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They say early recruiting has raised the pressure for prospective student-athletes to commit before they are developmentally ready, led to mistakes by coaches who commit to players years before they will join their program, and trickled down to hurt younger levels of lacrosse.

Landmark Decision: Upcoming NCAA Vote on Early Recruiting | US Lacrosse Magazine
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Join us for our latest coaches webinar, "Making Lacrosse Fun and Kid-Centered", TOMORROW!

Register now to reserve your spot!

US Lacrosse Webinar: Making Lacrosse Fun and Kid Centered
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Coaching is not an easy thing, but with your investment in time comes rewards to last a lifetime.

Advice for Rookie Lacrosse Coaches
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Whether you’re a seasoned veteran official or a newcomer to our team, here are five tips to help you advance your career as an official.

Five Tips for Advancing as a Lacrosse Official
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There may still be a little bit of snow on the ground, by it sure is a beautiful day for lacrosse here at #TierneyField!!

Salisbury VS Colby in today's matchup!
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“Fundamental to our mission is expanding opportunities to play lacrosse, but support of the PHIT Act represents our commitment to a much broader and more important goal – making it far easier for families to participate in physical activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Become a #PHITChampion!

US Lacrosse Supporting Passage of PHIT Act
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What does it mean to be a “multi-sport” athlete?

The Whys of Multisport Participation
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Do you want your kids sprinting from the car to the practice field, or do you want to see them trudging their way there, step by step?

If you want them sprinting with excitement, then make plans to join our free webinar, "Making Lacrosse Fun and Kid Centered" on Thursday, March 23 at 8 p.m. EST!

Making Lacrosse Fun and Kid Centered
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Do you want to be a member of Team USA?

Applications for players wishing to try out for the 2018 U.S. Men’s National Team are now available!

#USAMLax #USALax #USLacrosse

US Lacrosse Opens Applications for 2018 U.S. Men’s National Team
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“Continued development and implementation of injury prevention programming is necessary to further reduce injury risk, particularly related to lower extremity injuries and concussions."

Study: NCAA Men's Injury Rates on Decline
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"We as coaches and parents can focus on making the team on which our kids are placed into a welcoming place that helps them get to know each other and become friends, even if they didn’t know a single child on the first day of practice."

Getting to Know You: A Guide for Parents and Coaches
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How can coaches balance the culture of creativity with the realities of winning games on a lacrosse field?

Balancing Systems and Creativity | US Lacrosse
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Soak in every moment of every game, absorb the cheers, the goof ups, the missteps, the sometimes less than perfect effort, the sometimes mind blowing plays, the team events, the mud, the smell, the tears, the joy, because one day its going to be over.

Parents: Enjoy the Moment
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And the winner is...Anthracite!

Thank you to all those who participated in picking out the alternate uniform for the Women's National Team! Don't forget to mark your calendars for the FIL Women's World Cup July 12-22! #USAWLax
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How is your team celebrating?
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Coaches! What is the most fun activity you do every season with you team? Is it a pre-game ritual or a quirky team tradition?

Learn how to make your season more fun at our coaching webinar next Thursday!

Webinar: Making Practices Fun and Kid-Centered
There was a little bit of movement in this week's WCLA Division I coaches poll. See how your favorite team stands!

BYU Makes Jump in WCLA D-1 Poll
“Everybody talks about being the first to do something. These are going to be the pioneers if we’re fortunate enough to get into the Olympics one day.”

U.S. Women are Chasing Rings in 2017 | US Lacrosse Magazine
March is National Athletic Training Month! We would like to thank all of the athletic trainers who keep athletes safe.

Athletic Trainers are Critical Support Staff