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It can be intimidating feeling older than the majority of your classmates, but there are so many benefits to breaking down that age barrier.

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USQ students Jess and Lexi take you on a 360 tour of their favourite spots around Toowoomba.

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From walking into the wrong classroom to the 'handshake or hug' situation, here's how to embrace those awkward encounters in your first weeks at uni. [ Link ]
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Going to Orientation vs wishing you went to Orientation.

These are the 9 stages of FOMO emotion: [ Link ]
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USQ Closing the Gap Day

If you have any pictures from around campus, or if you are a distance student, we would love you to contribute to the album! Please send a photo to with your details.
With these helpful tips, you can know what to buy, where to buy and when to buy your textbooks for Semester 1. [ Link ]
Your first days at uni will probably feature some awkward moments, but don't let that stop you from getting out there.

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