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University of Tasmania
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Should we each be free to do anything we wish, as long as we don’t harm other people? The 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen held that we should, and many liberal political thinkers have agreed ever since. In this lecture, Dr Michael Kidd explores some of the hard cases that arise when the Harm principle is put into practice. Suitable for those with an interest in the...
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I’m Not Hurting Anyone: Hard Cases for the Harm Principle

University of Tasmania
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At the University of Tasmania we are hosting a complimentary UTAS community breakfast.

WHEN: 8am -10am, Wednesday 5th of April 2017.
WHERE: Bike Hub (opposite the Engineering Building), Dobson Road, Sandy Bay Campus.

Bring a friend or coworker, ride to Uni, and celebrate with a complimentary breakfast and 20 complimentary coffees to collect at Source Community Wholefoods at the Sandy Bay...
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Ride2Campus Day UTAS

University of Tasmania
03/23/2017 at 22:23. Facebook
As the federal budget approaches, the government is grappling with ways to enhance housing affordability, including reforming the current 50% capital gains tax deduction on property investment.The Economics Society of Australia Monash Forum polled economists on this proposition. Get the expert opinions. Read Dr Maria Yanotti's (University of Tasmania's Tasmanian School of Business and...
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Capital gains tax concession is too generous: economists poll
The history of human societies has very much been the history of our uses of energy. In this lecture, Professor Paul Turnbull will discuss some of the most important changes in the sources of energy that we have exploited over the past 14,000 years. He will also explain how, at various times in world history, our use of new energy sources has led to profound social and economic changes.

Energy Crises Through the Ages: The History of Energy

University of Tasmania Senior Economics Lecturer Dr Joaquin Vespignani, was recognised as the top young economist in Australia and in the top 10 economists globally, in the latest Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) rankings. Read more here: [ Link ]
Interested in studying Business and Economics? [ Link ] #weareutas #business #economics
New research led by medical students from the University of Tasmania’s UTAS Rural Clinical School has revealed what young people really want when visiting their general practitioner. The medical students surveyed 155 teenagers aged 16-18 from a rural Tasmanian high school, finding young people valued non-judgemental GPs who listened, avoided medical jargon, made assurances about...
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“This is smart, future-facing manufacturing. This will position Launceston and Tasmania as an innovative provider of advanced circuit board components and electronic hardware design," said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Brigid Heywood.

Launceston will now be home to a new advanced manufacturing facility, producing sensors which would previously have been sourced from global...
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An event series as part of TEN DAYS ON THE ISLAND

How can art reflect the energies and values of a community? What does it really mean to be ‘creative’? How can art have impact on the wider agendas of this island in particular?

The University of Tasmania and Ten Days on the Island present a series of public forums to talk all things art. The events bring together professional practitioners,...
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The Art of Community Engagement

In his third presentation for the State Cinemaʼs EXHIBITION ON SCREEN series, Chris Arneaud-Clarke will consider why people paint flowers, reflecting on the work of unconventional American Impressionist, Jane Peterson, and her boldly colourful ʻflower portraitsʼ.

This special presentation follows the first screening of The Artistʼs Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement and...
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Special Presentation: Why Do People Paint Flowers?

In this lecture Dr Robert Clarke leads students through the processes of close reading to explore the dynamics of short fiction. Using Kate Chopin’s famous piece “The Story of an Hour” (1894), Dr Clarke considers the various techniques writers of short fiction use to excite, surprise and teach their readers. Suitable for anyone who loves a good read and wants to know more about the way great...
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How to Read a Short Story: ‘The Story of an Hour’ - Kate Chopin

Tomorrow starts today

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It is our great pleasure to announce we are going to visit Nepal on the 21st March 2017.

This is a great opportunity to talk about your study options, and what is like to live in Tasmania, Australia.

Meet us face to face at the following exhibition:

Kathmandu - UniCampus Education Network
Tue 21st March 2017
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM NPT
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The University of Tasmania is visiting Nepal

Have you accepted your offer to study yet? There's still some time! You can accept your offer and enrol in units up until this Sunday 12 March 2017. (After this time, enrolments will be considered carefully on a case-by-case basis.) To accept your offer, visit: [ Link ] #weareutas
By far the most profound change in the history of humankind was our adoption of agriculture, starting some 14,000 years ago. In this lecture, Professor Paul Turnbull (History) will explore the question why we came to adopt agriculture, and explain how our becoming farmers gave rise to new forms of social organisation that have profoundly shaped the course of our history ever since.

Intro to Taster Unit & Big History: or, How We Became Farmers

Curated by Noel Frankham as part of TEN DAYS ON THE ISLAND

In 1833, Miss Jane Elizabeth Wylde found herself at the centre of a socio-political scandal that outraged much of the British Empire. Ten years later she had moved to Oak Lodge in Richmond, Tasmania as Mrs James Richard Booth, and disappeared from historical records.

The exhibition, Jane Elizabeth, gives voice to a woman silenced. It...
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Jane Elizabeth | Ten Days on the Island

Curated by Noel Frankham, Svenja Kratz, Zoe Veness, and Kit Wise as part of TEN DAYS ON THE ISLAND

The exhibition, Remanence, draws together Tasmanian artists working across a range of media, including: installation, video, sound, painting, jewellery and objects, and sculpture. Motivated by the 50th anniversary the 1967 Black Tuesday bush fires in south-east Tasmania, the artists respond to...
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Remanence | Ten Days on the Island

“This is almost a Eureka moment for us because it’s the first time we can say for sure that it was the immunotherapy that was making the tumour shrink.” (Professor Greg Woods, Menzies Institute for Medical Research).

A remarkable discovery from our amazing Devils scientists! #weareutas #research #science #tasmaniandevils
If you missed Rosie Martin's International Women's Day Address: "Three Steps to Kind Communication", you can stream it here: [ Link ]

#InternationalWomensDay #weareutas
"I found out that the University of Tasmania offered Aquaculture and that they have good facilities. They have very well-recognised research scientists, especially in Aquaculture. That’s why I came here to do my PhD." (Audrey Daning Turzan, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies - IMAS). [ Link ]

The University of Tasmania has climbed higher in the QS World University Rankings,...
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