We're thrilled to announce that Professor Megan Davis has been appointed our first Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous.
If you could study anywhere in the world for a semester, where would you go?
Please vote and help our scientists sequence her rare genome.

Sandy the pure desert dingo takes on the world

Happy St Patrick's Day! The sun will come out... eventually. For now, here's a rainbow.
A handy guide for our new students. Submissions welcome :)

Top 10 Campus Eats Under $10

A selection of photos from #unswoweek. Check out our campus, people, clubs and societies (and tag away).
Flashback to the apocalypse. Just kidding: throwback to 2009 when the Eastern Australian Dust Storm painted UNSW orange.
Big cheers to the UNSW Competitive Robotics team! They are the only Australian team to qualify for the world’s richest robotics competition, happening in Abu Dhabi this week.

UNSW robots vie for $5 million prize

Just another stunning sunset at UNSW.
UNSW is ranked #1 in Australia in Accounting and Finance, Psychology, Materials Science and Civil & Structural Engineering.

UNSW continues to climb world rankings

Read all about our special breakfast with Tanya Plibersek :D

Women: don’t rest

Happy International Women's Day AND Happy Festival of Sport! We are celebrating both with the launch of SHE CAN.
“My parents sold everything they had just to send me. This feels like the first time I can have my own private space and I’m really excited.”

Welcome to UNSW, Mohammad :)

A room of his own: humanitarian scholarship helps refugee pursue his dreams

Well done to our first official Mardi Gras marchers! Yes, our VC is wearing red heels :)
Happy Mardi Gras!
“The laksa in the Matthews Food Court is the best laksa I’ve ever had. And the best place for a selfie is in front of the Ainsworth Building because the red background looks really colourful in photos.”
Jay Zabakly, UNSW Arts/Education student. #HumansofUNSW
“I used to shake my legs and shake my hands a lot, and I would always stutter through my speeches. And I get nervous laughter! One time I made a speech and I laughed for half of it – I fell to the floor because I was laughing so much. I’ve come a long way, really.” - Jay Zabakly, Arts/Education student. #HumansOfUNSW
Today's storms were no match for our walkway. Still pretty :)