Shawn Liotta, head coach at Albert Gallatin (Uniontown, Penn.), believes that creating a fun and exciting atmosphere will boost numbers and change culture.

He joined USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, hosted by Keith Grabowski, to talk about how he instituted a high-tempo practice that got players excited.

One simple way to make practice more fun for your players
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Head coach Ian Shoemaker understands the relationship between head and assistant coaches – and he knows that empowering assistant coaches can lead to team success.

Hire good assistants—and then trust them to do their job.
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The 2017 USA Football Regional Development Camps continued around the country last weekend, making stops in Phoenix, Sacramento and Dallas.

Find out who stood out and who took home the coveted Golden Ball from each location.

RDC Recap: Phoenix, Sacramento and Dallas
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Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, who were once teammates for the San Diego Chargers, spent Wednesday night watching their kids take the field in a flag football game in the San Diego area.

Amazing how it comes full circle.

Drew Brees, Philip Rivers watch sons compete in flag football
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After growing up without his biological mother or father, Nolan Bellerose admits he was heading down a dangerous path.

His childhood was filled with anger and pain until he got the chance to play football.

Canadian youth credits football with saving his life
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Sometimes, players work too hard or inefficiently, leading to injuries or other setbacks to the offseason.

Strength coach Tony Bonvechio recently shared 10 mistakes many high school athletes are making in the weight room on STACK.

10 mistakes many athletes make in the weight room
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U.S. National Football Team alum Savon Huggins has learned to manage his time, communicate with peers, learn from mistakes and not be afraid to ask questions.

He recently gave a motivational speech to high school students about consistent preparation as a foundation for success in the classroom.

National Team alum Savon Huggins gives motivational speech on importance of consistent preparation
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The unwritten rules of youth sports are just as important for you and your young athletes to know.

Post this list on your fridge, in the team locker rooms, around the house and on your car dashboard. No matter which sport your child plays, these are the real rules of the game.

Top 10 rules of youth sports
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Sometime between your child's first touchdown and now, something may have happened.

Instead of joy, you might feel stress and uncertainty.

If that’s true, chances are you’ve developed one or more of these parental habits that can suck the fun right out of watching your child play sports.

Why your child has fun in sports and you don’t
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Proper tackling is safer and will make the player perform better.

Have your players try these exercises while practicing the drills from USA Football and watch the results on the field.

Not only are textbook tackles more effective, they’re also safer.

5 exercises to improve tackling fundamentals
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Xavier Musketeers F Sean O'Mara is no stranger to the big stage.

He hit the game-winning shot in a tense Sweet-16 meeting with Arizona last night but one stage he'll never forget is playing for his high school football team.

Xavier hoops star O’Mara: Nothing like playing under Friday night lights
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Tony DeMeo sits down with Keith Grabowski to hit on a variety of topics today.

The former college head coach discusses the coaching lessons he learned from Jim Valvano, the difference between knowing how to coach and being a coach, and the four key statistics that correlate with winning.

Coach and Coordinator podcast: Tony DeMeo, Part 1 (3/24/17)
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You’ve probably heard the usual reasons that playing sports is good for kids: character building, persistence, teamwork and fitness.

I’d like to add nine more very specific reasons I am glad that my three kids played sports from preschool through college.

9 reasons you will be glad your kids play sports
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Flag football is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.

With more kids playing flag football, the need for qualified game officials is at an all-time high and that is why we are excited to announce our new Mechanics of Officiating NFL FLAG Football online video course!

USA Football releases video course designed for NFL FLAG football officials
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At 6-foot-9, 245 pounds, Caleb Swanigan looks as if he were sculpted for the sole purpose of dominating opposing defenders down low on the hardwood.

However, the Purdue Men's Basketball standout was once a dominant force on the gridiron.

Packaged Play: Purdue’s Caleb Swanigan was a gridiron standout
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Every kid is different when it comes to nerves before a game, so it’s important that you get your child into the right pre-game routine that provides the calming influence that is really needed.

How to handle your child's nerves before a football game
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Guest Shawn Liotta sits down with Keith Grabowski in this episode of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast.

Liotta pulls back the curtain on his offensive philosophy, which all starts with the Jet Sweep.

Coach and Coordinator podcast: Shawn Liotta (3/23/17)
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How coaches really win in the fall is through preparation in the offseason, when others might not be working as hard.

3 simple tips to winning the offseason
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Tackle Tube USA, a dynamic piece of training equipment, is being utilized by coaches across the country to improve body positioning, hand-eye coordination, timing and judgment, while building confidence.

Tackle Tube rolls out innovation
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Jeff Conaway, head coach of Shiloh Christian (Springdale, Ark.), has learned in his many years of coaching that part of a coach’s philosophy needs to involve building partnerships with the parents of players.

Why it’s important for high school coaches to see parents as partners