It's an idea as old as human history: burning plants for fuel.

At a greenhouse where sugar cane thrives in the middle of January, a locally grown energy source will soon be providing environmentally friendly heat.

A new "biomass boiler" from Germany will burn perennial grasses grown on the University of Illinois Energy Farm to keep the greenhouse at a toasty 80 degrees all winter.

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Biomass boiler to keep UI greenhouse warm, clean
Congrats to Ryan Hoch, another Illinois alum named to this year's Forbes "30 Under 30" list! Ryan, an alumnus from the College of Engineering at Illinois, is the co-founder of Overgrad, a free platform that allows students to make informed decisions about their transition from high school to college and beyond.

Ryan joins postdoctoral student Lydia Kisey and wheelchair racing alumna Tatyana...
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Forbes' 30 Under 30 Features 10 Teach For America Alumni | Teach For America
Champaign-Urbana was named the No. 2 best college town in America by Business Insider!

See the other 19 schools that made the list: [ Link ].
President Obama has named 102 scientists and researchers as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.

Mechanical Science and Engineering at UIUC assistant professor Randy Ewoldt was among...
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He struggles forming words, but has no trouble sweeping an Illinois master's student off her feet when a swing tune is on the radio.

Illinois master's student Leticia Hernandez is involved in LINC, a program that pairs graduate students in speech-language pathology with an individual with dementia.

This man’s type of dementia results in extreme and frustrating difficulty forming words and...
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Just in case...
#FridayThe13th ☠
Who knew so many university presidents went to #ILLINOIS?

"My strongest memory of a physical place is the intersection of West Green and South Wright streets — the center of my university life for 17 years. Everitt Lab was on the northeast corner, and it was there that I took my classes and served as a TA in my early years as a graduate student. Although my office later moved to a different...
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The Big 10: University presidents stroll down memory lane
Engineering at Illinois student start-up, Cast21 raises $800K for their waterproof, breathable cast.

Cast21 has created a waterproof, breathable cast. Unlike traditional casts, the Cast21 has an open lattice design (inspired by a Chinese finger trap) that allows the wearer to wash and itch the skin below the molding. The cast is made of a medalist thermoplastic elastomer, a waterproof...
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#TBT - a view, from the east, of Altgeld Hall at a time when it was the Library, circa 1917.

Thanks to Student Life and Culture Archives for preserving our rich Illini history.
A 44-year-old electrical engineer is playing a key role in the University of Washington's quest to use entrepreneurs and innovators to solve pressing social problems.

Vikram Jandhyala received his master’s and Ph.D. from ECE ILLINOIS, and came to the University of Washington in 2000 as a faculty member, rising to become chair of the electrical engineering department.

#ILLINOIS grad and UW innovation chief Vikram Jandhyala takes aim at social issues
Amber Agriculture, a startup out of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that creates connected devices that help farmers manage stored crops, was named 'Best Startup' by tech publication Engadget.

The startup distributes connected sensors inside farmers' crop storage bins to monitor internal grain conditions (such as temperature and humidity). Farmers can monitor conditions and operate a...
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#ILLINOIS Student Startup Named 'Best Startup' at CES by Engadget
Mark your calendar for the Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service on January 16 at the Illini Union.

MLK Day of Service is an opportunity for students to learn about the impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had on the world and participate in hands-on service projects that will benefit community organizations on Monday, January 16, 2017. Pre-register as an individual or group below. Walk-ins also...
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It started small, just a 5-kilometer running race with some friends, but #ILLINOIS alumnus Justin Galbraith’s hobby exploded into an all-out lifestyle when he signed up for a 205-mile ultra-endurance run around Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe spans across the border between Nevada and California, measuring 22 miles at its lengthiest and 12 miles at its widest. The largest alpine lake in North America,...
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Fighting Illini Athletics director and alumnus Josh Whitman reflects on 2016 and looks ahead to a new year!

"This past year was the most memorable of my life. My wife Hope and I celebrated our first anniversary. Our first child, little Tate Elizabeth, was born. And I came home, humbled by the confidence you and so many others have in me to lead our proud Fighting Illini athletics...
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Josh Whitman: The Most Memorable Year Of My Life
#ILLINOIS' postdoctoral fellow Lydia Kisley named to 2017 class of Forbes Under 30 for health care.

The annual list highlights innovators who are under 30 years old and work in a variety of different industries, from media to manufacturing. Kisley was included on the healthcare list. She was selected from a competitive pool of some 15,000 nominees, according to Forbes.

"They are passionate...
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Congrats to 17-time Paralympic Games medalist & #ILLINOIS alumna Tatyana McFadden. She was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017!

McFadden named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017!
The #ILLINOIS campus always looks beautiful with a fresh blanket of snow ❄
Happy Whipped Cream Day! And thanks to an #ILLINOIS chemistry student's accidental discovery, we can top pudding and pie with whipped cream from a can.

In the early 1930s, chemistry graduate student Charles A. Getz conducted research on the use of carbonation to preserve foods. An accidental discovery was that milk infused with pressurized carbon dioxide began to foam. After switching out...
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