Check out President Reshef meeting with UoPeople student, Renee last week!
"Good study skills and study techniques are crucial for your academic success. Here are 7 skills that will make your college life easier."

5 Study Skills and Techniques for Students Who Want to Succeed in College - UoPeople
"UoPeople gave me the opportunity to go back to school without having the burden of debt. If this school wasn't available to me I honestly believe that I still wouldn't be in school because of the cost. I still have outstanding loans that have to be paid and I'm not in the financial position to pay them back at this time."

Jackie, UoPeople student, pictured here with President Reshef
The UoPeople graduates survey is finally here!

Graduates Annual Survey for 2016 - UoPeople
"University of the People’s most important trait is opportunity.
I would tell the students to keep on keeping on. Not to be discouraged. Higher education takes work." Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

The Opportunity at UoPeople is Once in a Life Time!

My name is Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, I am President Emeritus of George Washington University, and presently also a university professor there. And I serve o...

"It’s an exciting time in every parent’s life. Your baby is all grown up, and off to start their brand new adult life in college. They are going to thrive, make new friends, gain the education you’ve always dreamed they could get, and create a great life for themselves. But it’s also a very scary time in every parent’s life..."

8 Personal Finance Blogs for Parents of College-Bound Students - UoPeople
"The term "back to school" conjures up associations of fresh school supplies, great deals and new beginnings. But for adults going back to school after a long break, whether it is to start or finish a degree, the term "back to school" might conjure up some anxiety instead."

Tips For Going Back To School As An Adult - UoPeople
"In 1985, there was hope. Women in computer science received 37% of their faculty’s undergraduate degrees, reports ReadWrite. Equality hadn’t been reached, yet it seemed to be on its way.

But ever since then – despite progress, despite the growing need for human resources in this increasingly lucrative field – we’ve been going backwards."

Why There Are So Few Women In Computer Science (Plus, Women Pioneers Who’ll Inspire You Not To Give Up) - UoPeople
Another incredibly inspiring email we received from one of Syrian students, Majd Watfeh:

"The war started while I was 16 years old, I was too young to even understand what was happening. I tried to stay alive in Aleppo. My life was just about staying alive, and trying to study despite the circumstances. I studied with a low candle light, and went out on dangerous outings to get the...
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"Use this opportunity to develop the talents that you have.
Don’t be daunted by the difficulties because the goal at the far end is very great." Colin Lucas, former Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, and UoPeople President’s Council member.

UoPeople Opens the Door for You!

I’m Colin Lucas, I used to be the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, and on the President’s Advisory Council for the University of the People. Any univers...

"Founder and president of online university wants to widen access to higher education."

He creates university to help the poor get degree
"Amid the ruins, learning endured, as 15 young Syrians prepared for their university exams. They could not walk to a college campus, because so many of the country’s universities have been reduced to rubble. But they could still earn their degrees, thanks to a unique online program made available by UoPeople."

Educating Syria’s Rebuilders
"To be able to provide a university education much more broadly and internationally means a great deal to me, and the University of the People is doing it well. It knows what higher education is about and how to provide it." Judith Shapiro

UoPeople is the Future of Higher Education!

My name is Judith Shapiro, and I’m on the President’s Council of the University of the People. I really wanted to be a part of the University of the People b...

As a new class of students starts planning their futures, here are six valuable pieces of advice school guidance counselors can offer students...

6 Things School Guidance Counselors Should Be Telling Every Student - UoPeople
"First-generation college students are unique. They're often highly motivated, independent and goal-oriented individuals. These attributes will serve them well in their academic and professional lives. However, there are unique difficulties to being a first-generation student as well. Knowing what these are can help you better prepare for your course of study and ensure success."

The Biggest Challenges Facing First Generation College Students (and how to overcome them) - UoPeople
"Shai understands the power of education and the power of intellectual capital that can flow freely around the world, even though economic capital does not." John Gerzema

Shai Reshef & John Gerzema - The beginning of UoPeople

Shai understands the power of education and the power of intellectual capital that can flow freely around the world, even though economic capital does not. H...

Check out President Shai Reshef meeting with UoPeople student Mieko, in San Francisco!
5 Must-Have Tech Skills for College Students!

5 Must-Have Tech Skills for College Students