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Just over 230 years ago, Georgia's visionary leaders sparked a movement that would educate a nation and transform the world.
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"I've spent my entire career documenting coral decline and the effects of global warming on coral reefs, and I want this message to get out.” - UGA ecologist James W. Porter

Porter's coral monitoring research will be featured in “Chasing Coral”, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival today. [ Link ]
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#TBT: North Campus and Broad St., ca. 1880s.
The stairs near the fence were how people got onto campus after hours when the gates at the Arch were closed—that's right, the Arch had gates!

(: UGA Hargrett Library in the Richard B. Russell Jr. Special Collections Libraries Building)
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Elizabeth Louis, a doctoral candidate in psychology; Barbara McCaskill, professor of English and co-director of the Civil Rights Digital Library Initiative; and Fred O. Smith and Lee E. Zimmerman Smith, co-founders of the Creative Visions Foundation, received the President's Fulfilling the Dream Award for their efforts to make MLK's dream of equality and justice a reality.

Fulfilling the Dream
#UGA students plant daffodils along Prince Avenue for their #MLKDay of service project
(: Chad Osburn)
Intelligence + Character = True Education
#MyCommitment | #MLKDAY
The Founders Memorial Garden, still beautiful even in the middle of winter.

Developed in 1946 by our Landscape Architecture Dept, the Founders Memorial Garden commemorates the 12 founders of the American garden club movement, which was established in Athens in 1891, and is also dedicated as a memorial garden to those who served in the US Armed Forces.

The garden is managed by the UGA...
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An individual's decisions regarding whether to smoke, how much to eat and whether to attend college can all be influenced by peer choices. In the same way, workplace productivity can spill over from one employee to another, according to Terry College of Business researcher Joshua Kinsler.

Most valuable colleagues: What the NBA can teach us about worker productivity | UGA Today
Arches, arches everywhere...
Don't argue with a weatherman, especially if he's your dad!
UGA alum Chris Holcomb (ABJ ’85)

via UGA Alumni Association + Today Show

Weatherman hilariously zings daughter over text, becomes every parent’s hero
This week we celebrate the 56th anniversary of desegregation at UGA and speak to Harold Black (BBA '66) and Mary Diallo (AB '66, MA '73) about their experiences breaking barriers.
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Honoring UGA's first African American four-year students | UGA Alumni Association
Meet Blake Sherry—a senior in the University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, president of the Forestry Club, a log roll champion and yes, he even chops wood.

Blake Sherry | UGA Amazing Student
Athens campus will close at 3:30p on 1/6/17. Classes and activities after 3:30p are cancelled.
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We lost a good one.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Mike Woods.

Rest easy, Big Dawg.
"As an athlete and pre-med student, I specifically sought out a project at UGA where my passion for fitness would cross over into research."
- UGA Dance Dawg Sydney Mohr, a senior majoring in biology and psychology

Sydney Mohr | UGA Amazing Students
Our resolutions = Our commitments
#CommitToGeorgia in 2017
Reflecting on what we've accomplished in 2016.
Let's do even more in 2017, Bulldogs
One of our favorite highlights from 2016 -- Go Dawgs!

UGA athletes bring home 10 Olympic medals
#TBT: Some of our favorite from 2016!

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Binqian Xu, a researcher in the The University of Georgia College of Engineering, along with his colleagues, created the world’s smallest diode using a single molecule of DNA.
Their study represents a promising advance in the search for a replacement for the silicon chip.
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