"A longtime teacher himself, now a science advocate and co-founder of Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S. with the GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Emdin offers a vision to make the classroom come alive."

Teach teachers how to create magic

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Networking opens doors in your industry that otherwise, you might never get. Set yourself apart with our networking tips!

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"My late father’s priority for me was education – he wanted me to be able to support the family and help those in need. I studied industrial chemistry, but it was a devastating experience: I was denied my diploma because of corruption in the faculty. This has been an ongoing issue in the Nigerian university system. You don’t succeed based on your work; students are barely awarded first class...
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"12 Online Learning Sites Anyone Wanting to Jumpstart Their Career Should Consider"

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It’s finally time for your big job interview, but they want to interview you on Skype instead of in person. Is it really that different? What do you need to do to prepare?

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Online jobs for students can be lucrative, pay well, and set you on a successful career path… If you choose them well & you’re willing to do the work.

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UK higher education is getting WORSE at welcoming kids from poorer backgrounds - 11.3% from low participation neighbourhoods vs 11.4% last year.

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The big battle - online colleges vs. traditional colleges!

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Term 3 starts TOMORROW! Who is excited?!
"Note Taking Strategies for Online Classes" - by one of our star students, Dan Fletcher!

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