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Our #EverydayArtist of the week, Sushma Madappa started off with knitting at the age of 5. She then grew up to find beauty in all things creative. Today, she documents her love for art and creative spaces using prose. Read more about her and what keeps her going here: [ 2one.in Link ]

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On Creating a Creative Way of Life

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#LetsCreate comfortable living. Different elements, colours and textures come together to create a living space that you would love to come home to after a long day. Our #CreativeSpace
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#ULstory of the week is by Amrita, a beautiful space: [ 2one.in Link ]
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Truly an inspirational set up. This #CreativeSpace belongs to @sixofusdesign . We love how they've used our Apollo two-seater against this eclectic backdrop.
Our #EverydayArtist of the week has always been a lover of words. And as with love, it's only when she took a chance and plunged headfirst into the world of writing that she discovered what it truly meant to her. Read all about reader-turned-writer Khyrunnisa A's journey here: [ 2one.in Link ]

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From Chronic Reader to Prolific Writer

#LetsCreate interesting conversations over cups of coffee.The Pierre coffee table and the Apollo sofa look like a match made in heaven. Our #CreativeSpace
#ULstory of the week is by Vaishali Sangle, a beautiful space: [ 2one.in Link ]
For those of you interested in DevOps, we're hosting a webinar on Feb 20. Sounds like your thing? Get a spot here: [ 2one.in Link ]

How we made our DevOps team redundant

Natural light, bright colors and a view of the city streets. This #CreativeSpace belongs to Supriya Singh. We love how she has used our Masai chairs to accentuate her cosy little balcony. The bright mat adds to the visual appeal.
Because love is love is love. So this Valentine's Day, let's celebrate any and all kinds of it.
We believe love is best proclaimed, not hidden. So if you're in love with someone, say it loud and say it proud <3 #OutWithIt
#LetsCreate lasting impressions. With the Winchester sofa, so royally adorning your living space, it’s only surprising if that’s not all people can talk about. Our #CreativeSpace
#LetsCreate new experiences. Call friends over for a wine tasting or try your hand at bartending. With the Stinson bar chairs, playing the perfect host is easy. Our #CreativeSpace
In Greek mythology, it is the three Sisters of Fate who spin and control the threads of destiny. But our #EverydayArtist of the week, Usha Borda has spun the threads of her fate herself - literally and otherwise. Read all about this inspiring woman here:
[ 2one.in Link ]
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On Taking the Road Less Travelled

Don't let her age fool you. Meha Shetty may be young, but her designs betray a maturity well beyond her years. Get to know all about this fabulous UL designer here: 2one.in/Meha_Shetty

In Profile: Meha Shetty, Designer, Urban Ladder

#ULstory of the week is by Drishni ,a beautiful colour blocked space: 2one.in/Dhrishni
Wooden textured furniture meets flora and fauna to create this unique, almost tropical looking space. ⠀ #CreativeSpace of @pinaytraveller
Eclectic beauty. The DSW chairs pair perfectly with the minimalist dining table. The play of light and textures makes the space a visual delight. This #CreativeSpace belongs to @sufine.gazeeb and we couldn't have done it better ourselves.
#LetsCreate tiny slices of heaven. The Genoa wing chair and Kepler tripod lamp come together beautifully to create a space you’ll never want to leave. Our #CreativeSpace