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We will be part of the worldwide movement Earth Hour on the 25th of March. The lights of the Academy Building will be switched off at 20.30 for one hour. By doing this we want to draw attention to the future of our planet, and the threat of climate change.
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"Me, a girl from Southern China, and him, a boy from Northern Europe, had nothing in common until the summer of 2007...

We both decided to study at the @University of Groningen and were living on the same floor of an International Student House. For the first 3 months, our conversations were limited to the one-syllable word: ‘Hi’. It wasn’t until a floor party where we got to know each other...
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In tonight's lecture at the Studium Generale, Julia Shaw demonstrates the way radically false memories can be deliberately implanted, leading people to believe they had tea with Prince Charles, or committed crimes that never happened.

There are still some tickets available at: [ Link ]

The Memory Illusion | Studium Generale Groningen
Want to experience the city of Groningen in a unique way? Try running through some of its most iconic landmarks, like the Oosterpoort, Groningen City Hall, Groninger Synagogue, the Prinsentuin, the A-kerk and even the University's Academy Building!

This year the Groningen Urban Trail event will take place April 2nd. The course will be about 10 km. There are still a few spots available, you...
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Groningen Urban Trail - Aftermovie 2016
Tomorrow, our Master’s Week will start! During this week the faculties will present their Master's degree programmes. Learn more about the programmes during one of the presentations or at the information fair.
You can still register at

20-24 March: Master's Week | Open Day | University of Groningen
Want to be active this summer and work on the biggest student introduction event in the Netherlands? As Event Manager you'll work with the board on organising KEI-week 2017. During the week you'll be responsible for several events, so you will experience KEI-week up close!

Interested? Email for more information!

Speaking Dutch is compulsory for becoming an...
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ESN Groningen is looking for the Daily Board 2017/2018!

On Monday 20th of March ESN is organising a board interest evening during which you can ask all your questions concerning an ESN board year! Whether you have questions about specific functions, financial compensation, duration of the board year, requirements etc. this is the perfect moment to find out all the answers. So join ESN on the...
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ESN Board Interest Evening

Tomorrow it's Election Day in the Netherlands and we encourage everyone to go out and vote! Find the nearest polling station by using the Stemwegwijzer. For example, there's one at our Harmoniecomplex.
Is our economy on a tipping point? The global economy is recovering from a severe financial crisis. So we think. Or are we heading for a new crisis? Are we witnessing the end of an economic era?

Tonight, Studium Generale organizes the first lecture in this series of 3: 'Crisis? What Crisis? The World Economy in the Trump Era' by Stephen Kinsella.

Tickets are free for students and there are...
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Crisis? What Crisis? The World Economy in the Trump Era | Studium Generale Groningen
Prof. Christoph Jedan will deliver his inaugural lecture on Tuesday 14 March to mark his appointment as Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Groningen.

The lecture is entitled: ‘A complete life: Consolation and the intelligence of religion’. In his lecture, Jedan will compare the ancient consolation literature...
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Zwanestraat has won the award for best shopping street in the Netherlands!

Which shop in Groningen is your favorite?
"We studied cell lines in the UMCG. Cell lines are like pets; you have to keep them comfortable and feed them on time to keep them happy."

Melanie, 2017, Biomedical Sciences Student
Is ‘religion’ patriarchal, antithetical to gender equality? This was a question posed last night during the Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain panel discussion on ‘Gender and Sexual Equality in a Post-Truth Age’.

On International Women’s Day 2017, Erin K. Wilson, explores this question, arguing that actually, this is the wrong question to be asking.

The ‘religion or secularism’ debate on women’s equality obscures the real problem: patriarchy
Wow, the University of Groningen has won the international BREEAM Award for the Energy Academy Europe’s sustainable education building!

Its smart design will keep its energy requirements low; the building will even be able to produce more energy than it uses.

How has this been achieved? Read more about our innovative design here: [ Link ]
It is not the style of the host or the opinions of the editors that determines which political guests appear on the six main Dutch talk shows, but the format of the programme itself. Guests are selected on the basis of political relevance and ‘talkability’, depending on the nature of the programme. Editors are reluctant to experiment with little-known main guests. These findings are from...
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Politicians and talkshows: behind the scenes

Format of TV show determines choice of political guests

The view from the Oosterstraat in the 60's and recently. So much has changed and so much stayed exactly the same!
This colorful picture was sent to us by law student Rachel. She told us: "I am Rachel Georghea Sentani from Indonesia, currently a master student in International Commercial Law RUG. I have been here for 6 months now (greatest 6 months!) and absolutely fell in love with Groningen. Someday I absolutely will miss this city when I go back to Indonesia."
A nice article about the new Heritage Room at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences: an exhibition on over a century’s worth of history of social sciences at the RUG.

'Professoren zijn ook mensen'
Beyond the Student Bubble: Experience Groningen is a two-day event for 300 international students on the 10th and 11th of March 2017. During the event you will be able to visit companies in Groningen but also to explore beyond the city boundaries.

You can sign here: [ Link ]

Beyond the Student Bubble: Experience Groningen