A little grammar goes a long way.

Here are four easy steps to improving your grammar and, ultimately, your grades. [ Ora.cl Link ]
What could possibly match a Graduation cap and gown?

We've got the how-to for guys and girls in one place. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Did you know our USQ Nurse Practitioner Sarah is now conducting bulk-billed appointments across all three campuses? On Thursday’s Sarah will be at Ipswich in the morning and Springfield in the afternoon, and available in Toowoomba every other weekday.

To book an appointment in Springfield or Ipswich, check out: [ Bit.ly Link ] or call 4631 2372 for a Toowoomba appointment.
If you have any pictures from around campus, or if you are a distance student, we would love you to contribute to the album! Please send a photo to social.media@usq.edu.au with your details.
Take your law studies to the next level.

In HeyU 53, hear from the President of the USQ Law Society, Ryan, on the benefits of getting involved beyond your lectures. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Nothing beats that Graduation feeling!

Here are our tips on how to make the most of your #usqgrad experience. [ Ora.cl Link ]
Explore some of the fun, adventurous and tasty destinations in Springfield with a 360° degree experience! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Forget acai, chia seeds and kale, the best thing you can add to your diet is... a spoonful of vinegar?

In HeyU 53, we delve into why vinegar is good for your body and why a healthy body is good for your study. [ Ora.cl Link ]

HeyU Issue 53 - 21 Feburary

When the going gets tough, you might question whether your study will be worth it.

USQ Alumnus Dave shares why you should stick it out: [ Ora.cl Link ]
Trying to start your assignment? If the words aren't coming to you, don't force it.

There are better ways to find that inspiration: [ Ora.cl Link ]
What are you are looking forward to most during Career Fest? Is it the industry events, on-campus workshops, online webinars or connecting with graduate employers?

Check out what’s on during Career Fest and go into the draw to win by letting us know what you’re most excited for. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ts & Cs: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Monday is the perfect day to reassess and prioritise your tasks.

Take five and get your week sorted today: [ Ora.cl Link ]
Did you know that one in four young people have experienced a mental health issue in the past 12 months?

Alaina from headspace will be joining USQ on Wednesday to share advice on how to prevent stress affecting your study. Register now for the Beyond the Books Online Series: [ Ora.cl Link ]
An important part of preparing for prac is knowing what to wear.

Here are our style guru's tips on making a good, professional impression on a student budget. [ Ora.cl Link ]
Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Kate isn't letting her position in the South West Queensland Thunder soccer team stop her from chasing a career in Nursing. Read all about Kate and the USQ Elite Athlete Program in HeyU 53. [ Ora.cl Link ]
Your bed may be comfortable, but is it really the most productive study space you can find?

Emma suggests a couple of alternative options that don't include pillows and pyjamas. [ Ora.cl Link ]
"I was working on it last night and the file, like, corrupted or something..."

We collated the top 5 excuses students have used to get out of a group assignment, so beware if you hear any of these: [ Ora.cl Link ]
If you have any pictures from around campus, or if you are a distance student, we would love you to contribute to the album! Please send a photo to social.media@usq.edu.au with your details.
We’ve compiled a toolbox of ideas to prepare you for productive ICT Maintenance Days throughout the semester.

Check out the top 5 tips to handle a day unplugged whilst maintenance takes place tomorrow from 6am-4pm. [ Ora.cl Link ]
Have you thought about your end game? Getting a job after graduation!

If you haven’t, Rebecca shares the basic 5 things every graduate needs to know before they graduate, including advice for boosting your employability: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Whether you’re in your first or final year, check out the great range of Career Fest workshops, events and webinars being held next week to help you get...
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