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trump basket - A toilet bowl. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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wealth care - Excellent health care reserved exclusively for the wealthy. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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hows the weather up there - A dick thing you say to a tall person to piss them off. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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ratfucker - The insane, narcissistic, outrageous asshat who ratfucked his way into the Whitehouse with Russian hacking, slanderous lies from FBI director James Comey, and the archaic, undemocratic, and fucked Electoral Col... - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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from the giddy up - From the beginning. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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Trumpcare - Government healthcare program thought up by a group of rich white men posing as politicians that will provide you with enough coverage for a band-aid. Unless of course you are one of the rich. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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presidential comb over - When the president deals with a problem by sweeping it under the rug. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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spank bank overdraft - When you masterbate so much your spank bank is now into overdraft - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
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Shamrock'd - (Noun) Getting drunk on St. Patrick's Day - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
manonmansplaining - The act of explaining man on man sexual intercourse to another person. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
lucky sock - What most teenage boys use to masturbate - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
Chunion - A form of armpit odour that resembles a combination of cheese and onion. Usually experienced after hard work or a hot day. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
Corn Puck - A hard round constipating turd. Induced by too much starch and not enough fiber in the diet. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
Strand-up comedy - The way one's hair can look first thing in the morning, sticking straight up in all directions. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
highwear - N. The sunglasses you put on when your eyes are displaying the effects of marijuana. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]
fake news - A term formerly useful for describing websites consisting entirely of intentionally fabricated news stories, but now used to describe virtually anything that does not mesh with one's own views. - [ Urbanup.com Link ]