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Nothing gets past Dr. Warner, not even this marathon. We dedicated the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Cause of Death" marathon to our favorite medical examiner!
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We're not going anywhere just yet. Red and Red 2 are new-to-USA and they are coming up! Don't miss it.
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Buckle up! We've got a full day of action movies during the #USAMustWatch marathon starting now on USA!
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It's the Friday of a short week but that doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate the weekend! #TGIMF #MOFY starts now on USA.

Modern Family
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Hey Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fans: ask Ice-T your burning questions and get a chance to have them answered by the man himself!
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WWE SmackDown Live starts NOW online or on USA!

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Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman are coming to USA in the provocative new crime thriller series, The Sinner. Read more: [ Link ]

USA Network Announces The Sinner Starring Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman
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Did The Lone Wolf learn his lesson last week? Find out on WWE SmackDown Live tonight at 8/7c on USA.
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It's a holiday, but we're not taking the day off! WWE Raw starts NOW on USA!
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If you've got the day off, we've got the marathon on! The Law & Order: SVU marathon starts now on USA!

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This week on Talk Stoop, Cat Greenleaf talks with action heroes Patrick Stewart & Ryan Phillippe, and her dog Steve takes over our Twitter page!
How many actors have had multiple roles on SVU? See if you can count them all during the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Special Victims "Déjà SVU" marathon starting now!
Reason #12 why we love Today Show: We get to start our day with puppies and end it with movies!
Ziva David is one mighty woman, so we decided to give her a marathon as big as her personality! The #NCIS "A to Ziva" marathon starts now!

It's Friday night, so you know it's time for #MOFY #TGIMF! Grab a snack and settle in - this'll be a good one.

Modern Family
He's out to get those who took everything from him.

Don't miss the network television premiere of John Wick, hosted by Keanu Reeves, starting NOW!
WWE SmackDown Live starts NOW online or on USA: [ Link ]

The revolution is here.

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