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How much do you share online? How do we stop our social accounts being a target for crime? Oxford Sparks visits Jason Nurse at the Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford to find out - [ Link ]
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Just applied or about to apply for Graduate Study at Oxford? Find out what happens next. [ Link ]
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Do we know more now about the likely shape of the future Brexit deal?

Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Professor of International Relations writes that the fundamentals are arguably simple enough to be described in three short equations, each of which gives us a clue about an eventual deal for the UK.

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Take a look at the new podcast series 'Thinking with Things: The Oxford Collection Podcasts’ from the Ashmolean Museum.

In each episode, a prominent academic unpicks the story behind a single object from the Ashmolean’s collections that relates to their research.

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While a lot has been said by scientists and paediatricians about the possible dangers of teenagers spending time on digital devices or computers, a new paper argues there is little robust evidence to back up their claims. [ Link ]
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Oxford and print go way back together!
In 1669 John Fell, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford and a Delegate of Oxford University Press, set up the first central University print shop in the Sheldonian Theatre.
Centuries later, OUP moved to its current location on Walton Street in north Oxford in 1830.
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Did you know Oxford owns the most complete remains of a single dodo?
Learning at Oxford is about more than books, we also have fantastic objects across our University collections: over 6,500 species of plants and more than 2,000 musical instruments.
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What practical tips can Buddhism give us for how to live a happy life?
Professor Gombrich discusses ancient Buddhist conceptions of 'wellbeing' and contrasts that with our modern expectations of happiness - read it now! [ Link ]
Oxford University Innovation (OUI) launched 24 companies in 2016 with a combined £52.6m in early stage funding, setting a new record in spinout generation for the UK and Europe and representing OUI's strongest year to date. [ Link ]
The interior at the Divinity Schools, bathed in light #throwbackthursday

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Have you ever stopped to ask the question - how do computers learn things?
Oxford Sparks teamed up with the computational statistic and machine learning group at the University of Oxford who explain how the machine learning algorithms that underlie technology like image and speech recognition work.
There have been reports that it may snow later on this week, but just in case it doesn't, here's a lovely snap of Christ Church Meadow in the snow.

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Applications are closing on Jan 24th for UNIQ Summer Schools!

This widening access summer school is open to UK state school and college students in the first year of their sixth form studies.

The summer school is academically intensive and challenging, but it is also a lot of fun. Importantly, it is completely free of charge; that includes accommodation, food and travel expenses, and all...
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New research shows that moderate alcohol consumption may be linked to improved wellbeing, thanks to the improved social interaction associated with having a drink with friends at a local pub. [ Link ]
The 17th Christopher Tower Poetry Competition is closing soon! The UK’s most valuable prize for young poets, where students between 16-18 years of age are challenged to write a poem (no more than 48 lines) on the theme of ‘Stone’.
First prize £3,000; second prize £1,000 and third prize £500. Closing date 17/2/17. Find out more information here
A new short series coming in 2017. Find out what it takes to be an athlete in the Blues boat.
A conservation DPhil student at Oxford University has won the student section of the 2016 British Ecological Society Photographic Competition.
Leejiah Dorward's winning picture, You are old, Father William, features a reflectively spotty Gynanisa minettii caterpillar emerging from a thorny bush in Tanzania.
Scientists are designing devices to withstand space travel to Mars, but how do you make equipment space proof? Oxford Sparks finds out here: [ Link ]
Take a look behind the scenes of some of the most beautiful places across the University, thanks to Google. Explore Oxford on Google Street View, wherever you are in the world. Happy discovering!
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The Bodleian Libraries contain more than 12 million books, including an original of Shakespeare's First Folio - the first collected edition of any English playwright.
In the spirit of making accessible the landmark works of our culture, you can now read the folio here - ENJOY! [ Link ]

The Bodleian First Folio