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We're taking makeup prep to a new level: watch as Wende takes you through our amazing new lineup of products that help you put it on perfectly and take it off totally . #UDRehab #UDMeltdown
Urban Decay Cosmetics
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The silver lining to your Thursday: Vice Liquid Lipstick in Menace + Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoat in Regulate. [ Bit.ly Link ] #UrbanDecay #LipstickIsMyVice
Urban Decay Cosmetics
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Your new Vice is here, UDers. Our Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoats will transform your favorite lip look from basic to anything but. Shop your new favorites now! [ Bit.ly Link ] #LipstickIsMyVice #UrbanDecay
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Pool party approved βœ” [ Bit.ly Link ] // : SEPHORA #LipstickIsMyVice #UrbanDecay
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Thanks for the love, Extra! #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay
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#UDHQ got some ink done! Thank you Sara M Lyons Art & Illustration for painting this rad mural for us. #UrbanDecay
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It's this badass babe's birthday today. Help us wish her a good one by leaving a purple heart below! Ruby Rose #UrbanDecay
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Raise your hand if your non-tour is on point today. #UrbanDecay
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The ultimate. #UrbanDecay #TheNakedEffect
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S.O.S! Feeling indecisive. [ Bit.ly Link ] #LipstickIsMyVice #UrbanDecay
Fresh-faced Friday. [ Bit.ly Link ] #TGIF #UrbanDecay
Don't forget to wear your green today! #StPatricksDay #UrbanDecay
If you need us, we'll be over here reliving last night . [ Bit.ly Link ] #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay
Repost from @UDWende on Instagram. We still can’t get over this new collection. [ Bit.ly Link ] #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay
#UDxBasquiat Live from LA!

Joining you live from The Broad where we're celebrating the launch of Urban Decay x Basquiat! #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay
Dying for more details about our #UDXBasquiat collab? Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the collection (and maybe a surprise guest appearance!) on Facebook Live at 7:30 PM PST. See you there! #UrbanDecay
Beauty Junkies know makeup is art, art is makeup. Introducing our latest collab: Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat. You're going to want to get your hands on this SERIOUSLY limited edition collection! Available 4/20 at UrbanDecay.com. [ Bit.ly Link ] #UDXBasquiat #UrbanDecay
Excited for our Naked Skin Highlighting Fluids but don't know where to start? Artist in Residence Amanda Rodriguez is showing you how to create the ultimate cool-girl look with a few of her favorites. Watch now for all the steps! #UrbanDecay
Current status: Woke up late, but handling it. #UrbanDecay
Nothing but Time. #LipstickIsMyVice #DaylightSavingsTime