Shimmers of sunshine through the trees this week have brought much-needed relief from the downpours! Come on, sun – you can do it. ⛅

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Life as a 21-year-old Co-CEO of AIME, one of the most successful Indigenous mentoring programs in the world.

Meet Marlee Silva, third-year UOW student and a Co-CEO of AIME
"The world now has three options in how to deal with Trump: appease, submit or resist."

UOW's Dr Gómez Romero on human rights and the law in the age of Trump
Dreaming of a good night's sleep? UOW's sleep expert can help.

Busting sleep myths: What really happens when we close our eyes?
A new $2.5M patient-centred facility located at UOW Shoalhaven Campus is officially under construction today following a ceremonial turning of the sod.

MIND the GaP is a purpose-built initiative aimed at improving the prevention, early recognition and treatment of mental health issues, including suicide prevention and trauma recovery, particularly in vulnerable and younger people.

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#TBT: Hands up if you can change 1976 printer cartridges. ✋
Sex. It's a basic human need. So why is talking about it so taboo?

Creating supportive environments for teens to talk about sex
Two weeks in and our new students are getting acquainted with some very important UOW residents... ????

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Bringing true meaning to the term #girlboss on International Women's Day.

The UOW women who are building their empires
Could minuscule postmortem brain samples hold the key to understanding major psychiatric disorders?

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Meet The Stress Scientist, UOW grad Dr Natalie Matosin
"Crystal clear blue water, white sand, teeming wildlife, and next to it all is plastic pollution."

What can be done to clean up our oceans?
#TBT: Think it's rained enough this week? In 1977, wet weather flooded the rugby oval! (Whether this pair were on the bench before or after the flood is yet to be determined...)

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We're proud to call our campuses living art galleries, immersing students and staff in works by renowned artists.

How UOW houses one of Australia's largest university art collections
That's a wrap! Thanks to everyone for making O-Week 2017 so successful and so much fun. Here's to an exceptional year ahead!
#TBT: While our new students celebrate O-Week 2017, we remember what O-Week 1975 looked like!
The story of an empty block, a team of researchers and a community of farmers in search of a farm.

A garden to call home
O-Week 2017 is here! Looking forward to welcoming all our new and returning students to campus this week.
When your uni gets crowned Australia's Most Vegan-Friendly University! ????

REVEALED: Australia's Most Vegan-Friendly Universities
How a few weeks can change a whole future.

Giving students the best chance of success