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Just something about a blue sky day in the middle of winter that puts a spring in our step and a smile on our faces.
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Sunday Read: “All those experiences will lead you to what you really want to do. You never know who you’re going to meet.” Three recent UO graduates talk about their journeys through college and how they learned to throw their O. #ThrowYourO

OQ: O the Places You Will Go
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Hey fellow Pac-12 universities: We invite you to join us and #resetthecode on your campus. Learn more at Oregon State University The University of Arizona Arizona State University University of Colorado Boulder UC Berkeley UCLA Stanford University The University of Utah Washington State University University of Washington University of Southern California

Reset The Code

UO students, faculty, staff and community are inviting other universities and colleges across the nation to join us taking the pledge and creating...

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"Recruiting and retaining an accomplished, experienced leader is an important step toward fulfilling a dream that’s been years in the making." Many thanks to Julie and Keith Thomson for their generous gift.

Thomsons endow new HEDCO Clinic director position | Around the O
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We're wrapping up Bicycle Appreciation Week on campus with these portraits of Ducks and their bikes, taken at the Outdoor Program office in the EMU.
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It's time to #ResettheCode. Have you joined fellow Ducks in taking the pledge?

Reset the Code
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We're pleased to welcome to campus Sarah Nutter, new dean of the Lundquist College of Business.

Sarah Nutter blazes trail as first Edward Maletis Dean
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Thanks to Ducks everywhere who are taking time today to heed Dr. King's call to service.
Sunday Read: “Many believe that outsider art is untouched by culture. But when you look into these individuals and consider the context of the art they create, the cultural elements are so obvious.”

Professor's new book gets inside the world of outsider art
Ducks and Beavers meet tonight in one of the longest running rivalries in college hoops. Here's what you need to know. #GoDucks #BeattheBeavers (Photo:

Ducks Host 347th Civil War
“You’re admitted into the family of the lab. Once you bring a freshman or a sophomore into that family, they see that they belong. Most importantly, it builds more meaning into the experiences you’re having and then you start seeing yourself as a scientist. You start envisioning a future in which you belong in that space.” See more at [ Link ].

Score | Around the O
This is why we love libraries, especially our libraries.

9 Library Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could Check Out
Your wardrobe is dominated by green and yellow, you throw your O at the drop of a hat, and you sing “Mighty Oregon” in the shower. Why wouldn’t you get the new UO license plate?

New Tinker Hatfield-designed Oregon license plate
After all the inclement weather in recent weeks, it was nice today to see blue skies and sunshine — and melting snow.
Quack Chats are back! Here's what you need to know about tonight's pub talk.

Quack Chats to explore the psychology of giving Jan. 11
Welcome to Winter Term, students. We captured a few scenes of the wild weather that hit campus while you were away. Stay warm out there and good luck this term!
“You’re admitted into the family of the lab." See how we're working to diversify the sciences through a mentorship program.

The Evolution of Scientists
Weather Alert: Campus expected to be open, classes canceled for Mon., Jan 9. Details at