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The play of lines and textures creates an almost colour block effect. We love how all the elements blend in perfect harmony making the space so interesting! #CreativeSpace of @themarketmenumagazine
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#LetsCreate reasons to get dressed and get out. With a tall mirror and room for your accessories, the Zephyr dresser is all you need to get your game face on. Our #CreativeSpace
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Vintage charm meets mid-century forms in the Emaada chest of drawers. We love how Karyn has it double as a dresser with the addition of a gorgeous mirror. #CreativeSpace
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Our #EverydayArtist of the week gives flight to his imagination using his passion for writing. Read more about him and his work here: [ Bit.ly Link ] #LetsCreate stories.
Know an everyday artist like Prathap? Share their story with us by writing in to everydayartists@urbanladder.com We’d love to feature their work here!
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#ULstory of the week is by Abhishek Mukherjee ,a beautiful space: bit.ly/Abhishek_Mukherjee
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#LetsCreate memories worth holding on to. We took the sweetness of nostalgia and turned it into something wonderful. Our #CreativeSpace
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Some talented folks from our tech team will be at the Hasura office today to give a fun talk on their container adoption journey. If that seems like your thing, sign up here: [ Bit.ly Link ] Event starts at 3 pm today.

HASURA - Buildathon (20th-Jan, 2017)

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This cosy little nook, the sunlight streaming in through the window, the play with colors. What an ideal spot to escape into the world of stories. This #CreativeSpace belongs to Puja Sahay and features the Dylan rocking chair.
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Vintage meets contemporary, colliding into random along the way. A beautifully eclectic setup. #CreativeSpace of @thegildedsparrow
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#NothingIsBoring. Found yourself in a sticky situation? We've rounded up some cool ideas to prove that
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A whimsical work space with unique textures and natural light. What a perfect setting to get creative! #CreativeSpace of @goldalamode
#LetsCreate a bit of the outdoors, indoor. Bring home the hues of the forest with the compact Orita armchair. Our #CreativeSpace
Rukmini Roy of Trumatter fame shares her views on the decor trends that'll dominate 2017. For a lowdown on what's hot and what's not, head over here: bit.ly/ULTrends2017

Trends That Will Dominate 2017

The Mahe range adds a refreshing new twist to neoclassical designs with a splash of turmeric yellow. Our #CreativeSpace
Our #EverydayArtist of the week has successfully combined her passion for animation and crochet in the most creative way. Read more about her pursuits here: [ Bit.ly Link ]. #LetsCreate amigurumi.
#ULstory of the week is by Madhuban Ray Chaudhury, a beautiful bohemian space: bit.ly/Madhuban_Ray_Chaudhury
With its gently curving headboard and surprising choice of colours, the Lenox bed is a departure from the ordinary. Our #CreativeSpace
Beautiful in monochrome, simple and subtle. Add a beach view on the side and this would be nirvana. Just make sure you get some work done too though! #CreativeSpace of @janaeallred
Cold Christmas morning, pajamas, coffee, cookies and a good book. Lounging on this cosy couch, cuddling a cushion and watching the gentle sunlight stream in. Ah, bliss. #CreativeSpace of @_grunka_
In which Sharon Colaco D'souza writes about how the Mahe range drew her eye and stole her heart: bit.ly/Mahe-TKB

Why Urban Ladder’s Mahe range has my heart | The Keybunch Decor Blog