Before you give up, give it another go!

The end of Semester 3 is in sight, so stay strong and motivate yourself to achieve your goals: [ Link ]
Coming to Australia to study in 2017? Sarah shares her top spots to explore off the beaten track for the full Aussie experience. [ Link ]
An irresistible resume consists of the right preparation, a good blend of ingredients and a spotless presentation.

Here's our masterclass on perfecting your resume recipe. [ Link ]
To continue improving the quality of courses at USQ we rely on student feedback.

Tell us about your Semester 3 course experience by clicking the yellow MyOpinion button on your study desk by 23 February 2017.
If your to-do list looks a little like this today, maybe it's time to try a new technique.

These productivity-boosting apps are a great place to start: [ Link ]
Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.
Meet Sammy: proud mum, crafter, baker and USQ student paramedic.

She is just one of many students in our #usqedu community. Like Sammy, share your USQ experience with us throughout 2017.
Studying Abroad is an amazing experience, don't miss out on your opportunity to take part.

Applications for S2 2017 close on 14 Feb, check out our recommended apps for your travel. [ Link ]
In 2017 USQ is celebrating its 50th Anniversary as an educational institution and 25th as a university. To mark the occasion we’ve opened the archives and are flashing back to some of the people, places and events that have helped shape the USQ of today. Each month we’ll be reminding you of a different aspect of the student experience such as uni style, classrooms and USQ events over the...
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It's the age old question - do you take a gap year straight after school or do you power through further study and travel afterwards?

Alice shares her two cents on the debate: [ Link ]
When you don’t know the difference between the C and MC buttons, so you just mash both until the screen is clear.

It’s ok if tech isn’t your forte, you can still embrace it through your uni degree. [ Link ]
Don’t let 2017 be the year that could have been...

Beat procrastination and make it the year that was! [ Link ]
The difference a couple of years and a degree can make...

Sarah shares her experience studying both an undergraduate and post-graduate degree and the difference between the two: [ Link ]
Don't end up as the pack horse for your group assignment, follow these effective group work tips. [ Link ]
Start 2017 by getting into good habits. Take your posture for example… Maybe some Pilates might help? [ Link ]
Be brave, believe in yourself and take that first step.
Did you know ICT’s maintenance periods will be operating a little differently this year?

Be sure to stay up to date with the 2017 maintenance schedule to avoid any inconveniences to your study sessions. [ Link ]
Make 2017 the year to try, learn and explore new experiences at USQ.

No matter where you are or how you are studying, share your experience with us and the #usqedu community.
Moving away from home to study is a big decision.

This will help you to overcome your top fears! [ Link ]
Sometimes the best source of motivation is...yourself! [ Link ]