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Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani Anti-Corruption Excellence Award
Opinion Editorial by Executive Director Yury Fedotov

"If we're to truly beat corruption, we need to instil a culture of lawfulness today"

Each year, on 9 December, the world marks International Anti-Corruption Day. We treat this not only as a means to raise awareness, but also as an opportunity to showcase innovative ways that people and organizations can work together to counter this...
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On this International Day, the world is #UnitedAgainstCorruption!

9 December is the International Anti-Corruption Day, with UNODC and United Nations Development Programme - UNDP calling for #people across the globe to join a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about corruption and encouraging people from all walks of life to take action against this crime.

The slogan 'United against...
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We are #UnitedAgainstCorruption because integrity is the only way to achieve development. Spread the word and use your voice to say NO to this crime, which impedes #development for all.

Join us in this fight and support our thunderclap campaign at [ Bit.ly Link ]

For more info and tips on what you can do, visit anticorruptionday.org

United Against Corruption

Member States have recognized the importance of the regional level in international drugs control.
The recent United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the world #drug problem (#UNGASS) as well as the Third Committee of the General Assembly dealing with Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs encouraged the Commission on Narcotic Drugs to strengthen its subsidiary bodies.

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Join UNODC and United Nations Development Programme - UNDP in their call for people to stand #UnitedAgainstCorruption on the International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December.

Spread the word and use your voice to say NO to this crime, which
impedes #development for all.

Visit anticorruptionday.org or Anti-Corruption Campaign for + info and tips on what you can do.
Regional cooperation is essential to address the challenges of #drugs and transnational #OrganizedCrime, UNODC Chief Yury Fedotov said at an event in Domodedovo, near Moscow.

In his remarks, Mr. Fedotov said: "It is an honour to be here to celebrate this long-standing cooperation between UNODC, the #Russian Federation, #Japan and #Afghanistan, which is helping to confront a major threat to...
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Good health and well-being is a goal we must achieve by 2030,
ending the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other
neglected tropical diseases. #SDG3

Everyone has the right to health-care services. For Good-Health
and Well-Being for all, we are #UnitedAgainstCorruption.

Visit our International Anti-Corruption Day campaign website at anticorruptionday.org and support our campaign at
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UNODC's Director for Treaty Affairs, John Brandolino, and Guatemala's Foreign Minister, Carlos Raúl Morales Moscoso met today to discuss their interest in strengthening cooperation in the implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption (#UNCAC), especially in the area of asset recovery.

Read more about UNODC's work in this field at [ Bit.ly Link ]
In order to reduce #opioid overdose deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO), recently recommended in its Community Management of Opioid Overdose Guidelines that the opioid antidote naloxone, as well as training in opioid overdose management, should be made available to people likely to witness an overdose, such as health professionals, police, people who use opioids, their families and...
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Today is the International Day for the Abolition of #Slavery.

To address this very contemporary crime while marking the Day, UNODC and the Walk Free Foundation announced the signing of an agreement that will enable both organizations to work together to estimate the number of victims of #HumanTrafficking.

Read more about the agreement at [ Bit.ly Link ]
The latest UNODC Early Warning Advisory Newsletter on New Psychoactive Substances is now available.

Download November’s newsletter on #NPS at bit.ly/2fSdV72
Are you against corruption?

If so, please support our Thunderclap campaign using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Corruption is not "a way of life". Everyone has the power to stand and fight #UnitedAgainstCorruption.
We must work together. UNITED. Tackling corruption is vital to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).

Raise your voice and say NO to this crime!

Show your support...
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United Against Corruption

Are you against corruption? If so, please support our Thunderclap campaign using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

People often think that corruption is "just a way of life", but every society, sector and individual would benefit from standing #UnitedAgainstCorruption.

Everyone has the power to stand and fight against corruption. We must work together. UNITED. Tackling corruption is vital to...
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The creation of a Global Judicial Integrity Network moved a step closer to being realized this week as UNODC held its first regional preparatory meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Once live, the Network will bring together Chief Justices and members of judicial bodies from across the world and will be the first ever global platform dedicated exclusively to upholding judicial...
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Today is #WorldAIDSday!

In 2014, with technical assistance from UNODC and other key stakeholders, #Kenya embarked on one of the most comprehensive harm reduction and combination-prevention programmes for people who inject drugs in #Africa. The large-scale implementation of such programmes required close collaboration and coordination at all levels.

By 2016, all core interventions mentioned...
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From 2-15 Dec, check out the "Obrajes" photo exhibit in La Paz, Bolivia, on women in prison settings by following the link below.
Additionally, learn more about UNODC's work on children, victims and women's Criminal Justice issues at: [ J.mp Link ]
"No one, whether prisoners or other groups, should be shamed into silence. People should also be given access to clean syringes and needles, opioid substitution therapy, HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy. But globally the availability, coverage and quality of these HIV services is too low to prevent HIV and hepatitis C.", Yury Fedotov - UNODC Executive Director

Read the full statement on...
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An agreement to undertake activities at reducing transnational #crime between UNODC and the African Prosecutors Association (APA) was signed in recent days. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both bodies was signed in Luanda, #Angola by Zhuldyz Akisheva, UNODC Regional Representative for Southern Africa and João Maria de Sousa, APA President and Angola's Attorney General.

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2015 UNODC Annual Report is now available to download!

The 2015 Annual Report provides an overview of UNODC's work across the globe in assisting Member States to address the threat posed by #drugs, #crime and #terrorism. In addition to highlighting the Office's achievements for the year, it showcases the human impact of UNODC's work through a series of success stories and the effect on the...
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UNODC Annual Report