The fifth edition of Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) will take place Feb. 24-26, 2017 and it is all set to once again bring together literati from around the world on one platform. Razi Ahmed, LLF founder and CEO says, “LLF is all about celebrating the intellectual and creative vitality of this city, its cosmopolitan and syncretic past, its storied cultural contributions, and its place in the...
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#LincolnCorner #Sargodha hosted a talk in collaboration with the Department of Political science and International Relations of University Of Sargodha. This talk was a part of seminar series on “The rule of law in Pakistan: FCR and FATA” by Professor Robert Nichols on February 20, 2017.
Professor Nichols is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, USA. He did his PhD in 1997 on “Settling the...
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Mesmerising footage of snowfall in Swat [ Link ] #BeautifualPakistan #USCGLahore
Washington is saying its farewells to Bao Bao, the beloved giant panda that leaves the Smithsonian’s National Zoo February 21. Next stop: China.

Best of Bao Bao

How much do you know about U.S. presidents? Test your knowledge! Click on the president’s face or name to select your answer. Go to the next question by clicking on the buttons given in the link:[ Link ]

How much do you know about U.S. presidents? | ShareAmerica
Hibah Rahmani is a rocket engineer at NASA and her tale serves as a role model to girls all over the world.

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A reminder to everyone: Take time to prepare yourself in order to maintain readiness to respond to a crisis and maintain vigilant personal security practices.

Stay safe!

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: General Security Reminder | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Pakistan
American Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale dedicated the GE locomotives at the Karachi Cantonment railway station. The Ambassador highlighted how US technology and equipment will play a key role in the long-term infrastructure upgrades that will fuel Pakistan’s sustainable economic development. Did you know Pakistan is the first country in South Asia to import and use the GE Evolution Series...
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#Sehwan #SehwanSharif #Blast #LalShehbazQalandar #Pakistan #USEmbassyISB #AmbHale
Welcome to Alcatraz: One of the largest microgrids in the United States!
Alcatraz is famous for its high-security penitentiary. In its day, during the 30 years it was open in the mid-20th century, Alcatraz housed some of America’s most dangerous criminals. The prisoners are long gone, but today Alcatraz Island is a popular California tourist destination #WowAmerica #USCGLahore
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ڈرائیور کے بغیر چلنے والی گاڑیوں کے لاس ویگاس اور پیرس میں تجربات
ان دونوں شہروں نے بجلی سے چلنے والی خودکار بسوں کا استعمال شروع کیا ہے تاکہ مسافروں کو مختصر فاصلے پر واقع مقامات تک لے جایا جائے اور ان کے ردعمل کا جائزہ لیا جائے۔ [ Link ]
پانچ سو میٹر کا فاصلہ طے کرنا – آسان ہے نا، آپ کا کیا خیال ہے؟ لیکن چاند پر نہیں۔

وہ پانچ ٹیمیں جو لُونر ایکسپرائز کے فائنل میں پہنچی ہیں ان کی کوشش ہے کہ:

چاند کی سطح پر ایک گاڑی اتاری جائے
پانچ سو میٹر کا فاصلہ طے کیا جائے
اعلٰی درجے کی تصاویر اور ویڈیو زمین پر بھیجی جائیں
[ Link ]

Moon Shot | Official Trailer | Google Lunar XPRIZE

Academy Award®-nominated director Orlando von Einsiedel, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot and Epic Digital have joined forces with Google and XPRIZE...

The days of having one set of eyeglasses for driving and another for reading may be coming to an end. You put these on, and it’s always clear. Read more: [ Link ]
#MallRoad #CharingCross #LahoreBlast #AmbHale #USEmbassyISB
#MallRoad #CharingCross #LahoreBlast #USCGLahore #CGFedkiw
توانائی کے بحران کا حل پاکستان کی مجموعی اقتصادی ترقی اور خوشحالی کے لئے ناگزیر ہے۔ اسی سلسلے میں یو ایس ایڈ کے ست پارہ ڈویلپمنٹ پراجیکٹ کے تحت گلگت بلتستان میں کسانوں کو سستےسولرپینلز کےمدد سے پانی کی پمپنگ کا نظام بہتر کرنے کی تربیت دی گَئ۔ آبپاشی کے نظام میں بہتری سے بنجر زمین پر بھی کاشت کی جا سکے گی، اور کسانوں کی معاشی حالت میں بہتری آئیگی۔
Energy crisis is a huge barrier to Pakistan's...
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#Doyouknow the name of this famous Lahore monument?
The Washington Capitals are the hottest team in the National Hockey League, led by Russian star Alex Ovechkin. But recently the spotlight fell on one of the team’s biggest fans, a hockey-playing, hijab-wearing young woman from Abu Dhabi with a wicked slapshot Read more: [ Link ]
#WomeninSports #USCGLahoreCricketTeam

Young woman from the UAE wows hockey world | ShareAmerica