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UGA Career Center reports a 95% career outcomes rate for the Class of 2016 — that's 13% higher than the national average.

Career outcomes at 95 percent for UGA’s Class of 2016
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UGA's three Chambliss Fellows start their internships in Washington, D.C. this month.

"It's very fast paced, and every day is different ... I have learned to never be afraid to ask questions." - Eleanor Traynham, a double major in political science and public relations

Inaugural Chambliss Fellows start internships in Washington, D.C.
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Beautiful day to be out on the North Campus quad ☀
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Athens, GA instead of Athens, Greece? We couldn’t think of a better mistake to make, Travelocity
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Three dynamic female business leaders shared their advice and experiences with 100+ students at our Women's Leadership Forum.
"The growing emphasis on women in leadership roles bodes well for the future," said Provost Pamela Whitten.
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Then and Now: The UGA Chapel in 1908.
The bell was on top of the building until 1913, when it was moved to it's current location behind the Chapel. Later that year the oak tree on the right would be replaced with a sundial, a class gift by the 43 graduating students.

That sundial still stands today in front of the Chapel. Well, a replacement actually, as the original went missing in...
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"This year's Russell Award recipients combine innovation in the classroom with a heartfelt commitment to student success. They inspire students and exemplify the University of Georgia's unrivaled learning environment."
- Provost Pamela Whitten

Three faculty members receive Russell Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
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"I hope to prioritize economic development built on renewable energy rather than on finite resources… Affordable clean energy will catalyze equitable growth, reduce national and global greenhouse gas emissions, and lead a transition toward a low-carbon economy."

Shreya Ganeshan | UGA Amazing Student
"Thanks in large part to the Foundation Fellowship, I interacted with UGA students while I was deciding where to go to college. Time and again, I was impressed with the breadth and depth of their undergrad experiences." - Cali Callaway, a senior Fellow earning combined bachelor's and master's degrees in biology/neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

An inside look at the Foundation Fellowship, UGA’s premier scholarship
UGA Miracle raises a record-setting $1.3M for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
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UGA’s largest student-run philanthropy surpasses $1M for second straight year
UGA Miracle's 24hr Dance Marathon is underway and they're aiming to raise $1.4M for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta this year. President Morehead stopped by to help kick off the festivities.
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Friday afternoon detours through the Founders Garden
"My ultimate goal is to become a pediatrician because it combines my love for helping people and working with children."

Sahl Hakim | Amazing Students | University Of Georgia
In honor of Georgia Baseball season starting tomorrow, here are #TBT pictures of early baseball games on Herty Field, ca. 1906.
(: Hargrett Library, J. Howard Neisler family)
The new 102,306 sq ft Indoor Athletic Facility "is a testament to the tremendous loyalty, passion and excitement that our alumni and friends feel for Georgia athletics."

UGA dedicates new Indoor Athletic Facility
Happy Valentine's Day, Bulldogs ❤
Did you fall in love at the University of Georgia? Get engaged or married on campus?
Share your story below!
Monday mornings are not so bad when they are this pretty ☀
Even though participants felt like they had recovered from their concussion, they were still likely to drive erratically while using a driving simulator-at times similar to someone driving under the influence of alcohol.

"They had less vehicle control while they were doing the driving simulation, and they swerved more within the lane," said Julianne Schmidt, a researcher at the University of...
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A concussion may affect your driving even after symptoms disappear
UGA scientists are using robots and drones to accelerate plant genetic research and improve crop yield to help feed a growing world population.
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