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Liverpool Law School‘s Dr Stephanie Reynolds explains the legal minefield in store for UK and #EU negotiators as they seek to resolve residency rights - one of the major outstanding issues to be considered following the activation of #Article50.

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It's Red Nose Day! We love this photo of our students celebrating Red Nose Day in the 1980s.
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It's starting to look a lot like Spring in Abercromby Square
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Why can’t chickens be vaccinated against Campylobacter - the UK’s leading cause of food poisoning?

New study of their “slow to develop” immune response reveals key hurdle for the vaccine challenge.

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This year’s Potts Medal was awarded to University of Liverpool graduate and Executive Director of Pfizer, Dr Timothy McCarthy.

The Potts Medal winner is chosen each year by members of the University’s student Chemistry society, ChemSoc.

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Tara Joyce is a business studies student. Watch Tara's video to find out how she got on during her year-long work placement at We Are Nova. [ Link ]
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03/21/2017 at 13:50. Facebook
We've been awarded £1M by the Leverhulme Trust to use our expertise in palaeomagnetism to increase our understanding of the Earth’s core and mantle.

Find out more about how this research seeks to answer some longstanding #earthscience questions including what is the role of the deep mantle in plate tectonics and how fast is Earth’s core cooling down?

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There's a fantastic graphic novel exhibition in the Harold Cohen Library. Go and take a look!
An orthoptics student won last month's iPad prize draw. Complete this survey before 31 March and you could win an iPad Air 2 [ Link ]
Will is a Community Manager for the University of Liverpool Online. Watch Will as he cycles through West Africa while studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Management.
Grab your goggles - registrations for Swimathon are now open! [ Link ]
Watch #MadeLiverpoolTV interview John Higgins about his new exhibition #BeyondDredd at the #VictoriaGallery #RazorJackRealm

[ Link ] (7m)
Thanks to your feedback, the Library have opened two new study spaces! [ Link ]
We're opening our doors later this spring for an exciting fortnight of free public events [ Link ]
Happy Pi Day everyone!

Did you know that even though π was known by ancient geometers like Archimedes (287-212 BC), it wasn’t called π until 1706, when William Jones, the Welsh mathematician, used the letter to stand for “perimeter”?
The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey ([ Link ] and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey ([ Link ] are unavailable tomorrow. They’ll both be live again from Wednesday, 15 March.

Answer the survey today to tell us about your time at the University.
Don't miss out on your chance to win an iPad Air 2! Last month an orthoptics student won our NSS prize draw. Enter now to be in with the chance of winning: [ Link ]
The first major retrospective of Liverpool-born artist John Higgins opens today! Don't miss it: [ Link ]
Abercromby Square is looking good in the sun!
Did you know Neandertals used ‘aspirin’?

New research shows that ancient DNA found in the dental plaque of Neandertals has provided remarkable new insights into their behaviour, diet and evolutionary history, including their use of plant-based medicine to treat pain and illness.

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