That's a wrap! Thanks to everyone for making O-Week 2017 so successful and so much fun. Here's to an exceptional year ahead!
#TBT: While our new students celebrate O-Week 2017, we remember what O-Week 1975 looked like!
The story of an empty block, a team of researchers and a community of farmers in search of a farm.

A garden to call home
O-Week 2017 is here! Looking forward to welcoming all our new and returning students to campus this week.
When your uni gets crowned Australia's Most Vegan-Friendly University! ????

REVEALED: Australia's Most Vegan-Friendly Universities
How a few weeks can change a whole future.

Giving students the best chance of success
"It’s not acceptable that just because people with dementia or the elderly may not have the ability to complain, we accept that some of them live in uncomfortable facilities which may worsen their health and impact on their behaviours. They have the right to live in a comfortable environment."

Why aren't we designing homes that are enjoyable for people as they age?
As children we're encouraged to dream big, and many young people – including young women and girls – aspire to a career in science. With 11 February marking the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, how can women embark on a career of discovery in this challenging but deeply rewarding field?

How to find success as a woman in science
We've been welcoming Year 12 students to our Wollongong campus all week to get a taste of UOW life. The heat and rain threatened to wipe us out, but when there's new people to meet, dance-offs to be done and a university to discover, the weather's the last thing on our minds!
Could the humble honeybee teach us how to live longer?

It's a bee's life
UPDATE: Police and UOW security officers have resolved the incident and staff were able to re-enter building 19 at about 11.30am.

A UOW staff member received information about a security threat this morning and campus security was contacted immediately at approximately 10.20am). All buildings were evacuated. The threat was isolated to building 19, allowing staff from all other buildings to...
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Wollongong campus security alert
"At the time I joined the Navy, women on ships were not allowed to go beyond Australia’s territorial sea limit, which was three nautical miles then. Can you believe that?"

How UOW Professor Robin Warner blazed a trail for women on the sea
#TBT: Those 1977 campus vibes!
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Imagine being a journalist and a story you’ve written about the political situation unfolding in your home country has provoked the anger of the authorities, who are willing to threaten you until you change your views. For Ali Rabea it was a daily reality.

A life in exile
Welcome to the Year of the Rooster! May you be just like the Rooster this year — hardworking, loyal, honest, courageous and determined.
Congratulations to ACES - ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science Director, Distinguished Professor Gordon Wallace, and UOW Deputy Chancellor, Noel Cornish, who were today recognised in the 2017 Australia Day Honours List for their dedication to innovation, collaboration and community service. [ Link ]
#FlashbackFriday: Looking just as grand in 1986 as it does today, Bert Flugelman's 'Gateway to Mount Keira' stands proudly at the western end of campus.

Flugelman was one Australia's most prominent visual artists, well known for his creations in cities around the country, including 'Winged Figure' that resides at the foot of Mount Keira.

(Photo: UOW Archives)
Old enemies are making a comeback. Diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and malaria are stealing ground won over the past century. Antibiotics are under threat. The problem is antimicrobial resistance, where infections don’t respond to common medicines that normally stop them in their tracks.

At UOW, we're working to understand how drugs work at the molecular level to help develop...
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Filming the mysteries of molecular science to fight the war on disease