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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer history of South West proudly celebrated at new festival #LGBTQ [ Link ]
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Good morning from Exeter! Here's sunrise over our Streatham Campus this morning. #LoveExeter
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See Exeter Psychologists and the FoodT app on Channel 4's How to Lose Weight Well at 8pm tonight.

How to Lose Weight Well
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Are you a woman in science with an interest in sharing your work with the public? Why not apply to become one of Exeter’s Soapbox Science speakers?

We're looking for speakers for this year's Soapbox Science event which will take place on Friday 24th June. Find out more and apply online via: [ Link ]
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Exeter psychologists have found that less than ten minutes a day of ‘brain training’ using a game they have devised can slow impulses to reach for unhealthy snacks, and reduce calorie intake.

You can download the app for Android: [ Link ] or play online via [ Link ]

The game which trains the brain to stop reaching for alcohol and unhealthy food such as cakes, biscuits...
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FoodT brain training | FoodT | University of Exeter
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Are you stressed out and feeling low? You might like to consider taking part in our depression research using free online therapy. #CBT #BlueMonday [ Link ]
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Great article featuring the work of Exeter's Professor Darren Croft.

Killer whales explain the mystery of the menopause
Why do killer whales go through the menopause? New research led by Exeter academic, Professor Darren Croft with the Center for Whale Research and University of Cambridge has found that mother-daughter conflict can explain why killer whales are one of only three known species of mammal, including humans, to go through the menopause.

Professor Darren Croft explains that “older females are more...
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Featured news - Mother-daughter conflict between killer whales can explain the evolution of menopause - University of Exeter
Students from CLES Cornwall are currently undertaking amazing field courses in Costa Rica, Bahamas, Kenya, Tenerife, Borneo and South Africa. You can follow their adventures at [ Link ]
Pic courtesy Brendan Godley
As many seek to battle festive bulges in January, new research challenges previous findings that any single aspect of diet or lifestyle can be targeted to reduce the risk of obesity in adults with a high genetic risk of putting on weight. [ Link ]
Do you live in or near Exeter? We need YOUR input to make sure our graduates are prepared for modern healthcare.

Involving members of the public in making decisions about our degree programmes helps to ensure that they are relevant to the needs of the community.

You don't need medical experience, just enthusiasm to help us make our degree programmes the best they can be. Find out more at our...
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Public Involvement in Medical Education launch event | Exeter University
Watch a live stream of Dr Gavin Schmidt (NASA) giving a talk on 'Adventures in Climate' [ Link ]

Adventures in Climate - Dr Gavin Schmidt, NASA
Our University strategy 2016-2021: Find out what we’re doing to deliver an internationally excellent education for our students: [ Link ]
Great film from the World Economic Forum featuring work done by some of our students.
Climate change improves the breeding chances of migratory geese in the Arctic – but puts mother geese at more risk of death, according to a new study: [ Link ]
Are you interested in #climatechange? Join our free #MOOC via FutureLearn #ExClimate
Are you taking part in dry January? Check out Professor Celia Morgan’s seven research-backed tips to kick the booze for the month:

• Take it one day at a time

• Try and think of other activities you like doing that don’t involve drinking such as exercising, doing something creative, socialising somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol

• Identify times when it will be particularly difficult for...
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Join us next Tuesday to hear Dr Gavin Schmidt, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, discuss the use and abuse of climate simulations, how they are used to attribute changes in the past and what they suggest for the future. He will specifically discuss how global society now has to choose its own adventure and what the implications of these choices will be.

Adventures in Climate with Dr Gavin Schmidt

Improving the lives of those with depression Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Google The UK is leading the fight against depression with new approaches to treatment thanks to the University of Exeter. Their research into the accessibility of low-cost, evidence-based treatments for depression ha...

Improving the lives of those with depression