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Foggy start to another beautiful day on campus. In all kinds of weather.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Vigil

2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Vigil
President Fuchs live in Turlington Plaza talking with students, community members and the VP for Student Affairs David Parrott.
Three-time #UFgrad Tracy Fanara makes her debut on MythBusters: The Search tonight on Science Channel. Go Gators!
Gator at Lake Alice.
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Hope you had a great first day of the semester, Gators!
It’s like something straight out of a 1950s horror flick—a killer snail that devours its own kind by tracking their slime trails with its handlebar moustache-shaped sensors.

Wait, what?

That’s right, the 3-inch “rosy wolf snail” from Florida has redefined the expression “at a snail’s pace” by quickly decimating its relatives in Hawaii and on many other islands over the last 60 years.

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New year.
New lock screen.
Go Gators!
Home. In all kinds of weather.
75º and flurries. #Florida
For the annual Sounds of the Season concert, students had the opportunity to perform with Ensamble Vocal de Medellín, a choir from Colombia. The Latin-themed concert brought the Colombian singers together with UF’s Concert Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Women’s Chorale, Chamber Singers and Jazz Ensemble, along with musicians and singers from the Gainesville community.
Happy Festivus, #GatorNation!