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Furry buddies can be #studybuddies. Right, Alexis? #WeRise
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Carlos Ramirez made time for both school and fatherhood, with a curriculum that let him take it one class at a time. #WeRise
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When there’s a will, there’s a way. #WeRise
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Life takes different turns. We’re there to support you every step of your educational journey.
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Dr. King showed us having a dream is the beginning of any change. What are your dreams for our future? #WeRise
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Decluttering is key for our working professional Phoenix’s #EverydayCarry. What do you carry to stay organized in the classroom and the cubicle?
We helped Carlos Ramirez prepare for his future. The rest was all him. #WeRise
Determination can take you anywhere. A degree can help you prepare for future opportunities. See Carlos Ramirez's story: [ Link ] #WeRise
The dinner table is the perfect place to strengthen your family relationships. #TableTalks brings you educational conversation starters you can take home for quality discussions. This week, discuss the importance of education in your family.
Each day is a fresh start. What are you doing today to achieve your goals?
The phoenix symbolizes rising above one’s ashes and the start of a new beginning–this determination is who we are and what we stand for. Tag someone who embodies this spirit. #WeRise #NationalBirdDay
Do you know the answer? (Check the comments to find out.) #WeRise #NationalTriviaDay
Carlos Ramirez wasn’t one to be beaten down by adversity. He was determined to rise above it. By using disadvantage to his advantage, he learned the power of ambition and earned not just one, but two degrees — and he hasn’t stopped there. #WeRise
If you want to welcome the New Year a little differently this year, here are some traditions from other cultures you can explore. #WeRise
This is a time to pause for reflection as we get ready to rise for another year. Share a lesson you learned in 2016, and we may illustrate your quote and share it with the Phoenix community. #PhoenixReflections #WeRise
What’s driving you toward your goals in the new year?
Remember- your future belongs to you. #RiseBites
Our University Provost, Meredith Curley, would like to wish every single one of you the best of holidays and a happy New Year! #WeRise
Our Phoenix parents are always prepared. Students: what’s in your #EverydayCarry that keeps you ready for babies AND books?
Our holiday break is here! How did you keep yourself motivated to study before it began? #HolidayBreak