Been inside the Penn Museum lately?
In case you wanted to imagine yourself on the Quad today, Quakers.
Low-income workers aren’t relocating as often for better work options, likely due to higher housing costs, Susan Wachter of The Wharton School and Penn Institute for Urban Research writes.

Housing and Opportunity | PennIUR
Let's revisit Friday's gorgeous sky.
You know that you've truly made it when you are a question on Jeopardy!
Did you go outside today? Because you should definitely go outside today, Quakers.
Penn Integrates Knowledge professors, Barbara Mellers and Michael Platt, offer "intriguingly different insights" on whether voters make choices with their hearts or their heads.

The Decisive Brain: Landing on ‘The Right Side of Maybe’
Adult stem cells collected directly from fat are quite stable, according to work led by Penn Medicine's Ivona Percec. That could make them useful for anti-aging treatments.

Stem Cells Collected From Fat May Have Use in Anti-Aging Treatments – PR News
Mamie Todd has been at the front in fighting and preventing child abuse since she graduated in 1953 from the School of Social Work (now Social Policy & Practice).

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SP2 Alum Mamie Todd Talks about the Importance of Social Work Then and Now - School of Social Policy & Practice
Ph.D. candidate Dillion Fox took on The Flame Challenge question for 2017: "What is Energy?" The annual international competition presented by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science asks scientists to answer a technical question in a clear and entertaining way, specifically geared toward an audience of 11-year-olds.

Learn more in our OMNIA Q&A with Dillion Fox: [ Link ]

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I was honored to join with more than 40 other college and university presidents yesterday in New York with Michael Bloomberg to launch the American Talent Initiative.

One ATI's first goals is to attract 50,000 more top students of great talent and modest economic means in 275 high-graduation rate schools by 2025.

Increasing access and opportunity to ALL talented students, regardless of...
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On Knowledge@Wharton Network, The Wharton School's Cade Massey and Joseph Simmons discussed how people can learn to rely less on their instincts and more on algorithms to make decisions.

Why Humans Distrust Algorithms – and How That Can Change - Knowledge@Wharton
PennDesign's David Hartt, Sharon Hayes and Shira Walinsky will create temporary public art installations in Philadelphia for “Monument Lab,” a project co-curated by Ken Lum.

Penn art project tells the story of Philadelphia through monuments | Penn Current
Anna Brill, a senior from Worcester, Mass., took a year off from research in Penn Engineering's Kod*lab to work as a robot technician at a traveling museum exhibit.
APPC’s Dan Romer and Atika Khurana found that adolescents with weak working memory and strong impulsive tendencies are at greater risk for substance abuse.

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The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania – Study Points to Better Strategies to Prevent Drug Addiction in Adolescents
In work led by Penn Dental's Henry Daniell, a drug grown in lettuce prevented a serious complication of hemophilia treatment in dogs, laying the groundwork for clinical trials.

Plant-made Hemophilia Therapy Shows Promise, Penn Study Finds
Solid tumors have proved tricky to treat with immunotherapy. Research by Penn Vet's Serge Fuchs and colleagues about how cancer evades the immune system may change that.

Penn Vet researcher untangles how tumors evade immune detection | Penn Current
The Mask and Wig Club, the oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the U.S., brings gladiator fighting action to the stage in “No Place Like Rome.

More photos from the production: [ Link ]
Engineering master’s student Alex Baucom blogs about his projects, the most recent being an autonomous service robot that can carry messages or packages to people.

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About 2 percent of domestic-violence incidents involve guns, said Social Policy & Practice’s Susan B. Sorenson. Victims of these crimes have fewer injuries but more fear.

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New Penn Research Examines Gun Use, Injury and Fear in Domestic Violence