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Warwick Creative Writing alumna Sohini Basak is the winner of the 2016 Beverly Series for her debut collection of poetry, We Live in the Newness of Small Differences. [ Link ]

Indian poet wins prestigious poetry prize for debut collection
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It's day 3 of our winter graduations. Congratulations to everyone graduating today!
Our latest video reminds us to 'Cherish' your day. Share your pictures with us using #warwickgrad
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Protecting the UK’s most valuable crops by making them more resilient is at the heart of a new five-year project, in which our School of Life Sciences will play a key role [ Link ]

BRAVO: making UK crops more resilient
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It's day 2 of our winter graduations! A big congratulations to those who are graduating today. Take a look at our videos from from the summer. We are Proud! #warwickgrad
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How many of us consider the risks associated with simply sitting at our desk at work? Apparently there’s a reasonable chance of getting DVT from bad sitting positions and a static lifestyle.
That is why a researcher from Warwick Medical School says preventing e-thrombosis should be top of our list for 2017

Don't cross your legs
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It’s day 1 of our winter graduations! Congratulations to all who are graduating today Check out our graduation videos from the summer, our first one is 'Prepare' #warwickgrad
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Professor Roberta Bivins and a team of historians have been investigating the cultural history of the NHS. Astonishingly, given the sheer scale of its impacts on local and regional communities, and on Britain’s national and international identity, the cultural history of this key institution of post-war British life remains largely undeveloped. Something the project team have been working to...
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Inside Out West Midlands, 16/01/2017
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At our winter degree ceremonies this week we'll be welcoming five honorary graduands to campus, including a former director of MI5, a children's TV producer and someone TIME Magazine dubbed an 'Asian Hero'.

Find out more our honorary graduands at [ Link ]
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After allegations about Trump and his team, Warwick Department of Economics' Mark Harrison explores the term Kompromat or “compromising evidence" [ Link ]

Kompromat: it’s What We Don’t Know, Not What We Know
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❓❓Any questions?❓❓

Only one week to go until Vice-Chancellor Stuart Croft and Warwick SU President Luke Pilot answer YOUR questions. To book your place, or submit a question, head to [ Link ]
Yesterday, Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson of the Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick took part in BBC Radio 4's In Our Time discussing Friedrich Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality (1887) - head to the BBC iPlayer to hear what he had to say

Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morality, In Our Time - BBC Radio 4
This year's Warwick International Forum - WIF takes place in London at the end of this month and features a range of excellent speakers, including Nobel Laureate in Economics Oliver Hart. Find out more information, including how to book your ticket, in this Facebook event

Warwick International Forum 2017

Did you miss University of Warwick Department of Classics and Ancient History's Dr Michael Scott exploring Venice as part of the BBC's Invisible Cities series last night? Catch up now

Italy's Invisible Cities, 2. Venice
Given that there is snow forecast on campus this afternoon, it's worth reminding yourself what we'll do in the event of really extreme weather. Take care and wrap up warm if you're out and about today! ❄

Weather communications
Dr Ben Margulies, researcher in politics from the Department of Politics and International Studies at The University of Warwick comments on the day’s developments in US politics. [ Link ]

Obama's Farewell and Trump revelations - today in US politics
Join Dr Michael Scott from University of Warwick Department of Classics and Ancient History tonight for another exploration of Italy's Invisible Cities, this time in Venice. BBC1, 9pm.

Find out more about the show at [ Link ]
Trust is a crucial element in any relationship, not least when financial transactions are taking place. The rise of sharing economy platforms such as Airbnb and Uber – where you pay a stranger for a service – are especially dependent on trust. Are they who they say they are? Will they deliver the service that they’ve promised?

Mareike Möhlmann from Warwick Business School writes for The...
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Why people trust sharing economy strangers more than their colleagues
The countdown to Varsity has begun! Show your support for all our fantastic sports clubs, athletes & teams using #teamwarwick and keep your eyes peeled around campus for plenty of Team Warwick lamppost banners! [ Link ]
Molecules 10,000 times narrower than the width of a human hair could hold the key to making possible wooden skyscrapers, according to research led by a father and son team at the Universities of Warwick and Cambridge

Glue’ that makes plant cell walls strong could hold the key to wooden skyscrapers