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U.S. National Football Team alum and Yale University offensive lineman Sterling Strother knows keeping a healthy balance of working hard on the field and excelling in the classroom is essential.

So how does the 6-foot-5, 270-pound future Yale University offensive lineman maintain a balance with everything life throws at him?

5 tips for a healthy balance between athletics and academics
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The twin stack receiver set allows an offense to challenge a defense horizontally and vertically.

It can create mismatches numerically on the perimeter and it will dictate the thinning of the box to the defense, which in turn will open up the running game.

Using Stacked Twins to both sides in the running and passing games
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Part of that dialogue at last month's National Conference centered on addressing the problems that our sport faces.

According to USA Football CEO Scott Hallenbeck, one of the big challenges football is encountering is early sports specialization.

Sports specialization remains big challenge facing youth sports
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Youth sports organizations ask a lot of their volunteer head coaches, most whom display a wide array of coaching talent and experience.

But here are five traits every coach can AND should exhibit that parents will appreciate.

5 traits coaches display that parents love
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The first step to being a part of the U.S. National Football Team kicked off in the Sunshine State last weekend and Orlando brought out their best.

Find out which athletes stood out below

Top Performers: Orlando RDC 2/18-2/19
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Are your kids in a struggle right now in sports?

If so, don't be tempted to jump in and try to fix it.

Your kids need to struggle in order to learn how to fly.

Don't let your athlete skip the struggle
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U.S. National Football Team coach Bill Williams holds a special place in his heart for the defensive big men and he knows what you need to work on to become unblockable in 2017.

Critical moves that every pass rusher needs in his arsenal
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USA Football's reaction to high school football rules changes by the National Federation of State High School Associations.
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To say an adversarial relationship between coaches and parents of student-athletes exists would be an understatement.

In the spirit of seeking out solutions, I offer five decrees for coaches and parents to adopt to foster better communication.

5 decrees for fostering better communication between coaches and parents
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Culture is everything in football.

Ottumwa High School (Iowa) head coach Rich Mayson recently employed a unique way of trying to generate excitement and create culture in his program while recognizing the achievements of the feeder middle school team.

Why one high school coach had a Signing Day event for his incoming freshmen
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Playing the martyr as a parent is putting a band-aid on a broken arm.

It only treats the surface and doesn’t deal with the heart of the matter.

It’s simply not the best way to get your kids to respond and if you want to break the habit, keep these thoughts in mind:

Why a sports parent martyr complex doesn’t work
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To me, a stalemate was all about who was driving harder or who was stronger.

As I’ve grown to understand more about technique and leverage, my understanding has blossomed to include more technical aspects of winning in this situation.

Building an offensive line: Learning the clog to prevail in stalemates
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The player who texted Hillcrest (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) head coach Sam Adams earlier this week crafted a note that all high school football coaches can relate to.


This player’s text to his former HS football coach is a reminder of the impact that coaches have
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Take your coaching to the NEXT level today by accessing our new Coach Performance Center.

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Parents and coaches should encourage their kids to be active during this period where there is no football.

If playing a winter sport isn't a possibility, I suggest keeping your child physically fit with these three golden football offseason exercises.

3 golden offseason exercises for youth football players
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There’s really no reason to involve a child with politics even if he or she is involved with it.

The kids have enough to worry about on the field that they don’t need any exposure to the political shenanigans that can take place on the sidelines.

Keep the kids away from program politics
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Breaking the offseason into three mini-phases (early, mid, and late) will help you hone in on training priorities and set your players up for a healthy and productive competitive season.

Training Priorities for Football in the Offseason
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The other week I was asked how was it possible for an athlete to learn the same great amazing moves that the pros do.

I assured him it was absolutely possible.

Not because the pros are great athletes but, because they are too human.

Myelin: the foundation of skill development
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Too often we leave events failing to reflect and write down the lessons we learned. Rather, we fall back into our normal routines the moment we sit back at our desks.

While it is fresh in my mind, I want to share a few of my observations and encourage others who attended to share their takeaways to maintain the momentum we have right now.

Football Ops Ed: USA Football’s National Conference kicked off the 2017 season