UMD architecture students are helping to preserve jazz legend John Coltrane's home & legacy: #UMDtransforms
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UMD grad Jeff Kinney isn't funny just in his bestselling "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books. The author told hilarious stories about his life as a Terp during a recent visit to campus.

Confessions of a “Wimpy Kid”
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UMD student group No Taboo. Period. donates items that are sometimes overlooked: feminine hygiene products. #DoGoodUMD #UMDtransforms
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Giving Day is coming! Your gifts to UMD bring Fearless Ideas to life. Join thousands others and give on March 8. #GivingDayUMD
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U. of MD Honors College's ACES program gives students hands-on experience and job skills they need to launch their careers in cybersecurity. #UMDtransforms

How Companies and Colleges Can Get the U.S. Back to Work
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If at first you don't succeed, make your own website. Three Terp students looking for an outlet to write about sports created The Left Bench. Three years later, it has a staff of 80 students and features a TV show, podcasts and recruiting news. #UMDtransforms

The “Left” Angle on Sports Reporting
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Wishing all Terps a happy Valentine's Day!
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UMD journalism students travel far and wide for the latest scoop: #UMDtransforms
The social, sensory and organizational demands of university life can be overwhelming for Terps on the autism spectrum. A new campus organization—the Social Interaction Group Network for Students with Autism—is helping them develop the skills they need to succeed. #UMDtransforms

College Connections
Through a new partnership with The Associated Press, UMD student journalists now get the opportunity to see their news coverage distributed through news organizations across the world. #UMDtransforms

CNS Will Contribute News Stories to The Associated Press
A journalism alum's firm produced the viral 84 Lumber commercial that premiered during this week's Super Bowl. He shares his experience with Terp magazine.

Commercial Appeal
To study the aftermath of wildfires in Alaska's tundra, an intrepid #UMD team trekked remote regions for 16 days, rafting more than 100 miles and bushwhacking through 35 miles of wilderness. #UMDtransforms
Curator and UMD alum Tuliza Fleming hopes to help visitors to the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African American History and Culture discover the rich—and sometimes underappreciated—landscape of African-American art.

An Illustrated History
Visit The Phillips Collection to hear UMD professors Audra Buck-Coleman and Justin Strom explore Toulouse-Lautrec’s work from graphic design and printmaking practices. Free shuttle departs from Stamp at 5:30 pm and admission is free with your UID. #UMDtransforms

Artists' Perspective: Audra Buck-Coleman and Justin Strom

UMD students formed The Voice to help detained or at-risk youth find their voice through poetry. #DoGoodUMD #UMDtransforms
Through UMD's new partnership with The Phillips Collection, the Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra perform a concert inspired by painter Jacob Lawrence's series on the Great Migration of African Americans from the South to the North. #UMDtransforms

In Perfect Harmony
Dedicated Terps use their time off to serve communities across the nation and around the world through UMD Alternative Breaks: #UMDtransforms
The inaugural UMD-Phillips Collection Book Prize has been awarded! Congratulations to author Lynda Klich, an emerging scholar whose powerful work explores post-revolutionary art in Mexico.
UMD theatre students give new life to the paintings at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery through this class on character development. #UMDtransforms
Congratulations UMD Loop, placing in the top five for overall pod design in last weekend’s Hyperloop competition! The team of more than 60 students is working to revolutionize transportation. #UMDtransforms

UMD Team Takes Top Spot in Performance & Operations at SpaceX Hyperloop Competition