: [ Link ].

Home - Chicago Machine Learning Venture Capital Summit
Trying to raise money for your nonprofit? Create messaging that caters to your audience’s income: [ Link ]

Why charities should speak differently to rich and poor
We miss you students. Looking forward to having these halls filled again soon. #springbreak #CampusLife
The Chicago Booth alumni survey is live! Your input will help us continue to improve the alumni experience and provide opportunities for meaningful engagement with the life of the school and fellow alumni. [ Link ]
Want to reach your goals? New studies show that you’re more likely to succeed if you to enjoy the process: [ Link ]

The Marshmallow Myth | Psychology Today
Alumnus Mitch Kirby, founder of TransparentCareer, explains how Booth inspired him to create his own company: [ Link ]

Almost Half Of All US MBA Students Use This Chicago Booth MBA’s Career Management Platform
Meet Deepti Jodhawat, an international student from London who is interested in connecting her passion for tech with her financial background. [ Link ] #StudentStories
The Stigler Center recently published a new paper titled, “When Harry Fired Sally: The Double Standard in Punishing Misconduct.” Read the takeaways here: [ Link ]

Study: Women in Finance Are Punished More Severely - Especially When Their Boss Is a Man -
What drives asset prices? New research from Booth says the main focus is on price-level and labor-market variables. [ Link ]

What information drives asset prices?
David Rabie, '15, invented the NVC-winning Tovala machine, a countertop smart oven which cooks a healthy meal with the push of a button. He has currently accumulated over 1 million dollars in funding for his startup. #BoothAlumni
How is Uber changing the relationship between regulation and reliability? Research associate, Prateek Raj, examines the history of the taxi industry and merchant guilds. [ Link ]

Does Regulation Build Trust or Entrench Cliques? Lessons From Merchant Guilds and the Taxi Industry -
Considering an MBA but not interested in a traditional finance role? Read examples of Booth students that are pursuing careers in energy, social entrepreneurship, and the entertainment industry. [ Link ]

More Than a Finance School
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Chicago Booth!
#TBT to the 2013 Executive MBA graduation. The class of 2017 joins them tomorrow! #BoothGrad
Booth professor, Waverly Deutsch, examines the venture-capital and private-equity backing of unicorn startups. [ Link ]

The elusive hockey-stick sales curve
Professor Austan Goolsbee discusses the Fed interest rate policy on Bloomberg. [ Link ]

Austan Goolsbee Says Fed’s Itching to Raise Rates