This year, how will you Do Good to serve your community and improve the world around you? Resolve to #DoGoodUMD.
Terps entering Maryland’s burgeoning brewing business are obliging craft connoisseurs with local beers that range from light to dark, smooth to bitter, mild to supercharged. Meet the alums behind many of the state's craft breweries in the new issue of Terp magazine.

Terps On Tap
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The #CPDreamTeam brings together local kids and law enforcement through friendly basketball games: #UMDinspires

Don't miss their next match during halftime at this Sunday's Maryland Women's Basketball game.
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2017 is the year to Do Good. Resolve to make an impact and change the world for the better. Tell us how you’ll #DoGoodUMD.
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Terps work with educators in Honduras to help build schools and support Honduran communities. #DoGoodUMD #UMDinspires
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In May 2018, UMD engineering grad Jeannette Epps M.S. ’94, Ph.D. ’00 will blast off to the International Space Station, where she’ll become both the first African-American and the first Terp to join the space station crew.

To the Stars
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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired our nation and championed improved education for all.
Our 2017 resolution is to Do Good! Be a part of a movement to improve our world and inspire philanthropy and good will. #DoGoodUMD
Fearlessly making our mark on the world to inspire Maryland pride, improve the human condition and educate the next generation of global citizens. #UMDinspires
So many reasons to be proud to be a Terp! #UMDinspires
The student group No Taboo. Period. works to connect local women in need with feminine hygiene products. #DoGoodUMD #UMDinspires
As the country's attention turns toward inaugurating a new president, a UMD alumna and archivist focuses on the pressing task of moving out the White House's current occupant.

Archiving a Presidency
Congratulations Evan Lutz, founder of Hungry Harvest and the second Do Good Challenge alum to be named to Forbes’ List of Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs Under 30: #DoGoodUMD #UMDinspires
Alum Stephen Ayers is the Architect of the Capitol, charged with maintaining and modernizing our symbol of democracy. #StayFearlessUMD
A new $3 million gift from the couple that helped establish the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program is helping dozens of Terps who transferred from Prince George’s and Montgomery colleges make the dream of a university degree come true:
We resolve to Do Good by lifting up Fearless Ideas to change the world and supporting Terps who will make it happen. How will you #DoGoodUMD?
Miles for Smiles UMD raises funds to bring dental services to rural Central American communities. #DoGoodUMD #UMDinspires
A dedicated Do Good Campus will lead to a Do Good World. #DoGoodUMD #UMDinspires
UMD and other Big Ten schools provide support to veterans to help them pursue their careers and transition back into civilian life. #UMDinspires
Passion is at the core of the University of Maryland. The drive for achievement, whether on the sports field, in the lab, on the stage or beyond, fuels our work to be and do the best for our communities, the state and the world. #UMDinspires